How long does solumedrol last

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1172359 tn?1310671293 I am scheduled Monday to do an IV for three days of Solumedrol. Has anyone else done that and if so, what is your opinion. I am alittle nervous about it.
Avatar n tn IVSM without the taper is called "Pulse Therapy." In theory, it can prevent a flare. It does this by preventing the inflammation of the endothelium on the interior of the blood vessels. This inflammation is the "breakdown" in the Blood Brain Barrier that allows WBCs to leak through and attack the myelin. If they can keep the BBB from leaking, no new lesions. That is the rub.
Avatar f tn I was told to keep record of all your long they last..which ones they helped and not helped...etc... you will need this info down the road..OK.. it has to do with Inflammation... ? That's about all I can tell you..
Avatar f tn Rapid heart, dizziness, HOT flashes. Did anyone experience that? How long will the hives last? Thanks for any feedback.
Avatar m tn Although steroids help my MS symptoms almost instantly, the side effects for me are bad enough that I will do most anything to avoid taking them again. My Questions are how long does solumedrol stay in the system? How long after a treatment can they effect you mentally? I always develop bad anxiety when on steroids. This last time I was on IV for three days and a taper for ten. I had to take klonipin for the anxiety the last two times.
Avatar n tn Hi. My daughter has had several treatments of solumedrol over the past 5 years. I remember her complaining of the sweats too. And the moodiness too. Oh, yes. Although she is a princess to begin with, she gets worse! lol She also ballooned up like the michelin man. Going from a ladies size M to a mans size L in sweats just to be comfortable. It lasted for her 3-5 days I guess. Plus she said she gets amazingly hungry and has to be careful not to put on pounds during this.
246236 tn?1275482502 Hi Angela, I have had two Solumedrol treatments in the last year due to attacks. both for me were with 4 to 6 day hospital stays. everyone reacts diff. to steroids and both of my experiences were diff. first time I loved it. gave me lots of energy, my mind felt clear for the first time in a long time. the biggest downfall for me was the extra steroid weight. I couldnt stop eating, and im not a big eater. my second round 5 months later was a little different.
Avatar f tn I am on day number four of solumedrol and last night I barely slept at all even taking the ambien 5mg. My question is what do you think would work better for sleep tonight. Should i take two of the ambien, 10mg total or should I take a 1mg klonipan? I am not really familiar with sleeping pills. If I need help sleeping under normal circumstances, I usually take a melatonin or a benydrl and that usually does the trick. These steroids are revving me up but I really need some sleep.
462771 tn?1358359443 I've tried to call the Nurse Practitioner and tell her what's going on, but I can't get her to call me back. How long does it typically take to get relief?
Avatar f tn I had my 3rd IV treatment of Solumedrol today and I am feeling even worse than yesterday...I mean, alot of the numbness is gone, as well as the eye issue, but I feel like I got run over by a truck! Is this normal? My body feels heavy, so does my breathing...(smoker, though!), Any info would be appreciated....If I can stay awake long enough to read the replies...
382218 tn?1341185087 Thanks all, for your comments and feedback. I did end up going with the full 5 days of solumedrol, last infusion was last night. The feedback I got from my GP on this was similar to Quix's comment. GP felt I should do the full 5 days and not cut it short, since I don't have bad side effects from the treatment. I'm feeling so much better, a bit hopped up on the steroids which is probably good as today is my first day back to work since my 2 week vacation. ON while on vacation, no fun!!
246236 tn?1275482502 The MS Hug when I get it, usually will last as long as the flair-up does, unfortunately. In my case, it has gone on for weeks. It's so uncomfortable to feel like you can't expand your lungs to take in a deep breath. Try to rest as much as possible and listen to what you body is trying to tell you. It's a signal that you HAVE to slow down.... I am so sorry that you are feeling so poorly, Angela. I'd give my life, if it meant that this dam disease would just disappear from this planet...
Avatar f tn Keep posting How are you feeling physically . Does the solumedrol help ? And are you seeing the same doc , when you go back in two days, that you saw in the ER . Is he a specialist who was called in ? I have a thousand questions . Well , you take life as slowly as possible for right now .. be very good to yourself do gentle things Do you have people around you ..??
