How big can colon polyps get

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Avatar f tn Natural to feel anxious with all you are going through. But you will get through. This time will pass. If you can ....discourage well meaning friend's diagnoses:). Put your mind on what is good and hopeful. Post again anytime. I am not usually in this forum. Hope others here will be off support.
Avatar m tn Colorectal cancer is preventable if precancerous polyps (ie, adenomas) are detected and removed before they become malignant (cancerous). Over time, small polyps can change their structure and become cancerous. so it is advisable to take the opinion of a GI surgeon and get it removed. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn This will take a few months to a couple of years to get rid of and heal, depending on how disciplined you can be, the condition of your immune system, the extent of your yeast infection.
433485 tn?1321816990 Just would like to know what to long in hospital, when can I go back to work (I work in a clinic as a biller), how about back to working out in the gym? Will my bowels never be the same???? Just having a hard time adjusting to having any surgery at all and my Doc has a friend that does these laproscopically so I consented. Maybe I'm just being a big baby! Sounds, too, like alot of pain involved? Would appreciate your opinion.
Avatar n tn Polyps can be benign or cancerous, it's the number of polyps that determine if this is a colon disease. The gastro doc will know all about this. 3. Colon cancer at your age is unheard of, but not polyps. There is a colon disease that presents with many polyps, it's FAP. It's in our family and your Gastroenterologist will know if this is what this might be. The polyps can be removed during a colonoscopy, which isn't really surgery. But it will allow the doctor to see if there are more.
Avatar m tn i am confused though that afap shouldn't involve the rectum, my polyps are there too, but only a few. i also read that when the colon is gone, rectal polyps can develop at a 17% increase, ever hear of that? some of the info is contraditory to what others say. i figured the hydration part would be an issue. a question i had was will my meds go right through my system or will they process normally, ever had issues with that?
Avatar n tn Also, I read in papers (mine) that my colon was dialated, can anyone enlighten me on that...I wont' see specialist till a few weeks.
Avatar n tn The doctor told me it was a spastic colon from not eating enough fibre. It makes it hard on your colon and can make it have spasms which can cause the pain and pressure. I am not big on fibre such as brown bread and cereral and such so I take Metamucil which is not a laxative but a source of soluable fiber. I also have bleeding hemmoroids and being constipated only inflames them all the more and makes them bleed.
Avatar f tn We have FAP in our family, it is hereditary, and carries other problems with it. I'm very surprised that your sister's GI hasn't advised that everyone get checked out! Colon cancer is NOT a young person's disease, there is more to this. Your sister probably developed polyps very young, and they do turn cancerous by age 38. Don't guess on this, get to the GI and get a colonoscopy so that you can head off something before it's becomes serious.
Avatar f tn And the problem with the surgery is the large intestine has a variable blood supply so more than just the portion that's redundant might have to be removed. There are also consequences to removal of a portion of the colon. One of the largest can be on-going diarrhea, which many people find to be as bothersome as having unremitting constipation. You can make dietary changes to try to control the diarrhea, but?
369533 tn?1207592062 try to force to get results soon. You can talk about your drugs, if you can drop some, you take them many. You can also ask what are recomended investigations for small intestinal lymphoma. Food itself can cause mucus only if you are allergic or intolerant to some foods, like milk or gluten, or in food poisoning.
Avatar n tn Swisler, why don't you post a message to Morecambe who has been doing the 'living without a colon' for awhile. I think you'll get a lot of good advice and comfort from hearing it directly from 'the horse's mouth,' so to speak.
Avatar m tn Best way I know of this is to join a good martial arts class focusing on kung fu or mixed martial arts. If you message me I can tell you where you can get a lot of these, and give you a few recipes to get started to save you some time. Good luck.
Avatar n tn If your mom/dad, sis/bro does not/ did not have colon cancer, it is even more rare. Go to your doctor and get checked out. I doubt they will even refer you to a GI doctor. Also The lump on your ear will have nothing to do with your stomach issues. Read here for more info on IBS. Its a great forum: ****://***.*********.***/******/ Colonoscopies at his age will probably not be covered by insurance.
Avatar f tn I fit the symptoms of IBS, but wonder how you can tell the difference between IBS and colon cancer since the symptoms are so similar? I am a 47 year old female with no significant health problems other than these ongoing GI issues which have been going on for about three months. It seemed to start after a bad stomach bug that I had that never truly went away.
