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686769 tn?1236275731 I have not been on Humira but was on Remicade with great results. My chrons had progressed so far by the time I started the Remicade that I had developed fistulas and had to have surgery. I decided not to continue with the Remicade after the surgery because I was doing so well. If need be I will try the Remicade again becuase I know that if I develop a reaction from the Remicade (since I was on it previously) I will then try Humira.
Avatar f tn I am about to have fertility treatment. It was found that my NK killer cells levels are high and that I am going to be placed on a course of humeria (2 injections over 5 weeks) to try and lower these levels. I have the genital herpes virus. Am I likely to get an outbreak because my immune system will be weakened? If I do get an outbreak can I be treated with acyclovir while I am taking humeria?
158939 tn?1274918797 Since you wrote that you were a cancer patient at one time, I think you should address your concerns about the medication with your doctor and explore other treatment options. Please keep us posted on your reaction and on your treatment plan. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar f tn I took my first Humira shot in my leg on Monday and last night my leg began to hurt really bad. It is a pain that is hard to describe. I told my husband it was a "bone pain" it hurts down deep in the bone from my knee to my hip joint. Today it is hurting mostly in my hip joint.I take darvocet daily for pain and it really isn't helping and neither is naproxen. Is this normal after the first few days of the injection?
Avatar n tn Hi there! I have been taking injections of Methotrexate and Humira once a week since late May. The combo of these two drugs has taken me out of my flare up, which lasted a year, and allowed me to avoid surgery. I didn't see vast improvements until November, so it did take a while to really get me back to healthy but it was worth the wait. Good luck to you and I hope you are feeling better already.
Avatar m tn in future diagnosis of flares and/or perforations. I wish you much success with the Humira. The shots can be painful, but Humira does help manage the pain associated with Crohn's. You'll probably discover a "new you" in the process of your journey with Crohn's. You might even surprise yourself. There is a book called "The Foul Bowel" by John Bradley. It is one man's 30 year journey with Crohn's Disease. The experiences and sense of humor make his story relateable.
Avatar f tn It took me taking pictures of rashes and periods of swelling up and documenting fevers, keeping a daily symptom and pain journal to finally get dx'd correctly. I do get injections done quite frequently in my hips and back. I have anakinra injections, and a lidocaine/steroid mix (I can't think of the prescription name for it right now) that one seems to help immediately, numbing the area. I do take steroids daily to help with my inflammation.
930657 tn?1244403659 Not sure what your history with RA is. Normally treatment is started with Plaquenil and then move onto Prednisone or DMARD's or immune suppressants. You could try other things but I imagine they would only help with the pain and not necessarily the joint degeneration. With the drugs they can halt or slow down joint and organ damage.
Avatar n tn The headaches started about six weeks into the Humira treatment. At first it only lasted two or three days. In the last three weeks I have been dealing with continuous bouts of pressure and pulsating. They have gotten so bad that I am starting to lose my concentration, forget what I am saying and doing -- wrong way on the metro, can't recall words., etc. I reduced my Humira from 40mg to 20mg and have found that I am back to having only a two-day headache after injection.
Avatar f tn ( I am a little sarcastic, but then I have earned that little bullet lol) Sugar, carbonated drinks, smoking, all these things are sooo off limits. The Cimzia injections have worked for awhile, now being switched to Humira. I have to keep trying because i know somewhere out there a cure is waiting for us. My family & I will keep you in our thoughts & prayers. Keep smiling:)) NEVER GIVE IN!
Avatar n tn Are there any other options for treatment? She has had several periods of prednisone treatment but now has osteoporosis. The diarrhea has made her housebound, not to mention exhausted and depressed. Hemoglobin down to 9.5. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn I take a VERY low dose of methotrexate (low dose because it's hard on the liver) and I take injections of a TNF Blocker/biologic medication called Humira every 2 weeks. Before I was put back on treatment I was also put on Prednisone "as needed" to get my swelling under control. Since I cannot take Prednisone or any other steroid while on treatment, they started me on Celebrex when I started this round of treatment. As soon as I'm done treating I will stop the Celebrex as well.
456090 tn?1259698437 That is not working so well now so I am going to be swtiched to Humira injections. My GI wanted to try the Remicade infusions but my insurance won't pay for it and I can't afford it out of pocket.
Avatar f tn injections which are three rounds. After the three rounds of injections, I was to start maintenance injections. I never started the maintenance injections because I developed severe mouth sores and swelling, welts all over body that popped up during my sleep at night,and upper respiratory infection. . Apparently, it was fungi and bacteria which my doctor recommended I take (orally swish and swallow) nystatin 100,000 units w\azithromycin 250mg.
Avatar n tn I'm at stage 3-4 fibrosis. I just finished 6 months of treatment, 135 mg interferon, 1200 mg ribivirn and completed 12 weeks of Incivik. While on the Incivik my load went to undetectable. The very next month after coming off the Incivik the HCV load blood test showed 193.0 IU/mL and yesterday's showed 666.0 IU/mL. What can I do?
