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Avatar f tn I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has been taking Voltaren...I have been thru the mill with Suprytz knee injections, full series of epidural spinal injections, many trials of anti inflams, physial therapy etc. etc (all to no avail)... Two days ago my rheumatologist stared me on Voltaren and I am pain free for the first time in one year....I am afaid to get my hopes up as this seems too good to be true....
880900 tn?1467273741 my rheumie prescribed and it has helped for muscle pain, joints (knee shoulder neck elbow) and it does seem to help. The gel doesnt cause as much problems for me which is great. It also is a godsend as I cant take nsaids aspirin, etc as I am on bloodthinners.
Avatar f tn I am wearing mountains of clothes in a 72 degree house and am freezing as if I were in an ice cave! I found that using Voltaren Gel on painful body areas helps somewhat but it is very very messy and as soon as you put it on in one area the deep aches just move elsewhere in your body. I feel like I am dying! I'm not depressed. I am just very uncomfortable. I am actually quite proud of myself that I have come this far. Voltaren Gell is only available by RX.
469901 tn?1276567223 I am able to see that others are worse than I am. My fingers hurt when I typebut I put Voltaren Gel and wait a while and off I go. I feel if I do not keep them moving they will get worse. My spouse doesn't understand how I can type but cant grasp a pen/pencil and p/u a frying pan. How I want to p/u sometimes and lower on his head. In all though, he truly is a supportive person. He has put up with a lot from me. When I hurt I fuss at him. It's getting better. What can I take for the pain.
Avatar f tn Have you tried Voltaren Gel? It is an anti-inflammatory gel that you rub directly where the pain is. It is easier on your body than the oral NSAIDs as it doesn't irritate the stomach. They want me to use that while they work on obtaining the MRI films from my previous insurance.
Avatar f tn Maybe he'll set up a taper, or if you want to go CT, he can help with things like Clonidine, etc. Have you ever tried Voltaren gel for your back? I have a lot of nerve, joint and muscle pain. I try to piece together a bunch of things. Maybe ibuprofen gives me.15% relief and the gel gibes 10%. All.those little things.add up. Have you tried Lidoderm patches. Thsy can help take the edge off. It sounds like you need some support. Think about going to AA or NA.
Avatar f tn I'm finally sleeping better at night, my legs are now settling down using the Requip, thank goodness. The Voltaren Gel is helping the arthritis in the thumb, and the left knee is also settled down. Although, I did have my night disturbed at about 2:30 this morning. My little Chihuahua Treci woke me up scratching like crazy.....:( I couldn't find the flea so I gave her a bath.....:) After the bath, I blow dried her and then we were ready to go back to bed.
Avatar m tn I still have some bone spurs developing and some other issues with the bones in my back but trust my orthopedic surgeon for what he has done in the past to help with these problems. I use Voltaren gel for some of the pain issues in my back which help take the pain down at least one notch to at least get a decent nights sleep. Feeling the pain level with this medication helps. Keep the mind focused on what you have accomplished to this point and recognize your clearer thinking.
655875 tn?1295698707 I bought a small bottle vs the larger bottle. I do have the voltaren gel. It does seem to have some working effect on my shoulders only. It's an antiflammitory and it is very expensive. The pain clinic gave me 4 tubes of it to try. I'm just about out of it now and my insurance will not cover it. I get horrible muscle spasms in my shoulders from my neck. I do not have any muscle relaxers to take. The ones I've tried do not agree with my body. I hope this gel does provide some relief.
230262 tn?1316649534 I was just given Voltaren Gel(diclofenac sodium topical get 1%) for my neck pain(spinal cord nerve damage) and muscle spasms in my shoulders. I've been using it for the past few days and it has worked wonders for the pain in my shoulders. It comes in pill form too and it is geared for arthritis and pain. I was surprised how quickly it reduced my shoulder pain.
Avatar n tn I have had cortisone shots which does not help , this was caused from a injury at work . I also have signs of carpel tunnel , this has been going on for over 2 yrs.
Avatar f tn I was also give voltaren gel that worked a lot better. It's basically the same medicine as the lidoderm patch, but in gel form. I used it for my muscle spasms on my shoulders. Muscle relaxers work best for my shoulders, but I'm so sensitive to them and we are trying to find one that I can tolerate. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Muscle relaxers like Skelaxin don't work on me, so I'm on an arthritis oral medicine, Voltaren, twice a day and I take flexeril (cyclobenzaprene) in the evening to help me sleep. I also take a multivitamin, fish oil and calcium+D. It's a lot of pills, but I actually notice a difference when I have to stop taking my fish oil and voltaren before spinal injections or my upcoming second round of radiofrequency ablations.
1998155 tn?1327302256 So, I guess my question is, Does anyone know of a similar issue and how it was treated? And, does anyone know of a medication that might help until a doctor can fix my issues. Here is a list of my past (unsuccessful) medications: Morphine (MS Contin/Kadian), Opana, Oxycontin, Methadone, Exalgo, Percocet, Vicodin, Dilaudid, Oxycodone IR, Neurontin, Lyrica, Valium, Flexiril, Soma, Robaxin..... The list goes on and on. I've done nerve ablation and every type of injection available. Please help...
Avatar n tn It's a whole lot cheaper than those pills and there are NO SIDE EFFECTS! It does work for a lot of people too. Just a suggestion.. .