Avatar n tn I have had every other test possible done because my dr. said nausea wouldn't be related to colon problems (how true that is, I don't know). I thought that maybe these problems were related to having my GB out over a year ago, but some of the symptoms I have had before that. It has my dr. puzzled because all of the tests I have keep on coming back negative. Let me know if you do find something out. I would be interested to know the results of your colonoscopy!
Avatar n tn if i'm not ovluating, how can i get pregnant? Stress, feel like crying... but i don't dare to tell anyone... am very sad yet cannot show... I feel like the same as you, like i'm broken and cannot be fixed...
7486852 tn?1410355784 My insurance and health care costs are high but I am so glad I have Insurance and can get the care I want. I could not even get into a Clinical Trial without insurance because you have to pay to be in a clinical trial. There is the Chemo and CT Scans every eight weeks. One month is over $100,000 for my treatment. I have to pay at $10,000 a year after my premiums. I have been turned down for disability and Medicare. Health care is just very expensive.
Avatar n tn i'm an 18 years old girl, and i just got diagnosed of polyps on my colon. I think i have actually noticed that something was not normal with my abdomen since about 2 or 3 years ago, cause i noticed that bright red blood occurs several times when i went to the toilet. but i thought it was okay, so i didnt tell my parents yet.
Avatar n tn This could be the case. Some women get heavy depends on how long it stays and how soon it is before your AF is supposed to arrive.
198198 tn?1200014517 Congested, erythematous, granular and vascular-pattern-decreased mucosa in the entire colon. Mutliple polyps in the rectum, in the sigmoid colon, in the transverse colon and in the ascending colon. Resected and retrieved. - Colonic Crohn's disease I just want to say that when polyps are found it's very important to stay on top of your game! Get your colonoscopies as scheduled! I've had 5 colonoscopies since 2005 and everytime there are multiple polyps, none of which have turned cancerous.....
Avatar m tn Common causes are upper GI erosions and ulcers, usually from drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen (NSAIDs, which kill about 15,000 people a year this way), and colon polyps or colon cancer. You may not even know you’re bleeding, since it can be slow, on-and-off, and invisible.
Avatar m tn If anything, they masked the underlying problem by prompting superficial stimulation. My colon muscles weren’t getting stronger, and all of the painful and annoying symptoms would continue. I would be able to eliminate, but never solidly or with any consistency in texture or timing. I remember enduring colonoscopies without anesthetic and having polyps removed when I was 20. The symptoms would lessen temporarily, but I would never heal. It took a while to realize that doctors (M.D.
Avatar n tn wow, 10 days, it does seem to take it possible that you can call them and push them to get the result? I was advised that diopsys shouldn't be done too early( below 40, I am 36), which may cause difficulties for later mamagram chek up and caner may hide and grown udner the Scars. I don't know if i should consider myself lucky to find it early or not? or shal i go for the second oppions? Do you get the same dignose as mine?
Avatar f tn computer when needed but there is an 'L shape' sectional here in the office I guess I can 'lay on it' and get up when necessary.BUT if i'm not allowed to drive (I don't have a stick), i'm screwed...unless I take a cab...but that's '$$ I really don't have'.
Avatar n tn Wow, that's a first - antibiotics for a cyst! I have had constipation and bloating, extreme lower back pain and groin/thigh/leg pain for almost a month now. I had a CT ordered by the urologist and he saw a kidney stone when in actuality it was a cyst on my right ovary (as reported by the radiologist - the Dr. jumped the gun). I also have pain in my lower abdomen on both sides (now have cyst on my right ovary). I also have alot of nausea.
Avatar n tn I am very concerned about these latest symptoms. What do you think of all this? Also, how big should stools be? The diameter of my stool does change when I am having normal bowel movements. Sometimes they are large, about the size of a quarter and sometimes small, like a dime. Is this normal? I have heard the size of your stools can tell you a lot. This latest episode seemed to start when I decided to try one of the new low-carb diet plans and started eating a lot of nuts.
82861 tn?1333457511 Hubby's scope went for over an hour because he has polyps all over the first part of the colon on the right side (the cecum). The Doc resected the biggest one and sent it to pathology. He's pretty sure it's benign, but wants to recheck that entire area in 90 days. The polyp was a kind of flat one, and the cecum tissue is very fragile, so there is a definite possibility of the wound area rupturing over the next couple of days. If that happens, he'll need an emergency bowel resection.