Humalog overdose

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Avatar n tn You need to wait about 2-3 hours after the quick-acting insulin is given, though, before adding more, for it may still be peaking in action and you don't want to overdose, especially at night. Frankly, if in doubt at bedtime, I think it is safer to err on the side of slightly high than low, for lows in our sleep are very dangerous. I hope this helps educate you some. I love the Lantus insulin, and the great control it offers, in conjunction with quick-acting insulin at mealtimes.
Avatar n tn now a healthy 45 year old (female). I am mostly happy with the current combination of Humalog Pen and Lantus. My questions are in regards to Lantus: I understand the "non-peak" aspect...but personally dropped very low in early a.m.'s (about 4-6 a.m) after injecting on a regular basis at 10 p.m. To the point that I would load up on carbs before bedtime, never going to bed with a "normal range". Even still, I would wake with 30's-40's, even with cutting back on Lantus.