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Avatar n tn Does anyone know a formula for amount of Lantus needed for a basal dose vs how many units fast-acting you take per carb? I have major swings. Yesterday was told by a nurse that the Lantus I take is really low compared to amount of Humalog I take, but she never told me HOW much she thought I should be taking. I take 1.5 u Humalog per carb for all meals (for last 3 weeks - has changed many times). I'm supposed to take 11 u Lantus in am. My morning BS is usually 300-500.
Avatar n tn I really hate paper logs (and everytime I attempt to do one life gets busy and that doesn't last long).Cozmo has tons of cool features that should really help as well like the .05 bolus/basal adjustments, site reminder + bg reminder buzzers it looks so COOL. Vprrchk, I've never heard you have to take med.exam to work as an EMT, I know over here firefighters might but nothing was said about that.
Avatar f tn I take many prescription medications including humalog insulin. recently, my doctor has been repeating liver function blood tests regarding ALT and AST (alkaline phosphates). From online info, i have seen that many factors attribute to these enzymes being high and i seem to have all of the factors. i take a large amount (1200mg) of carbamenzapine (carbatrol) and also, take premarin for hormone replacement. Could these be causing the problem?
Avatar n tn It took me so many years to understand I was feeding insulin, I can't even tell you how many. For a long-time diabetic like myself, I feel like I got a set idea in my mind of how much insulin I needed and simply stuck to it, regardless of the number of reactions, so the feeding and feeding went on. And no doctor ever mentioned cutting back on the insulin in terms of weight control. Anyway, I now feel like I'm closer to actually taking the amount I need. But it requires a ton of testing!
Avatar n tn His arm and back ache and the doctor has given him some muscle relaxants. Besides rest what is the best way to recover from this and how much long term damage is being done to his body? He is a tall average size person who does work out maybe 2 times a week. EAch time this has happened he gets too tired and falls asleep before he has eaten enough. The low hits in the middle of the night and the seizure begins.
Avatar n tn *** for some people Levimir does not last 24 hours, for them they split the does 12 hours apart IE 11 IU in the morning and 11 IU in the evening
Avatar n tn ago his A1C was his last visit, last week it was 6.6. We were very pleased. Let us know how the 72 hr. monitor works for you so others can learn from your experience.
Avatar n tn my wife is diabetic last 15 years, had heart surgery 10years back. started insulin 50days now. presently on Levemir flexpen twice daily before meal on dose 30units each 12hours. her fasting readings have dropped to average 125 but pp still at around 250 both after breakfast and dinner. oral medicine includes diamicron 60 BB and Onglyza 5mg after meal. What could be the reason of pp levels being still so hgh although 30units of levemir taken. Could y suggest reasonable remedy.
Avatar n tn very much in control, he had got the pump 6 months prior Long story short, he changed his pump prior to going to bed one night and the site had come out under the sticker and he was unaware, it was horrible! And a 22 year old died after removing his pump before surfing and drowned while in the water due to hyperglycemia. This is a very serious desease that I do not take for granted. As normal as I wanted to be all these years I had to realise how different my body works.
Avatar n tn This is the peak I've been struggling with. Does anyone else have this effect in early a.m. after taking Lantus at night? Last doctor was neutral on the subject. Now in a different city and new endocrinologist. After discussing, she saw no problem taking Lantus in morning instead. (I'm puzzled why I read everywhere that it must be taken at night) my problem is high a.m. readings of around 225 or so. This is with a great bedtime, several hours after a meal, of 90-110.
Avatar n tn Bernstein's - although I now dispute his protein diet as red meat does horrible things to my gut. I find that humalog is nifty but that regular did a better job on the longer-digesting proteins and fats (unless you use Lantus as the long-acting insulin with humalog). Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn i do weight training in the evenings and have hypo's middle of the night despite lowering my glargine long lasting insulin. Does anybody have any advice why blood sugar increases after weight training and stays up even 2 hours after dinner ( i do my weight training in the evenings before dinner) and blood sugar only comes down by middle of the night and goes so low that i get hypoglycemia. PLEASE HELP ... thanks i m going crazy trying to figure out how to adjust my insulin..
Avatar n tn Anyway, I am willing to give this Lantus more time to work out since not having to think about it until bedtime is a great load off and if I can experiment with that special nighttime lapse time period awhile using intermediate insulins or Humalog maybe. Does anyone just take a small snack and some Humalog? I think I will discover some workable routine -- or my doctor will! Thank you again! This posting board is a great tool - I rarely meet or talk with insulin dependent diabetics.
Avatar n tn She has been on Lantus and Humalog since diagnosis and does not currently have any interest in the pump. Her last two A1c's were 5.3 and 5.2 respectively. Her endocronologist says tests show that her pancreas is producing very little insulin. My question is this--is the honeymoon period still present or is she doing this well because of her efforts? Is it possible that she can maintain these results?
