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Avatar m tn Because you are asking about hyaluronic acid, and because of the recent addition of GAG's to pharmacy shelves, I think it's important to address a few points about the uses of these compounds therapeutically. On the up side, hyaluronic acid is the same from whatever source it is isolated, and it is so common in the body that it can be used as a hypoallergenic surgical material for reconstructing and building up tissues that are lost.
Avatar m tn 0 .8 mg/dl 0.2-1.
Avatar m tn I have tried the hyaluronic acid (durolane) injection but didn't have any visible result. Both specialists I talked to are of the opinion that I am a good candidate for a resurfacing and not yet for a replacement (should I operate). I have decided to go through the resurfacing operation in an attempt to solve (hopefully & for a while) my problem and not just delay until much worse deteriorations come about (the doctors were neutral about the decision while I am very much for it).
Avatar f tn What makes Bonte Eye Serum work? Acid hyaluronic is the key ingredient of Bonte Eye Serum that has been accustomed to make the best anti-aging results. Further, it lifts your saggy skin in order to make it firmer and smoother. In addition, the solution restores hydration and moisture of your skin, which your skin layer needs to stay refreshed for all of the day. http://alleureeyeserum.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your info, I am a bit scared to try botox, I don't want any part of my face paralysed, even temporarily, I think people would notice because my forehead is very expressive, unfortunately thats why I have the frown lines! I will go to a dermatologist and ask if they can do the fillers for frown lines, I guess I will have to keep going every 6 months to have them re-done.
Avatar n tn GAGs profile on the cellulose acetate electrophoresis revealed that heparan sulfate (HS), hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfate/dermatan sulfate (CS/DS) were present in liver, spleen and lungs. HS, CS were present in heart, DS/CS was observed in testis.
6361680 tn?1403278047 Magnesium is needed to relax muscles and is important for hyaluronic acid synthesis which is used by the body to lubricate joints. Joint pain and popping joints are two of many possible symptoms of magnesium deficiency. "Magnesium deficiency is often misdiagnosed because it does not show up in blood tests – only 1% of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood.
Avatar f tn It is a powder with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Yucca, VitC, hyaluronic acid, phytonutrients,herbs, and probiotics. I get it from Nature's Farmacy. It is organic. Miraculous results with my 10 year old Golden Retriever. I am also doing Homeotoxicity twice a month. Also, feed raw diet. She is in great shape.
Avatar n tn Probably not complete but various combinations of platelet count (very low is suggestive), billirubin (high is suggestive), ALT/AST ratio, Prothombin time and some experimental markers like Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronate), YKL-40 (chondrex) and TIMP-1. Some current "bundled" blood tests that incorporate some of this are Fibrosure and Firbrospect(sp?) You can go here http://www.haltctrial.org/ and find one a very simple calculator.
535882 tn?1396580285 trying a lot of natural things that hopefully will help. omega 3 fish oils from mussels. glucosamine chondroitin with msm, hyaluronic, a natural anti inflammatory drink from cactus. trying to avoid taking 10 Advil's a day.
Avatar n tn he gave me all the tests from blood cp, esr, uric acid, blood fasting sugar, thyroid... all the tests came out normal..except for the uric acid...its helll high! like way too high! so this the reason my every joint in the body is aching! i was just wondering if accutane gives rise to uric acid in blood.. then i searched on google..it say yes it can do tht.... im extremely pissed off!!! coz im just 24 years old girl and feel like 80 years old granny!! i m now taking pain killers ..
325086 tn?1217974780 Dainne it is still a fact that Biopsy is still the gold standard,And my Specialist uses every bit of information to make a diagnosis,goolge the phrase "problems with fibroscans",and see for yourself,I already have,and many of the site are from eminnant medical universities and bodies all over the world I wish the test was proven to be the best,but it's not
Avatar n tn blood tests put me closer to stage 2 as opposed to stage Do you mean Fibrospect, which measures Hyaluronic acid? Don't know of a separate test. My 9 month PCR is coming up the middle of Oct. Yep, it's exactly a year ago that I told you I was never going to talk to you again LOL. I wonder if your shrink told you how to deal with b.....s like myself, but you found a way ;) Ina PS I know all about the statin bad for liver stuff, but would still not dismiss the statins.
Avatar n tn She states that her pain is mostly while standing. She can sit, and even has an exercycle which she uses as best as she can. She did try a cortisone injection and states that the pain was worse, if anything. At her age, I think knee replacement is out of the question. I wonder if there are some "older" folks out there who have had good results with synvisc? From all of the comments posted here, it seems a toss-up. There are as many happy results as there are disappointments.
Avatar m tn Weeks of Washington state and he uses both LDN and IV lipoic acid, plus IV phosphatidylcholine, glutathione, human placenta extract, B complex, Folic acid, B12 and megadose vitamin C. He also has me on a bunch of oral supplements. One of the members of the yahoo group is a lady in her 70's who is a Berkson client who has had hep c for forty years named Susie Q. She continues to do well with no interferon treatments necessary. She has been going to Dr. Berkson for ten years I believe.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend does this for me and he uses his nuckles. It will hurt and seem like its not worth it, but if you are able to loosen up the knot it feels alot better. One thing I do suggest though is that if you have fibromyalgia, study up on it. Many doctors don't know much about it and they don't believe its a real illness, so therefore they don't know how to treat it. It is a hard illness to except and live with.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and was told it was GERD and then was given acid reflux medication. The doctors also seem to dismiss my symptoms because I am overall very heathy. I did have a problem with hives about 2 years ago and as weird as it seems it almost feels like I have some type of inflamation (like hives) in my lungs that makes it impossible to breath deeply. It will suddenly disappear then return again.