How long do post concussion symptoms last

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Avatar f tn G'day. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right area-don't know where else to put it. I've had a concussion for about 9 days now with "usual, mild-average" symptoms. The last couple days have been like the first couple days, cannot rest my head at night from the pain, taking two 650 mg Tylenols when I think of it, also seem more confused & forgetful (before major loss of sleep). The last 48 hrs. I've slept for 40 min's.
Avatar n tn Depending on the severity of the brain involvement, the symptoms of a concussion could last for a few days to as long as 3-4 weeks. Was she given anything for her headaches? If not, she could probably take some over-the-counter pain medications to help ease the pain. Just continue monitoring her progress and watch out for the danger symptoms you mentioned in the first post. Hope this helps.
251315 tn?1198200157 i Went to a neurologist and he dignosed me with Post concussion syndrom. i hit my head pretty good, 1 the whip lash (i cant remember if i hit it on anything in my car) but as i was exiting to see what he did i smacked it on the metal bar getting out and then when the paramedic arrived i was laying in my car as they got me out the car he was holding my neck up right and i smacked it again on the metal bar getting out the car again.
Avatar m tn Hi! As you have yourself identified, lack of sleep and anxiety could be the cause of your persisting symptoms. I suggest you take up an exercise you like such as walking, cycling, swimming etc. Do deep breathing exercises. If anxiety persists then consult a doctor.
Avatar f tn I lost consciousness, I do not know for how long. I was alone. I do not remember going back into the house or anything. The next day when I woke up my jaw hut and my eye on the side I hit my head was so red it looked as if someone had painte it blood red. But I could see. I drove my self tpo the emergency room because I am and was unemployed. CAT ws done and appeared to be fine, but....
Avatar f tn I still have pressure to my head everyday-some days not as bad as others. You do think after a while people don't believe that the symptoms can last that long-but I'm telling you they can. I am a work-aholic and refuse to even consider disability. I have always just wanted my old head back. Since that has not happened, I have been pro-active in doing anything I can to help without having to rely on drugs.
Avatar m tn Thank you very much for your suggestions. You and your sister suffereing for very long time and definetely brave. I live in Washington D.C. area and I did tried neurofeedback. I The psychologist who treated is very well known to treat TBI patients and she is very good understanding my issues too. I was able to go for around 15 sessions. It did help somewhat may be to bring down my anxiety. My main issue is persistent dizziness, feeling heavy headed (not headache) and fatigue.
Avatar n tn Hello. Post concussion, it takes about 6 months to recover fully. You may recover earlier also. The advice is that of a graded exercise. You should start with minimum efforts, and gradually increase the workout time or level, slowly. Those who are sprinters, usually begin to jog slowly and steadily increase it over a few months.
Avatar f tn Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. Usually, such symptoms and dizziness may result due to post-concussion syndrome and may last for weeks or months after the injury that caused from the injury of a fall, vehicle accident, or sports injury. In addition, one may experience either migraine type or tension type headache.
Avatar f tn How long after a concussion is it normal to still be feeling nauseous and have difficulty with memory, balance etc. I got hit in the face with a softball 14 days ago and am still nauseous. Cannot stand on one leg with eyes closed, and have forgotten things like PIN numbers, passwords etc. I went back to GP who sent me to A&E for checking out, but they said just concussion, no evidence of bleeding. I've developed a stiff neck too.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear what you have been through for the last few months. Treatment for post concussion is focused on the individual symptoms present since the severity and extent are unique to each person. While symptoms usually resolve after a several months, medications and other adjunctive therapies may also help. Prescription medications may help with headaches and associated symptoms.
Avatar m tn My 16 year old son was in a car wreck 5 1/2 days ago where he suffered a grade 2 moderate concussion. He was knocked unconscious for a short period of time & received a scalp laceration to the right side of his head . The CT scan discovered what the neurosurgeon described as a small thread size bleed. Later that day another CT scan was done & all signs of bleeding were gone & the blood had been absorbed. His stay in the hospital was for 3 days.
Avatar f tn I don't understand how a mild concussion can take so long to heal. I know people on the football team who have gotten knocked out and have severe concussions that lasted only a month. All I did was fall over and I didn't even hit my head, so why is mine so much worse now?
Avatar n tn Post-Concussion Syndrome After Mild Brain Injury Patients with long-term symptoms were more likely to have radicular symptoms, anxiety, sleep disturbance, blurred vision, "symptoms of cranial nerve or brainstem dysfunction," and signs of osteoarthrosis of the spine. These patients were also more likely to report more pain immediately after the accident.
Avatar m tn Hello,i got a quinine injection last year in the beggining of december,now after several months am feeling a lump on my gutael muscles where i was injected. what could have happen and what can i do to make it go away?