Avatar n tn I'm having trouble with how to know his carbohydrate-insulin ratio. I think I'm goind to start at 12 carbs/ 1 unit...Does this sound like a reasonable place to start? Also, what would be a good website to read up on this?
Avatar n tn As long as our liver is processing alcohol, it will NOT dump the glucose we might need -- no matter how low we go. That's the big added risk to drinking. Having said all that, and remembering well my college days, I'd encourage you to think about these approaches. Clearly, you're a very bright person (4.0 plus athletics is tough to achieve!), so I hope you'll consider these ideas carefully. Never drink alone and never drink without food.
Avatar n tn It is not clear in the side effects how dangerous this effect can be. Be very careful how you inject this insulin.
Avatar f tn i would make sure that you keep getting blood work done to check for arthritis and lupus. sometimes lupus takes a very long time to show up positive and sometimes it never does at all. Anyway i am suffering everyday the pain and stiffness is so bad that even my jaw hurts to move!! joint pain like crazy and nothing showing up at all!!! my last hope is a bone scan because this will show more then a x ray will if something arthritic is going on.
Avatar n tn I have been advised to give Symlin a try in an effort to smooth out my 2 hour post prandials. My last glyco was 6.4. I am prone to profound hypoglycemia reactions, and also have hypoglycemia unawareness. I am a wondering what the experience with this drug has been? My RX plan does not cover it, and I am told it runs in excess of $97/bottle! My other issue is that it may involve shots 2-3 times a day, when I already do the pump routine for every meal.
488724 tn?1253554835 My sugar has been out of control for past 2-3 months because i just havent had a chance to get to the doc.. last time i went my A1c was 7.5 from 8.1 so it went down but i know its gone back up because during the last month i've gotten 300-400's and thats with taking 1000mg of metformin twice daily, 45mg actos once daily and taking 12units of Lantus in the Morning and 8 at night.
Avatar n tn I did not start any other meds with the Lantus. I also became proactive last night and stopped the Lantus. I went back to my NovoRapid, Novolin NPH routine. Will see how I feel in a couple of days. Today went well. I want to find out before discussion with the dr. if this could be the problem, otherwise they will have nothing to compare it to because as I am finding out there are many different reactions as there are people.
Avatar n tn Hello Kristin, My sister & I are also a long-timers. She's had DM about 45 years and I've had it about 35 years. Your observation about your identity being wrapped up in having DM is quite profound, indeed. I've often thought about what I'd do with the mental & emotional energy if I didn't need to be doing so much "mental math." I don't know the answer, really ... I don't know if I'd've been complacent and lazy or if I'd've poured the energy into finding a cure for cancer!
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any solutions or experience with (1) IBS or persistent higher BGs due to this condition; (2) adhesions from injury; (3) soft-tissue lower back injury involvement and walking/exercise; (4) weight loss independent of exercise? I was run over in the street in ped-bike accident with resulting back/hip/leg injury. In order to stop excruciating pain from nerve irritation, I had to stop exercising for about 6 months.
1273125 tn?1365081126 So I am not afraid of needles or injections. My question would be which insulin pens would be my best choice? I think a long acting such as Lantus and I might need a rapid acting one for meals? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am going to see the nurse practioner today in my doctor's office. I also am a member on the Thyroid boards with having Hashimoto's disease as well. Thanks in advance for your help.
Avatar m tn Does exercise really make a big difference in the numbers. My daughter is 15, not very active and I wonder if more exercise would lower her numbers.
Avatar n tn Having sore muscles would make sense, as well, but I cannot say for sure if this is entirely due to the seizure / severe low and how long the soreness would persist. I feel strongly that if you have not already done so, you should call your endocrinologist and ask about the memory problems and the muscle soreness.
Avatar n tn My wife had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few months earlier and because she had a glucometer I had tested my glucose to find it was normal. I am wondering how I can develop diabetes overnight without any previous symptoms. It seems strange that both of us get diabetets at about the same time but different types of diabetets. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn He started to come out of it a little when they got there, and they were able to give him more of the gel. How long can you wait,to see if they come out of it before calling ems? The last time was very scary as he was having what appeard to me to be a seizure, and I panicked. After about a half hour he seeems fine, I'm the one that's still a wreck for the rest of the day. Thanks again for all your replys.
Avatar n tn Hi Bill! I'm a volunteer, not a medical professional, so please check & verify all information received here with your endocrinologist before taking any action. I am the parent of an 18 year old who was diagnosed at the age of 21 months and we've done shots (N&R, Lantus&Humalog), inhaled insulin (did a 2 year study), and currently she's on an insulin pump (& loving it!). My daughter's endo had her on a sliding scale dosage, dependent on her bg reading.