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Avatar n tn How old are you? I ask because your fatique and mood swings may be pre menopausal symptoms that can start as young as 35.
543791 tn?1216385377 Was the elevated eosinophil level only found in the colon biopsy? or was that from blood work? I'm interested if you have ever been on steroids. They work to decrease inflammation and are sometimes used to treat severe flares of inflammatory bowel disease. It would be interesting to know if you ever took them (for any reason) and noticed an improved gut.
680313 tn?1249316003 I got terrible headachs from remicaid 3 months after,lasting about 2months ever day. My doctor is not happy. Does this happen to any one else?I'm now on 9mg. endicort only and not doing very well! I fear I will end up in the hospital again!
Avatar f tn And this constant struggling to be 'normal' is just so frustrating. I hate how some things seem to work really well and I get my hopes up but then its like my body gets used to it and it doesn't work anymore. Guess I just need to keep trying and go back and forth between meds.
Avatar m tn Dopamine can be a good and bad friend, as the more or less can dictate exactly how much your body can handle the pain. Antidepressants and other medication can and does do a good job in assisting others with the other desires to maintain and control their diseases, however, I'm allergic to most of these medication, so oh well. Anyway, I know that I need to keep plugging along, because I have 5 people that depend on my and my contributions to our family. Wish me luck.
Avatar n tn Or is it remotely possible that these ulcers are something else that may have been starting to heal due to all the prior meds (prednisone, Pentasa, etc.)? Does IBS cause blood and fecal leukocytes to show in stool samples? Does IBS cause low platelets? Does IBS cause major diarrhea (over 15x per day)? I'm just confused about the IBS diagnosis when the Dr. assured me when this started it was not IBS due to the fecal leukocytes and blood.
Avatar n tn I think it is that my body isn't used to getting all that it needs and suddenly when it does, it doesn't know how to act. Great talking w/ you. Give those energy bars a try and let me know how they work for you.
Avatar f tn Her activity level is still way up as is her appetite. If this approach does not work we will have to take her back to her gastro (who is a wonderful doctor) who will more than likely administer the Imuran. We are SO concerned with doing the right thing for her. Will these heavy duty meds now harm her in the long run? There is a book by Elaine Gottschall called "Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet" that I purchased.
Avatar n tn His symptoms are rectal bleeding and mucous discharge with constipation. Blood work with CBC, sed rate was 1, IBD panel, C retic, C diff, A and B were all normal except Globulins were slightly out of range. Stool cultures were negative. Colonoscopy revealed an ulcer about the size of your thumbnail in the large intestine near the terminal ileus. Biopsy results concluded Crohn's. My son has no diarrhea only aagets a blocked feeling. My son has been on 60 mg prednisone for 2 months.
Avatar n tn He takes Pentasa and Florastor daily, his gastroenterologist just gave him an antispasmotic today. He is afraid to eat and drink, cannot maintain his weight. Does anyone out there know of Aloe treatment? He needs help, we have a great family support system, he has distractions but the pain is double over and hard to ignore in it's severity. His school-work is hard to maintain and he is becoming depressed. Connecticut is our location, Yale our physicians base.
Avatar f tn It is not one of the listed side effects... did you lose or gain weight? How did you feel on it? Is there anything else worth knowing? How many milligrams did you take?
Avatar n tn My anus is always very moist and I see a pale discharge which i have to wipe off. 3. How can the inflammation move on to the rectum after I have been on Pentasa for 2-3 weeks already? 4. Do you really think that I'm responding to the medicine since my stools haven't really changed although I must agree that some of my symptoms (flatulence) have gotten better My GI is currently out on vacation and won't be back until the 10th jan. What do I do about all the pain?
Avatar m tn IF none of your Doc's will go along with that - convince them to AT LEAST let you try them. That's how I have to work 'through' the Doctor b.s. and especially when one says one thing and another says something else. Get them to give you something for pain and Suppositories. I use Lidoderm Patch's right now and that helps some and I'm on Norco and Panlor DC plus Neurotin. Even if it's Tylenol 3 but get something - Do not suffer in pain. Tell them "What if this is nerve pain"?
Avatar n tn I do know that the medical treatment you are on is textbook for most patients. I thought that Pentasa was a better 5-ASA drug for patients with Crohn's, but your doctor knows best (Asacol is a 5-ASA drug that is time released in the terminal ileum and large bowel). The research on Remicade infusions also supports that this usually helps patients with active Crohn's. I am sorry to hear of your struggles. I know how frustrating it can be.
Avatar m tn On day 9 of treatment 1, I got a rash all over since then I have continued to have dry flushing on my arms, neck, face and legs, which comes and goes throughout the day. It does not itch, nor is it scaly at all. I have received treatment 2, 7 days ago and have continued to have the flushing along with, exhaustion- all I want to do is sleep, weakness (especially in arms), mild fevers, Overall a genuine feeling of poor health. Dr. is unsure if it is the remicade or something else is going on.
