Long term fentanyl use

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Avatar f tn They certainly hear all the negative media coverage damning the prescription and use of long term opiates. If we influence or change one person's negative attitude towards chronic pain and its management than we are fighting the war against us! Yes the War against Us, Against Chronic Pain Patients. You should not be shamed or harassed into this position, "stop the mess and live in constant pain." Taking your husband to your next appt along with educating him may be beneficial.
Avatar f tn HI and welcome...I can't answer your question on long term use as I too just began oxycodone in March..it took me a few weeks to build up to full strength after that the side effects of drowsiness and brain fog began to wear off, now I feel pretty normal..and yes I too am now able to do some small gardening tasks and many things I hadn't been able to for a few years...I only hope I do not have to keep upping the dosage in order to continue at this level of control(?
Avatar n tn First of all, good luck on your upcoming surgery, my prayers are with you.... The only thing that helped me get through withdrawals was either the Clonidine patch or Lorazapam. Both seemed to calm the awful withdrawal after have been on the patch for a while. Today,I am taking Methadone but will be starting the patches again this weekend. I'm not looking forward to the switch but at least I know what to expect...not that it makes it any easier to switch. Again, good luck and God bless!
Avatar f tn "how soon after I stop taking this med will the withdrawals start?" You're have to stay on something for a period of time before you become addicted to it and you have to be addicted before you're going to go through withdrawals. I see you're on 100mcg Fentanyl patches.
Avatar m tn The only reason that I ask is that I've heard on of the long-term side effects on dxm use is being a bit lathargic. I'm that way now and the VA did an MRI of my brain and found that my adrenal glad had begun to shrink so, it wasn't producing enough of the thyroid hormone.....I can already tell I'm got some defects from the long term use in my cognitive abilities. I'm down to 18 pills day. 1 pill every two days. The morning w/draws have pretty much stopped.
Avatar n tn Is there any info about long term plavix use. I have been taking Plavix along with Lisinopril and Toprol for the past two years after quad bypass but I don't feel very good about it anymore. Any info as in is this medicine weakening my internal organs.
Avatar f tn I have recently been feeling full of regret, very emotional and tearful, I have been informed this amy be due to the long term use of Naltrexone, and lack of natural endorphins , so i have been advised by my CDT Nurse to start thinking about coming off of them, is this right? Other wise, my life is so good compared to what it was, I am happy, but just feel like the past keeps wanting me to remember how bad things were... could my 'miracle' now be becoming my tormenter?
Avatar m tn Dear whoever may know, I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder 2 1/2 years ago, and I have been taking Lexapro at 10 mg per day ever since. The medicine has really seemed to have helped my life in all aspects. Whether it has really helped or if this is some kind of placebo effect, I am unsure. I still have moments of reasonable stress at work, but who doesn't...most importantly, I don't have panic attacks anymore.