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How much guaifenesin for fertility

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Avatar n tn Guaifenesin, how much is an Overdose? My daughter 11 years old 100 lbs (big for her age), took (the correct dose) 5mL cough and cold medicine that had the following in that dose. Guaifenesin, USP 100 mg, Dextromethorpan HBr, USP 10 mL. Phenylephedrine HCI, USB 5mg. But then she also took (the correct dose) 10 mg of a prescription medicine Guaifenesin-Codeine syrup (generic for Robitussin AC syrup). It doesn't state on the label the quantity of Guaifenesin mg in the 5mL dose.
1047147 tn?1328906154 It is used on the fertility boards and newsgroups in the same manner as saying Band-Aid for an adhesive strip used to cover a cut. Any expectorant that contains guaifenesin as the only active ingredient is fine to use. What kind of Robitussin is used to improve cervical mucus? One should buy the plain kind with no letters after it. The only active ingredient is guaifenesin, and it contains 100 mg per teaspoon.
Avatar f tn I just started taking clomid and i read to start the guaifenesin on day 10 till ovulation. On a website for fertility i read that you need to take 200mg three times a day!
Avatar f tn Robitussin works on the cervical mucus and increases your chances of getting pregnant Robitussin is a popular brand of cough syrup and it might be surprising to consider its relation with fertility. But the fact is that this expectorant is used to loosen and thin mucus of a different kind too, called cervical mucus, in women. Robitussin is only a specific brand and any expectorant that contains guaifenesin as the only active ingredient can be used in its place.
Avatar f tn ve heard about taking Robitussin or Mucinex (guaifenesin) as and OTC aide and was wondering if anyone has had any success with it? Also, I've heard great reviews for Daily Wellness FertilityBlend from GNC. Is that one any good or is just a standard Prenatal vitamin a better choice?
359295 tn?1285952394 I am just looking for natural ways to help increase fertility. I miscarried for a reason and would do anything to prevent it from happening again. Not sure if there is much to do, i know it is all left in Gods hands, but its nice to know i could be helping it along. just figure may i haven't gotten preggo yet is because the sperm is not swimming in enough cm, and so it has less chances to reach the egg. Just taking a wild guess here. Or maybe i do not have enough progesterone.
377493 tn?1356502149 So I am on to my third round of clomid. I have been pregnant 4 times in 12 months on my own, but my Dr. started me on clomid after two cycles of a shortened luteal phase. It has corrected that problem. Also, with a history of m/c, he wanted me on it to boost progesterone (I take prometrium and baby asprin after ovulation as well.) I was obviously ovulating on my own, and as far as I know that hasn't changed. Periods are normal.
Avatar f tn Hi there! As a matter of fact I do have a friend with type 1 diabetes that now has 3 healthy children. Her and her husband did try awhile to conceive the first time and finally turned to IVF. She was 36 or perhaps 37 at that time. She had an uneventful pregnancy and delivered a beautiful, healthy set of boy/girl twins. Just before those babies 1st birthday, she found herself pregnant naturally, and although were not preventing this time, they weren't really trying either.
631676 tn?1333718203 Be sure to carefully inspect the ingredients list to make sure the ONLY active ingredient as guaifenesin. Any other ingredients can diminish the effect you are looking for. What is the recommended dose of Robitussin? The recommended dose for improving cervical mucus is two teaspoons (200 mg) taken orally three times per day. Recommended dosage is two teaspoons (200 mg) taken orally three times per day.
Avatar f tn t like the taste of it and every morning and evening for 2-weeks was too much for me. Anyway you have to make sure it's the Guaifenesin kind ... an expectorant ... so it doesn't dry you out more but makes your mucous membranes work overtime :)! There are also chinese herbs available to you but I dare not recommend anything. You should go to an acupunturist for that advise I think. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn The alternative is guaifenesin, which you can buy over-the-counter. Mucinex contains guaifenesin, but I would get the plain guaifenesin. It works very well.
Avatar n tn Ok thank you so much for the info
Avatar n tn When you have bronchitis, can you get ALL the phlem out of your system? I'd hate to say how many cans of Fancy feast cat food I have filled & it is THICKER than molasses. I just want to stop coughing. I have now started blowing my nose getting stuff out. It wasn't like this over 2 months ago & I have a while until I go to my Dr. Can ANYONE HE----------------------LP ?
1777912 tn?1314474892 30-8pm prior to not drinking fluids for 3-4 hrs. if you hav 30 day cycle, u can start from CD 12-20. also for CM- i tried it on one month just to see if its work or not, its drinking ruby red grapfruit juice. regular grapfruit juice will work too, but ruby is sweeter. however, drinlk every 2-4 hrs then u will see very good amount of CM on the same day.
927769 tn?1275932602 However, on page 7 you recommend guaifenesin, an ingredient in Robitussin cough syrup, as a potential remedy for women who are having fertility problems because of overly short cervical fluid patches. A recent study has shown that another ingredient in Robitussin, Dextromethorphan, causessevere birth defects in chicken embryos. These include neural tube defects such as spinobifita and craniofacial anomalies including cleft lip and palate defects.
Avatar f tn Who else had taken this med for cough? Is it safe? Pls let me know.
Avatar n tn its more like an egg white if ovulation is near... any ways i've read that robitussin (guaifenesin), you should buy the plain one with no letters after it... robitussin can help loosen up cervical mucus... hope it helps....
1106767 tn?1315050974 The robitussin is for a chesty cough and contains only GUAIFENESIN.I bought it from boots the chemist and it was in a red box.But i know there are other cough medicines that have Guaifenesin out there and are considerably cheaper,but i decided to stick with robitussin.If i need more i will try the cheaper option next time maybe(hoping there wont be a next time though).
Avatar f tn Guaifenesin, an expectorant (Hytuss, Mucinex, Naldecon Senior EX, Robitussin) Dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant (Benylin Adult, Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough, Scot-Tussin DM, Vicks 44 Cough Relief) Guaifenesin plus dextromethorphan (Benylin Expectorant, Robitussin DM, Vicks 44E) Cough drops Vicks VapoRub But I would recommend going to the doctor for them to prescribe u it so ur 100% sure it's safe to take while pregnant
Avatar n tn One side effect of Mucolytics is bronchospasm and is therefore contraindicated for asthma patients. Guaifenesin, aka Robitussin, is an expectorant, and should be safe for asthma patients as long as is it is taken as directed. I am a nursing student and this is what I have learned on the subject so far. I stumbled on this question while I was researching the subject.
1056865 tn?1325808785 Anywho I am taking Fertility Blend Supplements and they are supposed to increase the days of OV . FertilityBlend for Women: The herb, Vitex (chasteberry), supports good hormone balance and normal ovulation. The amino acid, L-arginine, helps maintain healthy uterine lining. Antioxidants, green tea, vitamin E, and selenium, help enhance reproductive health by repairing oxidative damage due to aging and environmental toxins.
773755 tn?1328119777 i am lucky cause i can get out for an hour or so for an early night of music and dinner.. and i can just do enough to keep myself fed and dressed (not that i have many places to be).. not at work.. house untidy.. but has been worse!..