What do cancerous colon polyps look like

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Avatar m tn (anesthesia), then attempt to remove the other 2 polyps he saw, then attempt to look at the rest of the colon and remove any more polyps. I am scared. Is there any other way to remove polyps, for those of us who have long (tortuous) colons? If NOT, this sounds like a "death sentence" - or at least a lifetime of worrying if unreachable polyps will become cancerous. I've read that many people with tortuous colons have never found a doctor who could complete an optical colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with four pre cancerous polyps which were removed. Exactly what does this mean? Also my colon specialists' assistant said I should have another colonoscopy in 3 years. Does it take 3 years to grow polyps? Would it be better to have one next year instead. My first husband died of colon cancer so it concerns me. Thank you for your assistance.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with four pre cancerous polyps which were removed. Exactly what does this mean? Also my colon specialists' assistant said I should have another colonoscopy in 3 years. Does it take 3 years to grow polyps? Would it be better to have one next year instead. My first husband died of colon cancer so it concerns me. Thank you for your assistance.
Avatar n tn I had my colonoscopy today and he said he found 2 polyps in the sigmoid colon and biopsy a thickened fold in the sigmoid colon. Also said I have Diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon. Does anyone know what this means?
Avatar m tn I heard it was uncommon but the surgeon said sometimes they may be missed the first time around. Do I have higher risks of developing colon cancer? I was told as long as I got checkups and had them removed I would be fine and have the polyps controlled.
Avatar m tn What do they want u to do next.....?
Avatar f tn Have 3 large polyps on right side of colon got to have surgery is there any concerns?
Avatar n tn removed 5 polyps, one which was abnormally large. They were sent for bioyopsy. What kind of risk am I for colon cancer? I have severe constipation, bleeding rectally and in stools, bloating most of the time, extremely gasy, and suffer from acid reflux.
Avatar m tn The only thing of significance was that there were about 6-8 polyps in my colon, which is a lot for someone 46. He removed them, they were not cancerous, thankfully. Yesterday I had another colonoscopy. I was really hoping to wake up to good news and a clean bill of health. Instead, he found 20 small polyps. My heart sank. 16 of these were in the ascending colon.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy and I had three precancerous polyps removed. can someone explain what the different types of polyps are and since I have had these what precautions that i need to take so these dont come back again. my dr said I just need another colonoscopy in 5 yrs instead of the usual 10.
974371 tn?1424653129 More to help other readers than to provide an answer: you have typo "rumors" twice, which I concluded was intended to be "tumors". I have frequent colonoscopies due to a high production of polyps - this began at about the age of 60. In fact I had at least three colonoscopies in one year to remove upper polyps (or one large polyp) and the doctor needed to take care not to break through the colon wall (best I can remember as to why he didn't do it on one surgery).
Avatar f tn My indications for remove colon surgery were 2 cancerous colon polyps on 2 distant places in colon. Who suggest You to go to total colectomy? I'm not sure that constipations are indications for such surgical intervention. I live in Belgrade, Serbia(Europe). My surgery took place in Belgrade on the Institute of oncology and radiology. I think that total colectomy intervention is very safe here - mortality is at very low level.
612551 tn?1450022175 You, with this history of multiple polyps, really do want to keep having them to stay ahead of the polyps.
Avatar n tn Whent back to the doctor today and and we were told that the EUS showed the polyps not cancer at this time but need to watch it. Do not want to do surgery at this time. Now the doctor has told us that he wants to try a couple of things that he does not feel that the nausea, diarrhea is caused from the polyps in the stomach.
Avatar f tn do all polyps turn into cancer? and are there different types of colon polyps?
Avatar f tn Read what mamo says ,she is exactly right, my hubby has a colonoscopy every two years, because one time they discovered a small polyp, ( non cancerous thank god) and has had no sign of others. His GI says there is no problem checking early .
Avatar n tn Hi, I don't want to worry you, but do you have a history of colon cancer in your family? I ask this because we do, and the first symptom were mutliple polyps in the colon. BUT with our disease the polyps don't appear until around age 10 and through puberty. Polyps always start out benign and can, not always, turn malignant. The disease in our family is FAP, and my children were being scoped yearly for this. They were found in both my sons at ages 12 & 16, and my grandson @ 10.
1703392 tn?1307450500 Hello mzak69, As zophai said that every doctor will recommend to get back to checkup after one year. Don't be panic and you got one poly removal luckily it wasn't cancerous. To avoid such kind of colon problems follow a proper diet like vegetables, fruits, fiber rich foods and drink more water. Regular exercises also considerable.
Avatar m tn I had to have my 3 young children scoped yearly, one had his colon removed at 12 and the other at 16 due to the many polyps that carpet the colon and become cancerous with FAP. It was determined that the grandmother who died of colon cancer in her 40's had it and it was being passed down. This is why I STRONGLY suggest a second opinion on this. Take care.
Avatar f tn I'm 32 years old and I was diagnosis with familial adenomatous polyposis and I have many polyps in my colon I'm suppose to have surgery and I was wondering how long do it take it to turn into cancer.
Avatar f tn Diagnosed years ago with IBS and a long history of hemorrhoids and adrenal fissures. History of pe- cancerous colon polyps at 29. Last colonoscopy was 4 years ago. Last month I unexpectedly lost 14 lbs in less than 2 weeks. Dr sent off blood work(normal), mammogram(normal) and chest, abdomen and pelvic CT. CT showed a calcified granuloma in my lung(usually benign from my readings) and segmental colitis with majority thickening of ascending colon.
Avatar n tn He told me to come back in 5 years, which is what he told me in 12/11 after he removed a pre-cancerous polyp from my colon. He said to see my internist about the rib-cage pain. The pain is much improved in both my abdomen and rib cage, but still there.In 2007, I was also having abdominal pain on my lower right side and my MD order a CAT scan which showed hypo dense lesions on my liver, a nodule on my adrenal gland and dilated pelvic veins.
Avatar f tn Hi, you cannot male decisions on pathology report alone. First of all, whenever you get a path report indicating cancer, ALWAYS ask your doctor to send the glass slides to a major cancer center with good pathology department for a second opinion. It looks like your tumor is in situ and slow growing one (well differentiated and no lymphovascular invasion are a good thing, but again, these findings need to be confirmed by a second opinion).
1506428 tn?1290113504 He said that because of the severity of the inflammation I was more susceptible to developing polyps...and therefore colon cancer. However, like you said, he believes that if we stay on top the disease and schedule more frequent scopes we should be able to catch anything that could possibly turn into anything more serious. I am meeting with him again in mid Dec. to discuss future treatment options, but for right now I'm on prednisone (ewww) and a PPI.
Avatar m tn Hey there, I am 33. I have had blood in stools for over 2 years and I have extremely bad anxiety so I would not go and get it checked out for fear of colon cancer. I finally went and saw a rectal dr back oct of 09 he did a sigmoidoscopy and said all looked fine, but wanted to do colonoscopy to find out why I was bleeding and for so long. Well I made the appt, and then cancelled 2 days before, well finally a lifelong friend and another dear friend of mine, convinced me I NEEDED to get it done.