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Avatar f tn I am 38 years i had a hysterectomy at age 35 years cause i had to remove it cause i had a tumor behind my uterus. At what age does a woman get symptoms of a early menopause? What of sign do you should be concern?
Avatar f tn As I have my overies removed I am now looking forward to the joys of the early menopause, even though it has only been nearly five weeks the symptoms are creeping up already. Seeing the consultant in another couple of weeks and then hopefully my journey will begin to a new life free from pain.
Avatar f tn hiya i had a toal hysterectomy including removal of my ovaries which has sent me into early menopause, im 45, im due back to full work in 2 weeks and feel terrible fully healed after surgery but the sleepless nights sometimes i get up 5 or 6 times and the hot flushes im totally exhausted before the day even starts and wondering how im going to get through a full day at work ive just been given livial by my gp (cant take hrt high risk due to family medical history) any help would be greatly appre
491716 tn?1211051706 Oftentimes a hysterectomy will put a woman into early menopause. Those common symptoms of menopause are due to an imbalance of hormones between the gonads (which are now producing much less progesterone) and the adrenal gland, which now needs to take up the slack and begin the produce the now needed progesterone. If this doesn't happen, a woman will become Estrogen Dominant. And that can develop into many other health concerns.
Avatar n tn you are never to early to go through the menopause, i started at 34 , im now 38. i got up one and my periods just stopped and have never returned but every one is different.
Avatar n tn Hi - I stopped taking HRT within one year of menopause. After ten years, I still have hot flashes. I can go months without having one, and then they're back. So, maybe that's just the norm. I's annoying, and I'm not sleeping very well, but I just don't want to take any HRT.
Avatar f tn I had a tubal ligation in 2006 and even my 4th GYN was a little concerned about me going through menopause a little early. I forgot to mentioned I had a total thyroidectomy this year 8/2010 and my body and health has not been right since the surgery. My face is thinning, I lost weight but I have been mataining the same weight of 182lbs for 2 months but I just don't look healthy.
Avatar n tn I started early in menopause. I started into menopause in my twenties. I had a hysterectomy and had one ovary removed. I have not gained weight as long as I keep exercising. I had to start on estrogen and then both estrogen and testosterone(estratest). I only noticed the hot flashes. I was irritable but it was for other reasons, not menopausal.
Avatar m tn I saw my surgeon who mentioned he has heard of women who go into early menopause having a hard time with their hormones and it can cause horrible menopause. Has anyone heard of this and can anyone recommend a specialist to me? I'm in NJ and can get to NYC. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn It's hard to find information about hysterectomy and menopause when you have one ovary left. My LH level is 23.8. Not sure if that information is needed or not. Is my FSH level indicative of menopause?
Avatar f tn I am schedule to have a hysterectomy in a couple weeks, and my concern is will my stomach go back to normal? Will I gain weight? Should I diet during recovery. Can't afford to buy new clothing right now... Will my sex life remain exciting?
Avatar n tn Ladies, Something very strange -- since my surgery will obviously also involve a hysterectomy, I went to the hyst. site to see if there were any guidelines/advice/information about life and love afterwards. One topic in which I was particularly interested was the possibility of HRT so as to conserve libido. All the posts relative to HRT after hysterectomy seem to have been removed?! Is it my computer that isn't working right?
Avatar f tn After the surgery the pain caused by my uterus was gone and no more periods was nice, but I was suddenly put into a state of early menopause because I had been castrated even though the Dr. put a estrogen patch on me right there in the operating room I seemed to deplete the estrogen very quickly. So I worked with my surgeon trying to get my hormones ok and in the meantime I became a suicidal crazy woman! LOL ~ I truly became what the Dr.’s seemed to think I was ~ it had become my true reality!
Avatar f tn Do hysterectomy's fail this many years later? Or could I be entering menopause - oh - 10 years early?? Has anyone else experienced anything like this and have been either pregnant or entering menopause? Thanks for anything you can tell me.
97615 tn?1212682189 my drs wont test until the 3rd m/c. i dont want to get to that point. my family has history of early menopause and i am 37. my sister has had a hysterectomy at 35 as did my grandmother. i have very little periods and i do not ovulate every month. i am back using vitex and some other herbal remedies....should i be pushing w/ my dr and what are some things others have done??
