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686769 tn?1236275731 My rheumatologist give me a shot of steroids, which helped me get back on my feet and back to work, but said that only the steroids keep my arthritis under control at this point and he is suggesting to put me on Humira as a long term solution. Initially I agreed for him to get approval from my insurance to get the approval, but after reading a few horror stories about the side effects of Humira I told him to hold off.
Avatar f tn She did not think it was hmira but who knows with me, I get a lot of upper thigh muscle burning pain after hte shot for about 6 days too that keeps me awake I worry about long term effects. I took enbrel for over 10 years and did not have any problems with it so who knows with me. Thanks for the reply and appreciate anymore advice you have.
Avatar n tn Lack of testosterone may decrease libido, energy, etc., and on a long-term perspective, contribute to osteoporosis etc. It is also important for mental health.
Avatar n tn My main reasons for the delay are first that I don't like the idea of injections - I do fear long term side effects, and second, because of the headaches. I never had regular headaches before taking enbrel. But I have been diagnosed with migraines. They are not always severe but headache pain is just awful. I have used tylenol, advil, caffeine (coffee), and Butalbital (by prescription), with varying results. I avoid taking them if possible but when the pain is severe I must.
Avatar f tn Used in = Autoimmune diseases, Cancer therapy (Lymphomas,Leukemias) Please find my answers below. 1) Side Effects/Long Term Effects - Simple effects like nausea,vomiting,rashes,intolerence.Severe effects like Cardiac arrest, Renal Failure, Infections,Lung Toxicity, Liver failure/inflamation. 2) Success Rate = FDA approved drug with Methotrexate for treating RA (especially refractive RA).
Avatar m tn Can herbal remedies do the same thing as this drug? I am concerned about the potential side effects of taking Humira over the long term, and the risk/reward for me. I am not in any pain and only have stiffness in my lower lumbar region at this time (64 year old M, aware of stiffness at least 2-3 years but thought it was a muscular issue). There are a lot of herbal anti-inflammatories available that can be used long term without serious side effects.
Avatar m tn Nothing is achieved by culminating ones life. Humira is still under study and long term effects are not well established. Check with your doctor regarding this. Also, the symptoms you mentioned do not fall into a specific category to diagnose this as a TIA or stroke. So, get a grip over things. Many times when you are not able to change a situation change your attitude. That’s the best way. To begin with relax, next prioritize, then plan and finally implement.
Avatar f tn Not a pretty sight.. Getting off prednisone after long term use can take years of very uncomfortable side effects - no energy, pain, lots of other stuff.
Avatar f tn Cortisone IS used to treat Crohn's, but now only for short periods, say 3-4 months, because of the side effects of long term use. If the Crohn's is in the terminal ileum area and/or first part of the colon, a newer steroid, Entocort can be used, which does not have the debilitating, and embarrassing, side effects that prednisolone and prednisone do.
Avatar m tn I hear you about the long-term side effects. I've been on Fosamax for my bones for many years and only recently learned that long term use of it can make one's bones brittle. Niiiice. Like the old saying goes, "Ya pays your money and ya takes your chances." :) Still, overall I think I've done well. You make the best decision for you with the information you have at the time. Hopefully someone who's had experience with Humira will chime in here.
Avatar f tn I'm not saying that all your new symptoms can be attributed to the effects of the Humira directly, however the indirect effect of a lowered immunity,can leave you extremely vulnerable to so many parasitic, viral and bacterial agents, just to mention a few. A comprehensive holistic diagnostic protocol can dictate the proper course of treatment, for long-term improvement, without compromizing further your health. And fotr this, my opinion is to seek a reputable Functional Medicine Doctor.
Avatar f tn It can give you short-term relief but trust me, the long-term effects of prednisone are not worth it. I don't have your chronic fatigue issues, but I can see where mtx can contribute to that problem! I assume you are taking a prescription folic acid tablet 24 hours after your mtx dose? This can help alleviate some of the unpleasant side effects like mouth sores and hair thinning.
Avatar n tn I was on oral methotrexate for 8 yrs, then 2 yrs on injections. I had no troublesome side effects. However, after a right hemi-colectomy (resection of the last part of my small intestine, the ileo-caecal valve and 1st part of the colon) my mtx was stopped for about 9 months. I then had a severe flare with a dangerously high level of C-reactive protein. This was 270 when the norm is 5 or less.
Avatar n tn Personally I'd rather feel as well as I can and live as pain free as possible for as long as possible - will there be long term consequences down the road? Maybe, maybe not, but I don't let fear ruin what quality of life I can have right now. The drugs that seem to lose effectiveness seem to be the newer biologics like Enbrel, Humira, Remicade.
422104 tn?1209767504 The arthritis seemed to come back with a real vengence, but I just began to read some things about Enbrel I didn't like. Mainly that the long term side effects weren't really known and I didn't like that. Since August I haven't been using anything and it's really starting to wear on me. I did try the Humara for a few months, but it didn't do anything for me, and the shot hurt like hell..............
229857 tn?1319033507 Good for you, hun---I'm glad you're on top of it and doing something about it. Any time there is joint involvement, you have to think about long term effects (i.e. joint damage), so you want to get it under control as early as you can. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, that your PsA will go into remission this time around. It's such a fickle condition---i hate that it's so unpredictable and so different for everyone.
