What do cancerous colon polyps look like

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Avatar n tn i've rescheduled my surgery a few times, but i either lost insurance or found out i was pregnant. i'm getting ready to have my last baby at the end of the month c-section so as soon as i have him i'm going to schedule the surgery, but i'm afraid that it may be worse than it as 4..4 1/2 years ago.
Avatar f tn I have had a fissure. What would small piles look like with a sigi . I also thought that polyps were removed when found she did not do a biopsy Also can she tell by looking if they were cancerous?? Other than polyps and piles is there anything else which would look like a small bump ???
Avatar m tn (anesthesia), then attempt to remove the other 2 polyps he saw, then attempt to look at the rest of the colon and remove any more polyps. I am scared. Is there any other way to remove polyps, for those of us who have long (tortuous) colons? If NOT, this sounds like a "death sentence" - or at least a lifetime of worrying if unreachable polyps will become cancerous. I've read that many people with tortuous colons have never found a doctor who could complete an optical colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn My indications for remove colon surgery were 2 cancerous colon polyps on 2 distant places in colon. Who suggest You to go to total colectomy? I'm not sure that constipations are indications for such surgical intervention. I live in Belgrade, Serbia(Europe). My surgery took place in Belgrade on the Institute of oncology and radiology. I think that total colectomy intervention is very safe here - mortality is at very low level.
Avatar f tn I've heard that some can grow as quickly as 7 months, so I'm just interested in hearing anyone's story about getting their own cancerous mass removed by a colon resection and how their quality of life is afterwards.......(i.e. how often colonoscopies are done, if anything else was found after surgery, post operative prognosis??, etc. ) Thanks in advance to anyone that will respond.
Avatar n tn Polyps can be benign or cancerous, it's the number of polyps that determine if this is a colon disease. The gastro doc will know all about this. 3. Colon cancer at your age is unheard of, but not polyps. There is a colon disease that presents with many polyps, it's FAP. It's in our family and your Gastroenterologist will know if this is what this might be. The polyps can be removed during a colonoscopy, which isn't really surgery. But it will allow the doctor to see if there are more.
Avatar m tn One way to rule this out is to have a colonoscopy, because if it's in your family you would have colon polyps by now. The polyps don't turn cancerous until the late 30's to early 40's. If it's the attenuated form then the cancer starts in the late 40's to early 50's.
Avatar n tn He had dark red blood. He had the runs constantly. I think you do not have colon cancer. It sounds like IBS (irritable bowel syndome). Constipation is normal for IBS, not colon cancer. Cancer is hereditary, and it runs through my husband's family. My husbands father, mother, aunts, uncles, and grandma all had cancer in one form or the other.
Avatar f tn I have actually become kind of dizzy lately, with light sensitivity to my eyes which radiats a big headache, I have pain in my right eye and cheek bone, and ALSO at the upper part of my nose on the right side between my eyes but on the right side ONLY and also hurts my nose when I chew but doesnt hurt my jaw, and this has started about a month ago now, where it sometimes seems unbearable and debilitating, I do not know if this kind of sign has ANYTHING to do with my bowel symptoms or not, MEANI
369533 tn?1207592062 well, it all depends on the queue in the histologic laboratory. You can't do much about this anyway. They will tell you if polyps are cancerous or not (if polyps were small and doctor said don't wory - then they are probably only benign non-harmless tumors). But remember - you'll need regular colonoscopies for these polyps, by the time plan which doctor will recommend. Bloating is really not connected with polyps, it should be something else.
Avatar n tn I may not have had to go through your terrible situation, but I do know how hard it is to live without a colon. I strongly suggest you look into the statute of limitations for malpractice in your state and, if you can, sue that doctor for everything they've got. Don't let any other doctor or nurse put you down or tell you it's your fault or no one's fault or any other LIES. That doctor did this to you and you deserve restitution. DO NOT think it's too late now if you don't know. Look into it.
Avatar n tn At 18 the chances of you having colon cancer would be extremely, and I do mean extremely rare. Most polyps that are cancerous take 10 years to go from polyp to cancer, which means you wouldve had to start growing this at 8 years old. Very unlikely. I would be willing to bet all the money in the world that its hemorrhoids and IBS issues.
Avatar m tn Well, just 2 days ago I got a call and the news was not all good. It turns out one of the colon polyps was pre-cancerous and that I have changes in the mucosal tissue of the stomach, a hiatal hurnia, and a large polyp in my throat which he said is unusual for someone that is 35. He wants me to go in and have the polyp removed by another GI doc that specializes in this.
7486852 tn?1410355784 It is like the more testing they do the more antecdotal ( things that are not important or related to what they are searching for). findings they will find. Every time they image my kidney they see a cyst on my left kidney and two Ureters on the left kidney. Neither is important they are just there.
612551 tn?1450025775 You, with this history of multiple polyps, really do want to keep having them to stay ahead of the polyps.
