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Avatar n tn i'm not personally a big fan of punctal plugs. restasis does work IMO, but only for people with reduced lacrimal gland production. it is my opinion that lacrimal gland dysfunction is not a very common cause of dry eye. the more common cause IMO is eyelid gland dysfunction (meibomianitis, blepharitis, etc). the solution for some of those with eyelid dysfunction is emollient eyedrops (vs "atrifical" tears). the 2 OTC emollients are "soothe" and "refresh endura".
Avatar f tn I'm very concerned and quite anxious. I work on a computer 8 hours a day and don't want to pay for my glasses to be upgraded twice. Any suggestions ?
429949 tn?1224695179 I go back to see my neuro this month and I am going to ask him if he will scan my C-spine as well as my entire spine along with the regular every six months brain MRI. Then It is back to the optho to check my eyes and vision and to see how the Restasis is working! I'll tell you it seems the doctor appointments never slow down. I am so sick of looking at doctors offices, lol~~~~ How have you been, and what has been going on with you lately?
429949 tn?1224695179 He felt that I was having to use these drops too many times a day to try to control it. This is why he aded the Restasis. He never said that they were an immune supressant, I looked it up myself. He is not too comfortable when the brain damage or immune system is brought up. He acts kind of like he doesn't know about these things and is leaving the neurological issues to my Neuro. I will tell all of these new findings to my Neuro this month when I go back.
537731 tn?1268268886 I have this problem frequently. I am sixteen years old and have worn glasses my entire life. I only started wearing contacts when I was twelve. I've been to the eye doctor multiple times with this and each time I am told my eyes have built up an allergic reaction to my contacts. I've had this many times since I was 15 and it keeps coming back. I've changed my contact brand multiple times.
1986676 tn?1329866071 30, shower and wash my hair, apply desitin cream to the sore butt, put restasis eye drops into both eyes, apply fluocinonide ointment to the rash and try not to get it on everything, rest, take my calcium and vitamins, do something constructive and/or productive or get lab drawn, rest, use Huggies wipes every time I go to the BR, take Zofran about 1 pm, eat lunch, do errands or doc visits, rest, fix dinner which I usually don't feel like fixing because nothing sounds good, eat dinner, take the R
Avatar n tn Maybe a more productive way to look at post-tx issues and how we might best be able to return to a healthy, symptom-free life is this: It might be a good idea to find out what our forum members have been doing to overcome any post-tx problems they have encountered. Many of us have described problems with depression, pain, mental fogginess, lack of motivation, fatigue, neuropathy, sun sensitivity, rashes, etc. after ending therapy.
881165 tn?1265988188 I am at my wits end and don't know where to turn. Please try to answer my questions. How did your symptoms start? Do you have any problem with constant thick post nasal drainage? Dry eyes? What symptoms do you have with your small fiber neuropathy? Sorry so many question, but I have had so many symptoms for 7 yrs. and no treatment helps and I really don't think I have a total correct diagnosis.
Avatar m tn When you read the monitor without the reader glass, how long can you read without eyestrain ? Have you try to use a light reader to read monitor ? Is there any difference ?
200220 tn?1361955154 and the ladies but I still have lots to do and I can't count on how I am feeling to do this. I still need to work and when I know what is going on it is easier to push through. Telling me to come back in 2 months is very upsetting. He is supposed to be a good endo and I was told it seems as though he has a plan for my recovery but he doesn't seem to communicate well with me.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I am very much regretting getting cataract surgery done and am concerned what my vision will be like for the rest of my life. I am waking up with anxiety attacks in the middle of the night ever since getting this done, and it's ALL I can think about. I know it's early days yet (got this done in April) and know that I would have had to get it done irregardless in a few years (early onset and getting worse) - but still. I'm only 52!
326842 tn?1199030674 I have to have my office dark at work and sunglasses outside (sometimes inside if on the computer or can't escape the light). Never liked light. My office is affectionately called the Bat Cave, coz it's dark and cold (can't stand heat either). It keeps people's visits to my office brief though! I still have aline @ my door every day, but they don't stay long, lol!
1216899 tn?1288573925 You know how they tell us not to blame all our symptoms on MS. I try to keep that in mind when something new comes up, but usually it does kinda relate to MS. So, I am getting night sweats too and after my recent sleep study my doctor thinks it is because of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, somewhat common in MS but isn't caused by MS, often causes night sweats. Go figure. Just another possible cause to consider.
Avatar n tn I don't know how he will manage the anemia if he feels that bad over one lousy Riba. PLEASE don't let him take ANY more than he HAS to or you are going to be run absolutely ragged. And you are too good a wife and too loving for that. Riba doesn't generally cause problems like that as far as i know, in fact I started them in advance of the shot and the doctor told me aside from being a bit speedy at night I wouldn't have any problem whatsoever.
233488 tn?1310696703 The PLUS product works much better than the regular OcuSOFT Lid Scrub plus the PLUS product is left on the lids and does not have to be dried off. RESTASIS continues to be the medication of choice for moderate or severe dry eyes. September 2013 UPDATE: Restasis has become the #1 most prescribed eye drop in the USA and most other developed countries. It is the preferred treatment for moderate or severe dry eyes. Improvement can occur for up to 1 year.