462771 tn?1358359443 The differential diagnosis would also include transfer spondylitis. The appearance does not suggest a neoplasm. Note is made that MRI of the brain obtained the same time is essentially normal. There are outside cervical and lumbar MRI and brain MRI. Previous thoracic spine imaging has not been made available for comparison.
559187 tn?1330786456 I had to stay home sick today as I did not get any sleep last night because of stomach pain and nausea. I am also having fatigue that is so overwhelming and comes on so quickly that I feel compelled to stop whatever I am doing and go lay down. That is very strange as that never happens to me. So I called my PCP to tell her what was going on.
429700 tn?1308011423 This seems to make more sense to me with the double vision and lights/digital displays. Thanks for that information! The next to the last (second) MRI revealed fewer lesions than my last MRI, but the original ones were on the second one. One in particular was much bigger. I'm going to be monitoring the pain in this eye. If it gets worse or if colors begin to wash out, I'm calling someone.
941625 tn?1263585382 I go round pretending I am fine until I just can't anymore. I did not realize how bad I had felt and for how long until I got my first solumedrol in February. About two weeks later, I told my husband that I felt like the old me, like I did when we were married (6years ago). It was nice and yet disturbing to know that all that had been wrong with me was an undiagnosed case of MS. Living in both worlds is not a bad thing. It may even be healthy, emotionally.
1063384 tn?1258043719 So getting to the hospital sooner would not have made a difference as far as the lasting damage to your sight. As for how long this will last and the recovery percentage, unfortunately there is no way to predict and each person's expeirence with ON is very different. I hope yours concludes in a positive way. welcome again.
Avatar f tn It sounds like she's been doing IVs for so long she just does the same thing with everybody, and doesn't take into account that everyone is an individual and she should tailor her care as such! I agree with Lulu, that you should call the company (I know when I've had it done, they leave you a folder with stuff and there should be the company's name on there somewhere) and let them know about your experience.
Avatar f tn Also, if you keep a Journal or something, you may want to jot down when it started, how long it lasted, and how it feels, as well as if there is a contributing factor that intensifies it more.
649926 tn?1297661380 The most current reading says increased in size Large lesion.Wasn't 7.3mm large??? How big is the sucker now? I don't want to call the doctor to ask because does it really matter? The whole point of starting Avonex is to stop all of my lesions from growing and hopefully not get more but I am curious. So - who has the biggest lesion and where is it?
Avatar f tn I have low B12 that has only improved minimally over the last couple of years, but that's how long I have known about it. I have been back and forth between giving myself shots and trying to take the supplement that I can't digest. Low B12 can cause many neurological symptoms and a recent study I just read said that it can also cause formation of brain lesions. The range is 400-900, so even having a mildly low level needs to be treated. Did you only have one shot?
Avatar f tn I passed an EVG as well as an EMG. He thought myasthenia gravis as one eye does droop, but the test came back negative. Tomorrow I'm scheduled to start the steroid drip to see if it'll provide me with some relief. Does this make sense ? How bad is it?
984138 tn?1359816673 Usually in people with MS, it's a bladder infection, but not always. My Neuro does not consider it a flare up unless a patient has symptoms that last a least a couple of weeks. Some relapses can go on as long as a month or more. My longest one was about 4 months. A Neuro also would like to see at least a month or more between relapses, before she will say, that you had a remission in between relapses. Hence, relapsing/remitting symptoms.
Avatar f tn Since I've never had vertigo or steroids, I don't know how bad it has to be or how long it has to last before I should have steroids. I also get headaches. Is this common with vertigo? Praying for better days...
649926 tn?1297661380 In between though I have either pseudo-flares or minor flares in connection to UTIs that last at least a week. Not sure how to classify these but these leave no residual effects unlike the major flares. I'm taking Copaxone.
Avatar f tn No difference except how long until the symptoms go away. Years ago when I had optic neuritis, they told me that the Solumedrol was necessary to make the symptoms go away faster AND to prevent further damage. If that is true, isn't it true for the symptoms I am having now?