How long do fentanyl withdrawal symptoms last

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Avatar f tn I never even knew I would have withdrawal, although I may be being really naive. long do these symptoms last? The worst is restless leg, but the runny nose and severe pain in my back and elsewhere is pretty bad, too. I feel like I can't stand it another minute.
Avatar n tn I just stopped using the patches, it has been a bad 10 days. I am 73. Some symptoms seem very weird. Can anyone advise as to how long this will last.
687729 tn?1397992727 If this is, in fact, drug withdrawal - as opposed to a virus - how long can I expect it to last? and, last, but not least, would flannel sheets help? RSVP I am going out of my mind. Thanks PS. I know that real pain is a part of the problem because I had shoulder surgery recently as well as my very-recent decompression/fusion surgery; but, still, this is ridiculous.
Avatar f tn How long were you on the patch? How long ago did you go down to the 50mcg from the 100? I'm presuming when you say "my health ended" you're talking about your medical insurance that was covering the cost of the patches? Many drug manufacturers offer patient assistance programs to help people pay for their medications. Some programs cover the cost of the meds 100% and others off a significant discount.
3222105 tn?1346080471 my mother has been on these fentanyl patches for 17 years and here just recently they took her off cold turkey today is day 4 she cant sleep has constant pain nausea she has mood swings highs and lows they tell her that she will jus have to cope but what do you tell your mother who is begging for relief and nothing helps I even gave her some of my hydrocodone 325mg to try to help but nothing seems to work we really need to know how long the withdraw symptoms last and how long she will be in this
Avatar m tn 90 days is a common turning point, but it doesn't stop there. Yes, methadone can take a long time to recover from. I was on twice as much as you and it took me 10 months to feel good. It is rough, but totally worth it. Hang in there. Are you taking vitamins and getting enough electrolytes and amino acids? That really helps. What are your other symptoms, maybe we can help with supplements to get you through.
Avatar m tn How long does withdrawal last? I have been on fentanyl for about one year, 100 every 48 hrs. This was prescribed for me after my cancer surgery.
Avatar f tn I will likely need surgery in the future due to this and I do not want to be on Fentanyl, if I do as it will lead to problems with what to give me for pain relief as my tolerance is so high now. I firmly believe these drugs should only be used in the terminally ill and end of life as they are so addictive. I was only given them as I was constantly in pain and I had my small bowel removed and cannot absorb drugs /nutrition like normal and was not expected to live long.
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me how long these WD may last from comming off fentanyl patches, I have been on 150 mcq for almost 3 years now, I was still in pain and felt horrible from this medication eg.( insomnia, lack of appetite, severe constipation, fatique etc. etc.) I started 2 months ago weening myself off and now I am down to 25 mcq, but the WD are horrible in the past 72 hours I have had 5-6 hours sleep, my body is sooooo tired but mind won't settle, any suggestions?
Avatar m tn My question is, did you taper? Also, exactly how long did your withdrawal symptoms last? I feel like this is lasting forever!! I know that it will get better and I will normal again I would just like to know when?? I will fight this demon, I will keep strong.