Avatar m tn The only difference is Remicade is a made-protien where as the Humira is a human protien. With Humira you give yourself a shot every other week. So far, after using both, I prefer the Remicade. I didn't mind the treatments as much as I do the Humira even though the Humira is more convienient (I hate having to give myself a shot.) Plus, I'm not sure if it's that this flare up was more intense than my last, but the Remicade worked faster and better for me.
Avatar f tn I've been on everything from asacol to prednisone, remicade, humira(currently still on it) and nothing seems to help. The Humira does help with the inflammation though. My inflammation markers were at 12 a few months ago before I went on the Humira and are now down to 2. I understand that going on this type of drug is horrible for the body, but what if it helps? What if it keeps her around longer and she can take care of her family?
Avatar f tn I was assessed for the new injections but scan and tests showed I have no inflammation so dont qualify for injections. Does metho injections make you feel sickly as well?
Avatar f tn I have had 3 vitrectomies, bilat cataract surgerys w/ iol placement, total of 18 methylprednisolone intravitreal injections and 1 kenalog injection. I have been on po prednisone to A MAX AMOUNT OF 160MG A DAY TO CONTROL THE INFLAMATION. I have never responded to topical steroids (drops) and it wasn't until I started po prednisone that my vision actually cleared. I have been to a total of 9 opthamologists over the years, including 2 uveitis specialists at Harvard (the eye and ear infirmary).
Avatar f tn I would just like to hear from anyone that has been on this medication to hear there thoughts on the treatment and possible alternatives. I am also into atlernative medicine so Im open to suggestions. But really Im open to anything I have been suffering for a year and a half and Im just ready to get better and move on with my life. Thank you to anyone that has any advice to help and god bless everyone else that has to live with Crohns or Colitis.
1325952 tn?1274927517 Humira is still weekly injections but Doctor wants to take her off Humira and put her on monthly IV Infusions of Actemra. Before they can start that, they have referred her to an ENT specialist due to ongoing problems, which could be anything from fungus infection of the all sinuses, to lymphoma. Her appt is June 29th. While we wait, my daughter is having nausea, pains, & headaches.
Avatar f tn I know a woman, married and has Chron´s. Her face is very swollen from the Cortisone treatment. They have a fifteen-year-old son. Will he then have a high risk of getting this disease? I´m a linguist! I completed my Doctorate in Tübingen. I live in the city-center of Hamburg (Winterhude). And what about you? Where do you work, live?
1245619 tn?1268618850 Because of this, my primary doctor and rheumalogist want me to get help from a pain management clinic. I am currently waiting to see if my insurance will cover Humira. I plan on calling this one clinic tomorrow and set up an appointment. I was wondering what questions should I ask prior making my appointment? I am so frightened of injections, especially in the spine, because of my experience with spinal tap and epidural in the past.
Avatar f tn In the six-month study, they got an initial 80-milligram injection of Humira, then 40-milligram injections every two weeks. Researchers tracked their symptom relief. Of the 13 patients, seven had complete symptom relief, four had partial relief, and two got no relief. Six of the patients required a boost in their dosage to maintain symptom relief. Almost three quarters of the patients (73%) were able to discontinue or significantly decrease their concurrent dose of steroids.
Avatar n tn I'm on the lowest possible dose (7.5mg per week) because of my liver. I also take Humira injections every 2 weeks. Humira gets the leg, pegasys gets the tummy LOL. I really think I would have wound up with RA anyway because of the genetic issue. I've not reached a pain free level yet but I understand that that may not happen now until I'm off this round of treatment. Hey I'm tough though and I'm gonna suck it up for the next 14 more months that I have left.
1320648 tn?1277506820 Began to feel a little better but joint pain continued. About 3 months ago I was put on Humira injections biweekly. At present feeling much better. Naproxen helps joint pain when needed which is about every 3 days. More energy and mental fogging improved. Current diagnosis is undifferentiated mixed connective tissue disorder with primary symptoms reminiscent of Lupus. Has anyone had a similar experience? Please share. Thanks.
Avatar f tn My rheumatologist was concered about my liver functioning and diagnosed hepatitis c after a blood test. I began treatment for hcv (January, 2008), my flares subsided, however during the latter part of the 6 months of hcv treatment, the flares increased and I was in considerable pain. I was prescribed prednisone in dosages ending at 20 mg. for 3 months. The prednisone provided minimal relief, and I was weaned off the prednisone, and put on sulfazine.
Avatar f tn After many tests and colonoscopies I was hospitalised and immediately given steroid treatment, I was then put on Asacol and 6-mp. I was ok and on the road to recover for some time after this however I have had 3 relapses since 2 of which have been this year alone and to date I have had 5 courses of steroids. My doctor increased my 6-mp which as caused my hair to fall out. I am now back on steroids and about to start a 12 week course of Methotrexate injections.....
Avatar f tn My husband is going to start treatment this Sunday. He has an appointment to learn how to inject and all the paticulars. He hasn't had a blood draw since his liver biopsy in July. They haven't mentioned that he would have another blood draw for his VL. If they don't offer should we ask so we have a more accurate starting point? The nurse said they will teach him with Placebo shots as he will start treatment on a Sunday night. Is there a better place on the body to inject.