Avatar f tn How can they be sure without taking a second look? 2. What if there were others that they didn't find? What would be gained by getting a second opinion or even a second colonoscopy? That is NOT what I want to do, but also don't want to wait five years and live in a heightened state of anxiety. Any thoughts from those who have experience with colonoscopies/polyps and have 'been there done that'??
Avatar n tn Due to a strong family history of colo-rectal cancers, I recently had a CT Scan done of the large bowel/colon, which showed a polyp in the rectal area. Upon colonoscopy to remove the polyp that was found during the CT Scan - the surgeon found another "submucosal thickening/polyp (?)" (that is how it is written on his report. Now he wants to talk to the radiologist who read the orginal CT Scan - and have him look again to see if this "submucosal thickening/polyp (?
Avatar n tn A warning symptom of what? I just want to know what I have to look forward to so when I do go to the doc, I wont be totally shocked.
Avatar n tn i would ask him to look into it futher, or get a second opion on the colon scope to see if maybe something was missed.i wish you well and god bless.
Avatar f tn Only my grandma, nobody else even polyps. My parents who are over 50 both got colonoscapes, neither one of them had any polyps. Diet. Colon cancer and rectal cancer may be associated with a diet low in fiber and high in fat and calories: Probably A sedentary lifestyle: Yeah, but do try to get at least a little bit of exercise each day. Diabetes: Nope Obesity: I'm only 135 pounds Smoking. I don't smoke Alcohol: I don't drink Growth hormone disorder: I don't think so.
Avatar f tn 1. What if it wasn't removed completely? How can they be sure without taking a second look? 2. What if there were others that they didn't find? What would be gained by getting a second opinion or even a second colonoscopy? That is NOT what I want to do, but also don't want to wait five years and live in a heightened state of anxiety. What is your medical opinion??
Avatar f tn But polyps that develop in the small intestine/duodenum normally don't turn cancerous, but they do watch them closely with an endoscopy done yearly. Polyps can grow large enough to cause a blockage. My son is 39 and has been without his colon since he was 12 and has a J-Pouch. He is a marathoner, ultrathoner, mountain biker, speed hiker and competes in jujitsu. He is married but has chosen not to have children due to the disease. He does not have a special diet at all.
Avatar n tn My mother had some of her colon removed a few years back after finding cancerous polyps. Paternal grandfather died of colon cancer. Should I insist on seeing a GI dr and getting a colonoscopy even though I'm only 34? I feel like I want to rule everything out. One dr thought it was just IBS but I want to make sure everything is ok. Also, I've had ongoing bladder infections since I was 6 years old. Could this be related somehow? I get these infections and I don't even know it.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 15 and they always chalk up any symptom to IBS so it seems like they don't take what I tell them seriously-it's always 'an IBS Symptom' to them. I've had 4 or 5 colonoscopies and all but one of the colonoscopies they've removed polyps (sometimes a year or two would go by between) and they were always benign. I do think that you should tell your doctor you want to have it done as soon as possible for peace of mind if you feel like it's too long of a wait.
Avatar f tn i was frozen with fear.... couldn't speak...i feel like my colon was being ripped out...it lasted 45 minutes....im calling them today to get a copy of my chart...they better not give me any trouble over this...i want to know what they used to sedate me. I did file a complaint with the hospital who is suppose to be doing a investigation. I have panic attacks and this has made them so much worse. Will i ever forget this experience? He did remove 4 polyps...
Avatar f tn I said - h--, I know what is wrong with me, all I need to do is pray, talk to my family and find out what the heck is going on with me. they keep adding more s--- to the pile. Sorry for rambling. First time. anxious to find out mainly about the endometrial stuff going on.
1478992 tn?1287433045 And I will tell you with 100% certainty that more often than not cancerous cells are not overlooked. I would look more closely at the sources you are reading about this information. Many times a study like this that you might be reading was not done on a randomly selected group of individuals so the results are biased. Also, a CEA test is usually only done to monitor people who already have colon cancer, so I'm curious why you had one done (what symptoms are you having).
Avatar n tn My husband has been suffering from something similiar. He also gets a very bloated abdomen with it. I've done a lot of research and have played with his diet and find that when he eats carbs and dairy that he has the problem. This past week he stuck to black coffee, chicken or beef and some cooked vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans or brussels sprouts. His pain went away, his abdomen swelling went down and he lost quite a few pounds.
280234 tn?1470139763 Also, keep in mind that many ppl think there is blood in their stool and it ends up being red food, like cherry jello could look like blood in stool. Not that im saying this is what is going on with you, just pointing out the possibility. Good luck!
Avatar dr m tn They generally occur in men in their 40s to 50s, thought to be due to slowly decreasing testosterone levels, along with other symptoms such as loss of sexual desire or functioning, depression, memory loss, or chronic fatigue. But what if I told you that I see young men in their 20s coming in to see me with the same exact problems? What I’ve discovered is that it’s really not mainly a hormonal issue, but a problem with their breathing. Let me explain.