572651 tn?1333939396 It becomes so easy to overlook our own advice - how many times have I written that we should never overlook the possibilities that our problems are not related to our MS? More than once I have talked about staying open to the possibilities. Today my opthamologist and I were making that very mistake when I went to see her for the transient pain I keep having in my right eye.
410281 tn?1254232664 When I go back to my neuro (which is not until March) I will make sure I talk to him in depth about migraine so I can work out a plan and see what med he recommends, at the moment the neurontin has made a massive difference to my eye symptoms. Take care, Udkas... My migraine med was meant to a preventive medicine that I needed to be on for 3mths to see if it would work, at the moment I am contemplating adding amitryptiline to my mix for the burning pain I am still experiencing...
Avatar f tn I am NOT a medicine taker and so it was necessary for me to be encouraged to take it. I am so glad I did as I waited for my thyroid to get straightened out. Thanks everybody as this group was a part of my recovery. I am not finished yet but am definitely headed in the right direction. One more thing about endos. If you are going in the right direction even if their bedside manners are not too good it is good to stick with them.
256161 tn?1196882646 It does get better. I completely relate to how tired you are, how hard it is to work and function and to having drugs affect you the opposite of how you think they will. About your eyes, I used Genteal Lubricant Eye Drops. When they stopped working, I saw the eye doc and got some steroid drops and restasis. Try to hang in there. If you are having lots of nights without sleep consider asking the doc for something.
284078 tn?1282620298 ) Her ocular pressure was actually only slightly elevated and with cessation of the Topamax, her pressure returned to normal in a day, while it took over a week for her vison to return to normal. It was extremely impressive the way the lens moved forward initially. After a week, the lens moved back to normal position and the eye looked completely different as if from another person. It was really something I will never forget.
Avatar n tn How long does it take for the eye muscles to recognize this and start working to move he lens. In my town I think my surgeon is the only one who does Crystalens surgery so getting a second or third opinion is almost impossible. Do you think that 'tweaking' my cornea would help my dominate eye to see further away better? It is the only eye that I can see close/intermediate with. My non-dominant eye can see at arms length like for computer but that's it.
Avatar m tn I know it cause the burning and after trying about everything else at the Pharmacy- My new Doc has me using Celluvisc--can't see much at all when I use it but it really does work on the burning and pain . Tryed putting them in and went outside and didn't help there . Can Dry Eye be that disabling ?????? I can't drive - can't read small print--can't even stand going to well lit stores for over an hour even with surgery sunglasses .
Avatar n tn m going through similar one when I stopped steroids the virus seems to come back. I was wondering how long did your condition last. Did you take any special care other than cold compress and tear drops to get healed faster?
Avatar m tn I probably should have mentioned that it does take a while for it to "kick in" as it were... I imagine it will probably vary from person to person, but actually, in my case, i found it to be working pretty effectively after perhaps 2 weeks or so and taking even just the 1 capsule per day, it lasts actually way more then 24 hrs....i still can see the effects the next day too even before taking my next capsule... As far as if one is better then the other in terms of the effect...
284078 tn?1282620298 I've seen several posts in recent weeks about desired monovision after cataract surgery. Since this is a subject near and dear to my heart that I deal with every day at the office, I wanted to give you some tips on how I deal with this very tricky situation. 1. Monovision is not for everyone, especially if you are into athletics or want clean crisp distance vision.
Avatar n tn This is a recent answer concerning dry eyes: I don't know any reason why plugs shouldn't be put in right now. JCH III MD General Information on Dry Eyes a Schirmer test of zero indicates that you have severe dry eyes. I'm assuming from your posting that you have tried both preserved and unpreserved artifical tears, gels or lubricating ointments at bedtime, environmental modification, etc. Don't discount eye drops.
Avatar n tn Yeah, I was taken off treatment due to eye problems ON treatment, though my eyes seem to be fine since being taken off treatment March 9, 2006. Systane eye drops are great. My vision does seem to be a little worse, but can't tell if that's age or treatment. Probably age! I'd be interested in what you find out. Good luck!
Avatar f tn You need to see an ophthalmologist that specializes in cornea and external diseases. Your profile says you live in Jordan. I have no idea how to suggest you arrange to see one of these. If there is a medical school or teaching hospital that might be your best bet. This is not an uncommon problem, it is rarely serious and likely you can be helped if you get to the right kind of ophthalmologist.
Avatar f tn Personally, I would suggest you print out his advice, take a copy back to the doctor who thought you might have ocular rosacea, tell her your eye pain is ruining your life and you need help! If she does not know what to do, ask her to refer you to the finest specialist she knows of. I would also suggest that you do a google search and really, really learn something about ocular rosacea, which sounds like a real possibility. The more YOU know, the better the questions you can ask.
1148619 tn?1332014584 Early on in treatment I had the itchiest eyelashes,looked it up on web.It said to put warm compresses on them and to take a q tip with baby shampoo on it and cleanse the eyelashes. 2 days later it was gone. Also had dry eyes,that the opto put in tear duct paks in eyes that helped alot.If you haven't been to opto dr. its a good thing to go, he also found cotton wool spots( blind spots) fron the interferon.Hope it clears up for you.