Avatar f tn Because your immune system is going haywire, it's common to have swollen lymph nodes as you describe - along with severe fatigue, flu-like symptoms, skin issues, dry mouth/eyes. Steroids help in the short term, but it is best to stay off these if at all possible. The long-term affects are not worth it, IMO. There are all kinds of new medications out there now, so I'm confused as to why these haven't been tried.
Avatar n tn Steroid treatment is now only done here short term, to bring a flare under control, and should not be used long term as some of the side effects are pretty serious such as stunted growth in children/adolescents, and bone depletion. Unfortunately I was on prednisone for some 25 years and this has seriously affected my bones, with osteo-arthritis in both hands, hips and feet.
Avatar n tn When I was dx in 1970 the only medication to bring intractable Crohn's under control (but not keep in remission) was prednisone. I don't believe in those dark days, the doctors fully understood the long term effects of bone depletion, and particularly in children, failure to thrive. The steroids have played havoc with my bones, and I am now osteopenic, but taking bisphosphonates to try and prevent further depletion. I have never had Remicade, but have been on methotrexate ( I self inject 12.
Avatar m tn I do know and completely understand the long term side effects of Remicade, particularly lymphoma, but feel I have no option, other than perhaps switching to Humira. Cimzia was used to treat intractable Crohn's, but was discontinued because of life threatening side effects, and indeed some perhaps I will stay with Remicade. Too soon to tell, as I have only been having these infusions since last July. It is a minefield for me...knowing what to take ...
Avatar f tn The new findings should reassure patients, but questions remain about the short-term and long-term safety of TNF-blocking drugs, rheumatologist Eric Matteson, MD, of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., tells WebMD. The Swedish researchers found no difference in cancer risk among rheumatoid arthritis patients who did and did not take the drugs over six years of follow-up.
Avatar f tn I am a long term RA patient who is now seeing a pulmonologist for shortness of breath. All cardiac tests were normal. Several ground glass opacities in my right lung showed up on a CT scan in July 2011. Enbrel was discontinued and coincidentally I took a regime of prednisone for an allergy problem - 60 mg for one week, then with a weekly taper.
6537448 tn?1383247094 the less likely you'll have long-term damage. Unfortunately insurance companies make us jump through less-expensive hoops before they approve the "big guns." To me, it seems to make more sense to treat aggressively, get things settled down, *then* back up and see if something older and less expensive will keep the patient's symptoms in check. In the long run, I think that would keep more people functional and less likely to file for disability. Just my humble opinion, though.
Avatar f tn I started when I was deployed last year. The pain was bareable and I only had real problems is I sat for too long. Now just the idea of getting up, walking to work or where ever I need to go makes me miserable. I have been to the doctors, they have run tests for Arthritis to include: Rhuematoid Factor , ANA , CBC and some other standard tests. They just did a CCP blood tests but the results aren't back yet. Hopefully next week.
776872 tn?1247942280 I've been told i'll have to be on pred for 6 weeks because i've heard of the long term side effects ie weight gain,acne, sleep insomnia etc i'm thinking of speaking to my consultant which will be on the 5th of aug and ask if i can take something else that would not give me these side effects in the long run. Yet again thank you for your comments.
Avatar f tn I have no side effects that worry me daily, just very concerned about taking methotrexate and its' long term serious side effects.. My latest blood results show some factors out of range and I will discuss these next Wed when I have an appt with my gastro. There are some important new drugs about to be approved in England for Crohn's: Humira, Cimzia, and Tysabri, which are anti-TNF biologic therapies.I understand Crohn's patients over-expres TNF Alpha.
Avatar f tn Gastro concerned about increasing mtx to 25 mg weekly because it is cytotoxic drug and concerned about long term effects. Will not prescribe Infliximab as I also have psoriasis. Never do things by halves!
Avatar n tn I was put on suboxone due to opiate dependency that got out of hand after 9 knee surgeis and a genetic predisposition to develop an addiction from my dad. It was a long and hard road and I do not want to trigger that terrible, debilitating disease of addiction but it seems I'm going to have changey game plan. I just dp not know what, and I'm not so sure the doc that Rxs the suboxone knows. He gave me a toradol shot, betamethasone, and some robaxin to take home.
Avatar m tn I have been on IFN 150mcg every 4-7days and RBV 800 twice daily. Side effects have been pretty severe, hemoglobin 80s, fatigue, etc. Now I am developing migratory joint pains: hands, feet, knees, elbows. Each joint gets exquisitely tender, with minimal swelling and redness. Seems to settle in one joint for a couple days, then improves amd skips to another joint. Acetaminophen makes little difference, Naproxen seems to help slightly.
Avatar f tn Between accupuncture and getting a weekly massage (the only thing that feels good on my neck to help relieve muscle tension), I was spending 650+ a month. It's hard to keep that going long-term which is why I'm now conteplating the surgery as well. I really don't want to have surgery and I'm scared out of my mind, but also feel like I don't want to continue living like this either! Wish there was a clear cut answer for all of us.