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686769 tn?1236275731 Has anyone been on Humira and what kind of result did you have? Any side effects? I am on lots of meds which are not decreasing the pain. My doctor wants to put me on Humira and I was wondering if anyone out there has had any success with this drug. I am desperate to NOT be in pain anymore. Help...
Avatar f tn I have not developed any bad side effects from the humira thankfully, and my DS-DNA is still negative. I am being closely monitored for SLE related symptoms just in case, but have had none besides the arthritis. Would like to know whic systemic, chronic connective tissue diseases I have one of these days, but, in the meantime, I'm happy with the combo of drugs I'm on....not entirely pain & stiffness free, but pretty close on most days...hoping it lasts!!!
Avatar f tn Some people do much better on Enbrel than Humira. If you are having problems and experiencing side effects, it sounds like Humira might not be the right one for you. Please let us know what your rhuemy has to say about what you are experiencing. I hope something helps soon as I know what a misery it is to be in flare.
Avatar n tn I get a headache about two days after taking Humira. It is a pulsating near my right eye, ear and neck. The side of my head feels pressurized and I usually get nauseas. Movement of my neck makes it much worse. The headaches started about six weeks into the Humira treatment. At first it only lasted two or three days. In the last three weeks I have been dealing with continuous bouts of pressure and pulsating.
Avatar m tn Can a person have anemia even with negative blood work, if so, what tests should I ask for? Isnt a 13 pound weight loss serious? I mean, she is constantly drinking water, eating some things, but not alot, weak, tired all the time, and wasting away. What does the ERS and CRP do? And can someone be really ill, and still have normal bloodwork results? Thanks for any advice and support.
Avatar n tn Yes, Humira is known to cause many side effects. “What are the possible side effects of Humira? Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Serious and sometimes fatal infections may occur during treatment with Humira.
Avatar f tn However, after 4 weeks of discontinuing the mtx, but still on 8 weekly infusions of Remicade, I am better now than I have been for years. I can't speak of Humira side effects, as I have not had this immuno-suppressant...yet! Most drugs can cause allergic/intolerance reactions - in some people, but not all. For instance I only had two doses of Azathioprine, but within 24 hrs had to call a GP out to my home as I had severe vomiting and diarrhea and rash all over my body.
Avatar n tn His symptoms are mucus/blood in stool, abdominal pain and cramping, anemia, weight loss, failure to thrive, growth failure, vitamin D deficient, calcium deficient, reflux, g-tube fed. He has other medical conditions as well.
Avatar f tn It is entirely possible to have Crohn's without bleeding as I can relate from my own experience. I was dx in 1970, only symptoms severe weight loss and diarrhea. I had a good appetite, no pain and no bleeding. Eventually a laparotomy was done (no scopes in thise days) and some 15 different areas in my small intestine were inflamed. Biopsies confirmed the Crohn's diagnosis. Only treatment then was steroids.
Avatar f tn At consultation today he has ordered fecal calprotectin assay test on stool,blood panel (wbc, renal, liver and bone, c-reactive protein) and is scheduling a small bowel endoscopy as he feels the problem with explosive diarrhea, severe lower abdominal pain, significant weight loss (some 20 lbs in last 5 months)and extreme fatigue may be caused by inflammation in small bowel. It is some 14 yrs since I have had any investigations in the small bowel. Problem now is what to do next?
Avatar n tn 2 shots a month, works great with very little side effects. expensive but drug company will work with you. You gotta try it.
Avatar m tn Do these antibiotics (doxycycline or minocycline) bother the stomach? I have stomach problems I always suspected that my disease might be the cause of my headaches but I never imagined that some of those other problems are to. Most of my life from 6 to now every Dr tolled me they don't know or some BS. I’m looking on your site but I can’t seem to find the info on proper diet. Can you help me out?
Avatar n tn Some seem to slowly resolve their pains and side effects during the first year or so after tx, but more and more I am reading posts about lingering, often very nasty, side effects. Joint pain seems to be a central manifestation. I am pursuing thyroid testing by specialists, since it appears that even mild thyroid disorder MAY contribute to joint aches and pains. There is not a lot of consensus on this issue.
501944 tn?1224059621 depression, insomnia, weight gain, sweats, nausea, etc. The depression is the worst, I feel very angry that at 24 years old I have been handed this card and I am not able to live the life of a normal 25 year old right now. Its going to take some time to get use to the idea but I believe everything happens for a reason and we arent given more than we can handle... most of the time. I wish the best of luck to everyone and Its not an easy journey but you are a stronger person for doing it.
Avatar f tn Personally, it had side effects, but everyone else I have talked to, or read about, especially on this site, has had amazing results with it. If you are not on steriods right now, it would be a good time to try it so you would not have to be taken off of them again. Other medications that I have heard that have worked well for other people are Humiera and Remicade. The last to are a self injection, and an infusion, respectively.