Avatar m tn I use Lidocaine patches,Voltaren Gel,TENS unit,but what I have found to give me at least some relief is Lyrica and cervical traction at home.I take Oxycontin,Dilaudid and Percocet and none of them touch the pain at all.I take those for pain from the treatments I had for breast cancer.I have been putting off having the injections in my neck but I will eventually try it.I had thought seriously about having the surgery and being done with it until I found out that they cut the front of your neck.
Avatar m tn thanks littlebit the gabapentin is really helping i was suprised at how quick it works. Im back at work tomorrow so work will help take my mind off everything and all you lot. I dont think i would have done it if it wasnt for my partner, Daughter and you lot on here.
Avatar f tn He said it reduces the pain dramatically. Voltaren Gel (non-opoid). The gel is used primarily for arthritis etc. I used on my shoulders because I have arthritis and bone spurs and within an hour of starting work I'll be in agony if I don't use some. These are the two things that I'm going to be relying heavily on so I can stay off the opoids (8 days clean now yay). Stick around....over the evening and tomorrow you will get lots of encouragement and suggestions. You can do it!!!!
Avatar m tn If there's fluid on the knee, it can be drained. Ibuprofen will help some of the pain and will also help with inflammation. Voltaren gel is a prescription gel that is used on joints and will help take the edge off. Lidoderm patches, ice packs and heating packs may all help as well. Make an appointment with a rheumatologist to get started.
Avatar m tn I have a prescription gel called Voltaren gel that takes the edge off. There are days my pain is unmanageable but it's usually no worse than when I was on Fentanyl and oxycodone, as well as Neurontin, Cymbalta and more. My pain doc at the time was not helpful in me coming off meds but I did get some great support here even though I wasn't an addict in the true sense of the word. I have lost most function in my left hand and my right hand isn't far behind. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Some of my best relief has come from accupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, trigger point injections, Bo-Tox into the muscle, electronic muscle STIM Unit, etc. I am currently using Voltaren gel and I have used Lidoderm and Flector patches. I am considerably better than when I was using three 80mg Oxy's/day or when I was using 150mcg/hr Fentanyl patches along with Norco for the break-through pain.
557689 tn?1225419256 Yesterday was the 25th of July 08, 8:45am My room mate and myself showed up at my doctor's office for my appointment. I went back rather fast and was put in room 3 along with "Lisa" my room mate (as a witness) and we waited. Prior to this visit I had figured out that the drug test results a few months back was "indeed false" and this visit would actually testify to my calculation of events..............
4522800 tn?1470329434 I start with swimming and work up and even though it's hard as I'm doing it, it helps in the long run and also helps me mentally. I use a compounding cream and Voltaren gel and sometimes Lidoderm patches. I get very anxious being on narcotics because I feel like it can be a very slippery slope from dependence to addiction. This forum was such a huge help to me when I was trying to come off high doses of Fentanyl, oxycontin, oxycodone, Ativan and more.
1855076 tn?1337118903 You may want to ask your doctor about Voltaren Gel. I was just prescribed this medication yesterday and it is working GREAT for my low back pain! It is officially for osteoarthritis and RA but the spine orthopedic specialist I saw yesterday said that it can be used off label for low back pain caused by nerve root inflammation due to intervertebral disc compression. I am using it as a substitute for the epidural steroid injections to give my joints and bones a break.
Avatar f tn I also have a compounding gel that brings a little relief (they had given me Voltaren gel before and it was good but not as good as this.) Only trouble I have with the lidoderm patches is that in this heat, they can slip off. I'll have to try the paper tape on that as well. (My BF has the lidoderm patches, too, but he works outside and he can't get them to stay on for anything. But he does use them at home and finds they help a bit.
Avatar f tn I am ready to do anything except witchcaft and vodoo....... to feel better. I have no ideas how naturopaths work or what their philopshy is.... or how to get a GOOD one. Thanks anyone for any input!!
Avatar f tn As for the ones in my hand, I get injections and use 2 medications especially for them One is Voltaren gel and it does a great job on small bones like the hands. Spinal use is still undetermined. The other one I use is Arthrotec. This works well on my hands and neck. Those of us who can't use NSAIDS can use Arthrotec. It's definitely not for everyone and you do need a prescription for it. I also use Lidoderm patches. Basically they're numbing patches.
Avatar f tn injections, alternating heat and ice, pain meds, and rotating ibuprofen with Tylenol, and the Voltaren gel or a compounded gel. Basically it's trying to piece together a bunch of things to get some relief. One thing that might help with your feet, albeit just a little, is to roll your foot on a tennis ball. I'm not sure if it really helps but it doesn't hurt. You've found a great website here for support. It has a lot of very knowledgeable, empathetic people on it.
Avatar f tn It scared the hell out of me and that is when I stopped cold turkey. I still have pain issues but use something called Voltaren gel which help take the pain down just a notch for me to function. It is an NSAID in gel form (topical) and it does help. Keep yourself focused on taking back your life instead of the drugs. Find a reason why you want to detox and stick with the plan. Yes the vitamins help along with hot baths, hydration and a health state of mind that you want to do this.
Avatar n tn btw, does it heart more when you make certain movements (arm, torso, neck) ?