Avatar f tn After my complete hysterectomy a few years ago, I took Soy Menopause from Vitamin World because I couldn't (and didn't want to anyhow) take estrogen. I'm not sure if it is still available or not since I haven't needed it for the last year or so. If you can find it, I would definitely recommend it.
Avatar f tn Do hysterectomy's fail this many years later? Or could I be entering menopause - oh - 10 years early?? Has anyone else experienced anything like this and have been either pregnant or entering menopause? Thanks for anything you can tell me.
Avatar n tn Even if one ovary is damaged, the other one usually continues to provide enough estrogen for most women to wait many years to enter menopause. Nevertheless, a small percentage of women do go into menopause early (before age 40 by definition). When you go to see your doctor, ask to have a blood test for FSH. Follicle Stimulating Hormone starts to rise as menopause comes closer. Also ask to have a blood test for estradiol and testosterone.
Avatar f tn 1) Age is a huge factor- The earlier you go into surgical menopause the higher risk you are for early onset of dementia, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases etc 2) It is not a cure for Endometriosis and could cause more damage to your organs. I am wondering if you have seen an Endometriosis specialist. Most of the time women are operated on by unskilled gynos which is a problem. I will tell you why.
305750 tn?1199422478 Seizures started in April 2007 and in June found cysts on both ovaries..So in August 2007 ovaries were removed . During this time, the seizures stopped and about 3 weeks after surgery seizures started again..The doctors had me up to 600mg of dilantin a day..I am 4 foot 9 inches and weight about 105 lbs now. The first EEG I had shown something wrong on the left side of my head and the second showed normal..but something is funny about that because I don't feel all normal..yet.
Avatar f tn Basically, the last 5 months I feel like I've been living in a fog, with a body that feels like it's shutting down. So. Two of my doctors (OB/GYN and psychiatrist) mentioned early menopause. Which freaked me out. (I'm 34! Gray hair - fine. Needing biofocals soon - fine. Menopause - no no no!!!) My thyroid levels were checked, TSH was high so synthroid was increased 6 weeks ago (felt better for about 2 weeks then right back). Ultrasound is scheduled for May.
1969625 tn?1497907479 I have had a partial hysterectomy in my early 30's . Only my uterus was removed.
Avatar f tn Has your doc done a blood test for FSH and LH levels as well as estrogen, progesterone etc.? Any members of your family go through early menopause? Your hormones may simply be out of whack or you could have a case of PMD (severe PMS). Have you had your thyroid levels checked??!!! That's an important thing to have checked!! Thyroid problems are often undiagnosed but can cause VERY similar symptoms to menopausal hormone shifts!!! It can cause the depression and anxiety as well!
Avatar f tn i have been told my blood tests for menpause is high and im pre menopaues iam 40years old i had a hysterectomy five years ago do i dont have periods how long does menopause lest and whats the difference between premenopuase and full menopause i also have underactive thyriod hypothridism so could it be early because of that if i was to have thyriod suregy would my meopause go ?
Avatar n tn one the size of a large grapefruit, but I'm in my 3 month of irregular periods(early menopause symptoms at 47yrs old) AND I'm not experiencing the painful cramps that I have been for the last 5 yrs... my question is, Could I possibly avoid the surgery that has been recommended and will the fibroids shrink or start to? They are so large they are visible from the exterior of my body and I believe closer to my stomach not in my uterus.
Avatar n tn I suffer painful fibroids and at the moment receiving Zolodex injections which are only licencened for up to 6mths. I have been offered the option of a transvaginal hysterectomy but I don't know what to do.Apparently, fibroids shrink during the menopause and as I am 49 next birthday, should I put myself through this op. Many thanks.
Avatar n tn Isn't the worst part of a hysterectomy getting thrown into early menopause?Just something to think about.If you want when I talk to my grandma I'll tell you what the doc did for my aunt.I hope your not in to much pain.
Avatar n tn Im 36 with second degree prolapse,a larger than normal womb, cysts on my ovary and have been recomended a hysterectomy to rectify all.My confusion is although i really want to feel normal again im worried that long term this may not be the answer.My gp has told me that even tho i'll still have my ovaries i'll still go thru early menopause.I also have had post natal depression which seems to have returned due to mirena fitted.
Avatar f tn If periods do not return then consult your gynaecologist. A complete hormone panel and ultrasonography will be necessary. Hope this helps.