Avatar m tn Usually, such symptoms may result due to post-concussion syndrome and may last for weeks or months after the injury that caused from the injury of a fall, vehicle accident, or sports injury. For treatment approach, first it is essential to get (MRI) done to detect the brain or spinal abnormalities after that injury. Treatment commonly may be suggested for symptoms such as pain-killers, some antidepressants, physical therapy and regular exercises.
Avatar n tn Generally, such symptoms may result due to post-concussion syndrome and may last for weeks or months after the injury that caused from the injury of a fall, vehicle accident, or sports injury. For treatment approach, first it is essential to get (MRI) done to detect the brain or spinal abnormalities after that injury. Treatment commonly may be suggested for symptoms such as pain-killers, some antidepressants, physical therapy and regular exercises.
Avatar m tn He's also extremely hungry and thirsty. I've read that all of these are possible phenobarbital side effects. How long do these usually last before the dog gets used to the medication? I'm hoping that these are not signs that something else is wrong, though I am aware of the possibilities.
Avatar m tn Post-concussion syndrome is characterized by a variety of neurologic and non-neurologic symptoms including fatigue, memory problems, and so-called dizziness (whether light-headedness or vertigo). Symptoms can last several weeks to months but typically improve over time.
1602878 tn?1304339616 I am also implanted with a spinal cord stimulator . Now the Doctor says I have a concussion . My neurological symptoms are getting much worse. Ringing ears, sensitive to light, nauseous , thinking causes worse headaches, hot and cold sweats, fingers go numb. My question is how long will I need to stay down and quiet? They say to have total rest both mentally and physically. I shouldn't be writing now but need some input. The answer I am getting is until the symptoms go away and stay away!
Avatar f tn I have a mild headache with sudden pain in various parts of my head, my stomach is upset and I am exhausted. I was told it was a mild concussion and symptoms could last for weeks, months. Although I never had a seizure I was put on preventative seizure meds. The bottom line is the brain is extremely fragile and complex. No one knows how long it will take for your's to heal. But, rest and I mean a lot of rest, will help immensely.
3595412 tn?1347670550 i just know i shouldnt even be complaining because i am so lucky to even be alive and to come out of the accident with just the minor things i did is a blessing, i'm just having an extremely hard time and i wanted to know if anyone who has had a concussion feels the way i am describing and how long this willl last or will it be forever? also is there any medication out there that would help me?
Avatar f tn But you may have chronic post concussion syndrome and it'll last a long, long time. I really hope you get your disability because the LAST thing you should be doing is working! Oh, and when you think about those Soduku puzzles,which Ialso still like to do, is they are FUN. But filling out a form is NOT fun, so to heck with that !!! So, that should give you some encouragement as to where you REALLY are with this whole brain disaster area.
Avatar m tn I wanted to just say that I'm glad I came upon this forum..Please, I know this post it a little long, but If you can take time to read this post, I would greatly appreciate it. I think I may have Chiari Malformation symptoms. I'll list what happened and my here goes, One day..I was sitting on my friends trunk on his car..he was already sitting in the car.and being a prankster, he turned on the engine and drove away at about..15-20 miles per hour..
Avatar n tn Really dont think i can take it any more. Have done some research on the internet and it said about post-concussion. How long is all this going to last and what can i do about it?
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum, It is possible to post op experience some symptoms during a cold or flu....hopefully they will go away with the illness...we tend to fill with fluids...and it may still be tighter in that area even with decompression surgery....and over the yrs scar tissue could have formed to make it a little smaller again.... You said this is in the past few days.....I too am post op...
Avatar n tn Hello all im new here i'd ;ike to say im bi polar way back 6 7 yrs ago i was on many rx's but hated taking all but later in life know i have panic attacks at night and cant sleep like at alll! so needless to say i started buying xanax barz from numerous people to help me sleep. ive been taking 2 3 bars a night just to knock me out been taking these for about 6 months or more. im 27yrs old 190lbs i dunno i feel i need to get off these but then again i cant sleep with out them any recomidations.
Avatar n tn I thought it was a pinched nerve, did not give it a lot of thought. The sensations would last approx 15-20 minutes and go away, coming back after a few minuites. This lasted 2-4 weeks,then reocurr after time. About 6-8 mths later I awoke to both my legs being numb with pins/needles feeling,was not able to walk very well. During this same period, could not see from left eye,lasting few hours then go away for a few weeks.
Avatar f tn I have terriable legg cramps, sweets and I can not sleep. How long does this last? It is driving me crazy. I do not have any cravings for the vicodin. Just the withdraws are killing me. I have been drinking water and taking baths. But it doesn't help any. I'm thinking about going to the emergency room and see if they can help me with my withdraws. I have heard about a pill that helps, but then I'm scared of taking another pill as well. Please let me know how long this is going to last..........