How does spiriva work

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Avatar m tn Even at small doses over an extended period of time, the prednisone does affect how your adrenals work and they will need a period of time to readjust to working naturally. Best o fluck!
Avatar m tn I have copd,,I take spiriva,,,,,and albuteral,,,I work out doors and live in new england ,last winter it was around 20 degrees,I was fine then coughed twice went to breath and just wheezed to no weezing could not get any air in,,,after a mintue maybe two,i weezed again,and remembered i had albuteral in my work bag,,,This attack came out of no were, I noticed in the cold weather It is harder for me to breath,,,Is there anything better then spriva,,,,
Avatar n tn I live in the south and have to work. If I make appt. do you have any idea how long the workup is? I can not be away from my children or work for weeks?
Avatar f tn For 6 mths. after diagnosis, I did have insurance. So, I was prescribed Advair, Spiriva and ProAir. While having insurance, I did get a second opinion on the COPD by a pulmonary doctor as well. But, between my family doctor and the pulmonary doctor, I was prescribed these meds for my COPD. Three months after being on all these meds, I spent the sickest winter of my life. Pneumonia, bronchitis and pleurisy. I had never had pneumonia in my life. And the pleurisy lasted 3 long painful months.
Avatar n tn I take Advair and Spiriva, albuteral if I need it, and if I never get any worse its manageable. I work out now, 3 times a week. I know no one can predict the future but I want to have a handle on what to expect.
Avatar f tn How do I help my partner as I'm exhausted he doesn't sleep more than two hours at a time he has chronic copd and emphasemia but we don't get no help what can I do more??????
467579 tn?1289406569 has had me on levaquil and a nebulizer along with my normal spiriva and albuterol. I'm depressed and wondering if all this work I've done in the last 2 years is really worth it. Some (most) of what I read is not encouraging. How long could I live? If I'm really good.
Avatar f tn He now has other problems such a retention and has been self cathing since Dec 07 and looks like it will probably be a lifetime of cathing because he feels no bladder fullness and the urodynamic eval tests came back that the bladder does not work. But now he has been diagnosed with very bad osteoporosis, results of dexoscan were -3.6 and our primary care doctor is going to order the Reclast IV once a year treatment for the osteoporosis.
Avatar n tn When he walks outside, he always stops and bends and take a deep breath every minute when he does walking. The problem also heppens when he eats, and when he does any physical activities. I went to doctor and the physical examination was normal and chest x-ray was normal. The problem is upsetting me.
Avatar f tn I had breathing problems when I was really hypo too; at one point, the breathing problems even led to my being dx'd with COPD and put on Spiriva for that. Spiriva is outrageously expensive (no generic) and my insurance wouldn't cover it. I kept asking my doctor for something less expensive and he kept saying "nothing else works this well". At first, the Spiriva seemed to help some, but after a few months, I couldn't tell a difference.
Avatar m tn I am a 40 yr old male // smoked for 22 yrs and have recently been diagnosed with emphysema apparently stage 4 because I have already been put on O2 // currently taking advair twice a day and spiriva once a day.
Avatar m tn The lower lobe of the left lung does not work and had thickened quite a bit. I had been treated for Asthma, and COPD before this diagnosis and after was taken off of Advair and Spiriva. I was left on Singulair and a Albuterol inhaler. I also have Xopenex for the nebulizer machine if I get Bronchitis. I have had Pneumonia once in October of 2008. The bronchitis I have had ever since I was a small child.
Avatar f tn I am a scheptic too ...but this stuff does work on my husband and the medical findings prove it as there just is no other explanation as he was not on medication for his lungs . He is on medication for 20 years for type 2 diabetes and also high blood pressure . There were absolutely no side affects with the Hysmeton and he took his medication too . Pat , Mojave CA.
Avatar m tn I have to be careful not to get pneumonia, but my meds should help me there. I would get a new doctor if he or she does not answer your questions. Get a good specialist. Quitting smoking does help more than you know. You are weak because of your flair up. Did your Doctor give you an antibotic? Did your Doc prescribe a steroid? I had one this month too and it put me back on the oxygen 24/7. I actually had pneumonia. I am now ok and back to the oxygen just at night with my cpap.
