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Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Imitrex ( sumatriptan) is a headache medicine that narrows blood vessels around the brain and controls the symptoms for migraine. However, it will only treat a headache that has already begun and will not prevent headaches or reduce the number of attacks. Aside from medications, you can also try to identify the possible migraine triggers and avoiding them to prevent recurrences.
Avatar m tn org/forum_disclaimers/show/296 Or you could ask your own pharmacist where you will fill the prescription, they will be happy to let you know all about imitrex, how to take it, and what the possible side effects are and what medical conditions and medications you should not mix it with.
Avatar n tn I hate these withdrawls and I feel like maybe I shouldn't have gone cold turkey so I keep telling myself that maybe I should get these pills and try to come off of them slowly. Does anyone know how long these withdrawls will last? Any advice? PLEASE!! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I'm recently new to here, so I'm not exactly sure who they are. How bad does your daughter have POTS? I pray it's not a real bad case, or develops into a more severe case. I'm sure she has lots of anxiety about this. There are many great individuals here that will be able to help her. Good Luck and God Bless..
Avatar f tn Try to be consistent in doing just a little every day (I wish I could follow that advice!!) Sounds like you're on your way to recovery. It's just always surprising how long it takes. My pain comes from several sources. Systemic Sclerosis causes joint pain in all my major (and some minor) joints. My hands swell and inflame terribly also and can hurt REALLY bad. My elbows are a big source of pain too.
Avatar f tn Does anyone recognize this?
Avatar f tn The headache I had last time 24 hrs after my last pill, I literally thought I was gonna die!! I take blood presure medicine but it is controlled, I just know it will spike up vey high during the withdrawal process. Just wondered if anyone was on these for 2 wks only and what you did? and how many where you on?..most appreciative..
Avatar n tn He ordered cervical MRI (said lesions there would cause such symptoms). Cervical MRI was clean. He does not think MS. I am moving forward with LP because I am scared. Symptoms seem to be backing off. Depressed, afraid, bloodwork all came back normal. Was malnourished at the time I got sober, but have eaten well since. Can B12 Def. be missed in bloodwork? Anybody have similar?
Avatar n tn Also, if you DO take her to the ER, she will get bumped up on the list to see the specialist. This was how I went from being on a year long wait list to see a neurologist to seeing a neurologist the next week after my first ER visit. I get migraines that last for days and sometimes weeks and I know how scary it can be. And I'm 25! I can't imagine what it would be like for a 14 year old...
783371 tn?1237891061 that one day of being a completely normal human being is AMAZING and the memory of that can keep you going for a long long time. Although, I know other people who actually get up to three weeks of total pain relief from nerve blocks. And, I also find a lot of relief in those over-the-counter patches that are for muscle pain (they are like sticky fabric and you can usually find them with all the muscle rub stuff)... I put them on my neck or upper back...
Avatar f tn For the last three months I've been suffering from very frequent headaches. I've had a headache for at least half if not more days of the month. Sometimes they're crippling migraines for days others they're just a faint headache. Is that normal to have a headache that often? What could be causing it?
Avatar f tn Are they over 1 cm and where are they located? How long have you noticed them? It is good that you do not have any symptoms such as night seats, fatigue, fever.....
Avatar n tn how *bad* is going through withdrawl? how long will it take? How do you STOP? ANY support will be appreciated. THANKS!!!
7489440 tn?1442011976 Now Imitrex helps to relief the headaches but I can tell it wont last long. I am already on the highest mgs they can give me. But is there away to relief the pressure behind my eye before it gets to the point of not being able to focus on any object. I wear glasses and I thought maybe if I just take them off and rest them for a few minutes and put my head down on the desk this would help like it did in high school.
Avatar n tn My friend can you tell me anything about coming off of Methadone ?? I have it now at 20Mg a day but wanted to start it at 10 Mg today ?? How long should I carry this out and how do I go about it ?
555358 tn?1292535661 Hi...I know u r still waiting to see positive results and so far u have been lucky not having al the xtra symptoms of the surgery. Back in 2000 I had tarsel tunnel surgery on my right ankle and was told it would take 2 yrs for all the nerves to heal completely.It appears all drs give diff info. I pray it does not take that long and u will soon feel better.