516556 tn?1232142486 I am severely allergic to immuran. I am on a maintenance does of 6mp Entocort and 5 mp pred, 500 mg pentasa. Now, I take calc supplements, iron, and vitamin supplements. I can tell pred is my life saver. Without it I wont have a normal lifestyle. The only thing about it is I don't like to take anything beyond 10 mg a day. Higher does are highly toxic. Each person responds differently.
Avatar n tn We are wondering if there are any recommended treatment for Crohn’s other than Prednisone and Align and if there is any other disease that it may be and how to get tested for it. We have tried so many things and nothing seems to be working at this point. We would appreciate any advice.
Avatar n tn If all these acid reflux medication do not work,may be you dont have enough stomach acid. How do you feel right after you eat?do you feel comfortabble? Does drinking OJ,pineapple juice or cranberry juice make you feel better?They raise the acid level in your stomach and help you digest,this is a way to find out if you have too much or too little stomach acid. Have you shown your doctor of the sore point over your rib? I hope it is not the appendix which is lower on the right as well.
Avatar m tn does anybody have any suggestions please
Avatar m tn How do you know that he does not have would be best if he see a neurologist to decide.......I have both fibro and crohn's and the two often go hand in hand with each other.....and my husband has M.S.....and yes my husband and I are very similar in having the same symptoms but I would not want to have M.S.
Avatar m tn I had been on Entocort EC off and on for the past 7 months which definitely made me feel good, but seems like that was just the steroid at work. It was only masking my ulcers. Pentasa helps me feel good too. Both of those drugs make my bowels normal again, for the most part. But my doc doesn't want me on Entocort any more, and I agree. I'm now taking VSL #3, a probiotic. At first my bowels were back to normal but now they're going loose again.
Avatar n tn No biopsy was performed and of course no observation upstream to the looping part (my CD is usually at the cecum/terminal ileum). I do not understand how after 1.5 years (last colo) my colon could change so much to the point that no colo was possible... My GI wanted to re-perform the procedure under general aneasthesia which I refused. Following the colo I had bleedings for 5 days and severe pain which was resolved with percocet.
Avatar m tn Hi. I hv Ulcerative Colitis & on Pentasa 2grs/day for 2 yrs/uncirc- Oct11(4 protected vaginal & 4 unp BJ, 1 deep FrenchKiss - CSWs in Germany) after 5 weeks: hi fever, major fatigue, heavy sore throat, 1 cold sore upper lip, chest congestion.
Avatar n tn Because my bc had spread to my lymph nodes he wants me to stay on Arimidex, but he, and I , know it does not protect the bones like tamoxifen does, but has a better survival from recurrence. A catch 22 he told me. I have been taking alendronic acid (bisphosphonate) for a year now, with Calchichew/Vit D, but my bone density is getting less. Initially due to Crohn's/steroids but excaberbated now by Arimidex.
Avatar n tn You might also want to try a very low-fat diet to see if that is of help. For some with gallbladder issues it does help. Miralax used for constipation, so if you're taking that and your predominant issue is the diarrhea, some goofed in what they gave you. Find out exactly waht the infection was in the stomach. Get the name - white spots can be due to a number different organisms or causes, but most often the white spots are due to H.
Avatar m tn I have been to two gastroenterologists, the first thought I had crohn's due to the colonoscopy, and prescribed pentasa and entocort. The second does not know as of yet. He reviewed my tests results from the colonoscopy and found that the results said the biopsy of the terminal iliem came back non specific inflammation with no granulamau's (not sure how that is spelled), and my barium follow through came back normal, my blood tests came back with minor inflammation.
Avatar n tn Right now I'm taking Pentasa, Levoquin, and finishing up a Methylprenisolone pack and due to go back to work tommorow (which I'm not looking forward to). If it wasn't for the cramping and constant fatigue I'd be ok now. Oh and I've been on a soft diet for the past week but I did have some chicken strips last night. You never know what foods you'll miss until you can't eat it lol.
Avatar f tn How can I help my son who has been recently diagnosed with Crohns lead a life of health energy and vitality. Last Friday he has had surgery to drain really complex abscesses from his peri-anal area. He is currently back in hospital,while they have him on various forms of antiboitics. He is very low at the moment and doesn't feel like eating. He has lost a lot of weight over the last few months due to the disease and I worry that he has lost all appetite.
198198 tn?1200014517 Recently I've had lower back pain that feels almost like I strained my back. It comes and goes. Does any crampy feeling wrap around your side with the back pain?
Avatar n tn Been on Asacol,Pentasa,Dipentum,Rowasa enemas , 6MP, Cipro, Flagyl and some others I cant remember right now. When nothing else would work I would go on mega doses of Steroids and the bleeding would slow way down but never stop. But last Feb.moved, new Doctors, like starting over. I had a General Practitioner for Thyroid, Heart, Arthritis, Bi Polar and some other stuff. I got a GI Doc for the Gerd and Crohns.