Avatar f tn Many people really like Symbicort. It didn't work for me, but the other two work great. I also have bronchiecstasis. In my research, I learned that it is very common. My first pulmo told me that the severity of bronchiecstasis has no correlation with severity of symptoms. I have mild bronchiecstasis, but that and my asthma seem to be controlling my life. I was treated for Neutrophilic ashtma with Biaxin. I despise the stuff as well.
Avatar n tn That's all it took for my emphysema to advance a stage!!! Does anyone know about possible treatments for this disease besides quitting smoking? Does walking help? I do not need oxygen yet, I am take Spiriva (HandiHaler) once per day..
Avatar m tn I have been taking advair 500/50 and spiriva 18mg for over a year now in combination with each other. When I get a chest infection, guess what? can't breathe. When I do not have a cold I can breathe just fine. I recently had a full physical with my family doctor and just about died when I hit the scales. He is telling me that as long as I am taking steriods (prednisone included at times) I will have weight problems.
Avatar n tn does taking advair make mucus that you cough up and mucus from from your nose turn white?
620048 tn?1358021835 COPD has always caused a shortness of breath but all of a sudden It is much worse and I can barely work around the house without resting every few minutes. AS before I could live with it easier. I wondered about flare-ups or could this be caused by an infection. Recently I had a Upper Resp. Infection and was given antibiotics for it,. but there was no follow-up. And of course I am so tired. I have MS and its not near as bad as this is, at least for now.
Avatar n tn Breathing labored at distance over 150 yds with recovery to acceptable comfort level within a minute or two. Spiriva and Albuterol inhaler PRN – usually before playing golf. Spirometry results would qualify for higher level of disability and the DLCO by itself qualifies for lesser level of disability – VA says DLCO is test which “most closely approximates” level of disability.
Avatar m tn fast and let my guts empty out and have time to work out their issues. Almost all the time the digestive enzymes work. I just take a couple of them before each meal for a couple of days.
Avatar f tn Hi again, You're so correct. I don't have health insurance and I don't work now. When I did work I didn't get health insurance either as I worked for a small company. I am 58 in basically average health except for asthma and high blood pressure.
Avatar n tn 25 tab, Celebrex 200 mg, Spiriva, Lisinopril 10 mg and , Metanx and he's still depressed and anxious. He meditates every day but has not seen a therapist. Could the combination of all these meds be making him worse? Is a second opinion advisable? Thank you.
Avatar n tn If a person quits smoking after 50 years and develops COPD at age 65 what would their normal life expectacy be? How long does it take from the onset of the disease for it to progress to endstage and death? I am asking for my mother who also survived lung cancer but suffered with COPD.
Avatar n tn see how s/he does. If that's not sufficient, they may have the patient try sleeping with a CPap, as well as O2 as needed. The key is to tell your docs that you're still groggy and ask to be treated so that you can sleep well and wake rested, with whatever equipment that involves. COPD causes decreased O2 saturation rates; generally with asthma, O2 saturation rates are normal & fine, except sometimes for the duration of especially bad flares.
Avatar n tn My asthma has gotten worse, and i do use a nebulizer, seems to be daily in the past couple weeks. Or could this be heart related, my chest does sometimes feel tight. I went to the doctors back in May for this, they diagnosed this as anxiety, I do get anxiety attacks but I am beginning to think that is not the problem, cause it is getting more frequent and the pain lasts all day.
Avatar n tn When going in yesterday for a stutum induction and blood work, they found my inflimation higher then ever. My eosiniphilic count is usually around 7-8.3, but yesterday was 37, Im not sure how bad that is. He also said the inflimation has gone into my blood. FEV was .9 about 13% predicted. I still have attacks where I honestly feel like Im going to die. Im in the hospital more then out.
Avatar n tn I would say you might possibly have those other things if you didnt smoke 60 a day for 35 years. Get a PFT and a HR CT. Then ask for Spiriva to see if this helps the cough and mucus production. All is not lost, give up now and you will see an improvment, it may take two years! Eros.
Avatar m tn In 2005 I went to the emergency room for something I cannot recall. The ER doc listened to my chest and asked me how long I had been asthmatic. I told the ER doctor, I did not have asthma. Doctor turned away and never did anything for whatever he was hearing in my chest. I assume he heard some wheezing. Now, looking back it was COPD. I had been some short of breath for several or more years before diagnosis of COPD in 07.