Avatar n tn Suzie
Avatar f tn Dear Sara, I read another post where you mentioned a topical prescription for pain on front of head - would you mind letting me know about the script, name dosage, anything would be helpful. I read how long and how often you have been having chronic migraines in same post, and I guess I am close to in your boat, 20-30 a month 3 yrs, 10- 15 a month w daily headaches now that I get Botox.
Avatar n tn does long term use of oxycodone for 10 years affect your brain long term? meaning it cannot get back to before you starting taking the oxys???
Avatar n tn Every morning I wake up with such unbearable dread. How long does this go on for, weeks, months, somebody please tell me. I have had my antidepressant increased for almost a month now, I don't let it stop me from doing what I need to do (as hard as that can be) I excercise, do morning meditations, go to na meetings, talk to my sponsor, read this forum ,take kava kava. Does anyone have any suggestions?
390338 tn?1206466248 I am reminding myself that the dosages are much lower than most of the side affects generally go along with. I'm not sure how they were prescribed to you but this is how they were to me. 25mg once a day at bedtime, for one week. Then 25mg twice a day, once at bedtime and once in the morning for one more week. Then 1 50mg at bedtime and 25mg in the morning for one more week. Then the final adjustment is 50mg at night, 50mg in morning.
Avatar m tn Keeping a record of when they happen and how long they last and other symptoms you experience with it can help the doctor you see diagnose you correctly. I used to use Excedrin Migraine for them and that helped for a really long time. I don't know if you'll be able to use them with your GI issues though. Good luck finding a doctor and I hope you feel better soon.
543518 tn?1245325627 I suffer from migraines and understand that one of the side effects may be headaches among others. If anyone else has this problem and is in treatment, how are you dealing with this?
Avatar m tn How long does it take to end the withdrawls? Or is everyone different? Do you recommend I see my doctor as well while Im going through this? I thought I was at the beginning stages of alziemers. This has really shaken me to my core. I am having such horrible headaches from the withdrawls too. Taking imitrex. What is the purpose of starting my own thread? So new to this. Thanks so much for all your inspiration.
Avatar n tn This discomfort however inconvenient is still better than feeling that the pain meds don't work just make me too stupid to realize how much pain I'm in. All this I could take except the latest twist, for the last three weeks I've had 3 migraines(nonresponsive to immetrex) and at the E.R.
Avatar f tn If you taper and then find someone to help you with the kids the most serious withdrawal at home (with no insurance) will last 3-4 day depending on how long and how many you were taking. It will be bad, but if you keep going, it will aslo be bad. And I know what it is like to have no insurance and be where you are. And hey ... I'm on Day 13 and I can kinda function. And I even feel like my old self half the time! Hugs!
Avatar n tn The only thing that did work was an inj of toradol, but it only lasted for one day, and my doctor said it can cause too much damage to my liver and such to be on long term. Before you ask, MRI, Spinal Tap, Sleep Ap Study all came up clean. My Question is there anyone else that has ever heard of having daily migraines that don't respond to any Treatments? I feel like there is no hope of ever living the life I did before the headache started.
393587 tn?1211056644 i was also having extremely heavy periods that would last about 3 weeks, and was passing baseball sized clots. i had things checked out downstairs, and in the few tests i've had since then, they've found several cysts which have come and gone, and most recently, polyfolicular cysts, " unknown deposits of calcium" in my uterus, and a possible blocked fallopian tube. i was put on Yasmin, which corrected the bleeding and things were ok for awhile.
Avatar n tn What triggers your headaches? How would you describe your headaches? Are these headaches sharp, dull, throbbing ? How long do they last and how frequenlyt do they occur? Migraine headaches are given as a diagnosis once other conditions which may have caused the headaches have been ruled out. Sinus headaches, ear and eye problems, and spine problems to name a few, need to be assessed and excluded .
116701 tn?1210262764 Also, welcome to the forum. ny - i know what you mean about the water, I think they believe I have a bladder problem and work.