Avatar n tn Very worried at first due to the huge range of side-effects. I'll see if the effects wear off at all - I'm due to halve the dose in six weeks. All I can say is give it a go - your blood should be regularly monitored so it can always be stopped quickly if you can't tolerate it.
329994 tn?1301666848 While Cymbalta did help manage both my depression and muscle pain, the side effects were what i hated about it. I never had digestion problems from it, but my stomach hurt constantly and my appetite disappeared. Eating became a chore and if i got distracted with school/work responsibilities, i would forget to eat, sometimes for 2 days. I also developed hyperhydrosis and always had a chemical/metalic taste in my mouth.
1550149 tn?1340004330 The table below shows currently used rheumatoid arthritis medications, along with their uses and effects, side effects, and monitoring requirements. Many of the new drugs that help reduce disease in rheumatoid arthritis do so by reducing the inflammation that can cause pain and joint damage. However, in some instances, inflammation is one mechanism the body normally uses to maintain health, such as to fight infection and possibly to stop tumors from growing.
Avatar f tn They keep getting new meds for UC and CD. There is a new one out that is not suppose to have the side effects that Remicade and Humera sometimes has. As your GI doctor to try this. Apparently it comes in a shot form like Humera. Best of luck and wishes for better health.
Avatar m tn H has used PegIntron now for both treatments, Big U doc suggested clearing out his system for 2 months and trying Pegasys? What ever happened to the side by side study of Peg vs. Intron and did that study only deal with treatment naieve patients - I'm not finding any reference in the threads....also wondering about changing from PegIntron to Pegasys mid-stream with no 2 month cleansing....thoughts anyone.
Avatar m tn Early satiety (feeling full after only “few bites”), bloating and nausea, which forces many patients to avoid food, resulting in weight loss. Sulphur burps Some patients with SIBO crave sugar. Chronic diarrhea - may appear weeks or even years after the causing event, like surgery (1). Whitish, floating, foamy and sticky stool due to unabsorbed fats. Muscle weakness and bone pains due to vitamin D deficiency. Anemia with pale skin, weakness or tingling due to vitamin B12 deficiency.
902019 tn?1249865014 Some people do excellently on Imuran side effectswise, many do not, a whole litany of miserable side effects - including pancreatic tumors. There is very little data or studies re Imuran's effectiveness with AIP but it does have good results on autoimmune hepatitis. I'm so fed up with prednisone - messed up sleep, moon face, wild monster in stomach yelling for FOOD 24/7 and the fact that it has NOT as yet eradicated the AIP.
Avatar m tn Don't really know why I'm posting this. The only issue on my mind right now is how to "end it" before the end comes and takes me. I'm not trying to elicit sympathy from anyone and have no realistic expectation of anything so this isn't even a cry for help. I know I'm dying and that's about it. I haven't been formally diagnosed yet but the signs are too painfully obvious. And I mean "painful" in all senses of the word. Here's a bit of background for what it's worth.
459853 tn?1283144114 (I do get muscle cramps) STOMACH and INTESTINES Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, anorexia. (nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, but with NO weight loss! Now how crazy is that?!) SPLEEN Tenderness, enlargement. PREGNANCY Miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, and neonatal deaths (rare). Congenital LD has been described in medical literature. (my pregnancy started with twins and I lost one of the twins at 13 weeks) So please let me know what you think.....
Avatar m tn Also, I'm wondering if you take Lipitor. I do, but I've been taking it for about four years. I was reading the possible side effects this morning and one of them is tendon problems. Could you write to me at ***@****? I would like to discuss this in further detail.
Avatar m tn There is a space just above the mattress for my heals, so I can get some dorsiflexion. He also made a brace for the side of the bed. In the middle of the bed I put a 10 lb weight with some ankle weights to help keep it from rolling. I always have the foot of my bad leg on one of these to keep my toe from pointing. I am to the point that most nights I don't have cramps. If i feel them coming on I quickly put my foot back on one of the braces. I am gradually increasing my exercise.
Avatar n tn I've never seen depression listed as a side effect of Ultram but have spoken with numerous people that reported similar side effects - be careful.
Avatar n tn i have the same thing, yet it is in on the top of my hip the right side, my "preferred" side... quite annoying, tho must admit, started back on weight traing yesterday for 1st time in 2 years..
Avatar n tn I'm 42 exceptionally fit, low blood pressure - been weight training today and spin class so maybe the weight training weakened a blood vessel when I was holding weights
Avatar n tn I also had testicular cancer, and one treatment of chemo and syphillis last year. Rheuamtology tests have comeup negative and doctors are at a loss for what is going on. Am fully recovered at this time from both. Also beginning to feel numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers. Also it is not just cracking, there is strange movement and sometimes I have mild involuntary twitching though it is becoming more frequent. It is quite extreme and at the moment a bit scarey.