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Avatar n tn This is easily achieved by the home treatments you took. However please get the urine examination done and consult your gynecologist once. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn You need to ask if you were tested for herpes. Its 3 months so an antibody IgG test for HSV-1 and HSV-2 should be done.
Avatar f tn The kit can indicate whether you have a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or something more serious in which you would need to see the doctor for. As far as the home pregnancy test, I'd try again using first morning urine if you haven't already. Hope this helps until you can get in to see the doctor.
Avatar f tn Hello, This fresh blood can be due to inetrmenstrual bleeding which could be due to several causes. Firstly, you should get urine for pregnancy test done to rule out miscarriage as the cause of bleeding if you had unprotected sexual intercourse prior to that. Other causes which need to be looked into are fluctuation in hormone levels, hypothyroidism & fibroid in the uterus. It could also be due to a genital infection, cervical polyps or ectopic pregnancy.
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks, my wife complained of excess discharge (no smell or colour) so to be sure I went to the doctor to get tested for chlamydia and gonorea through a urine anlaysis and swab test and both were clear. I am unclear if I never had anything or if the zithromax cleared what I had. I followed up with my wife and her discharge had gone back to normal, it was only excessive for a few days.
Avatar n tn I'm going out of town in a couple of days and would like to figure this out before it gets worse and I'm far from home. Any ideas on what I should know for my next doctor visit? Is it possible to have a negative urine test and still have Epididymitis. The doctor said he ruled out any major problems and said it is possibly just irritated. It's been 7 days now and isn't getting any better or worse. Please help.
Avatar n tn wat if my urinary tract infection test tested negative for nirite does tht mean i have a disease
Avatar n tn the ovum, which occurs six to twelve days after fertilization. Ideally urine for pregnancy test should be done after 1 week of your missed periods date. Alternately, you can also use aimstrip urine for pregnancy test which is highly sensitive and can detect pregnancy after 10-12 days of conception. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn i will be here for a while in canada,i go home in december for christmas but i have to come back for about 3 more months. Yes i am 12 weeks along, Well i have a choice to have the ultra sound done for the down sydrome, but i dont have insurance so we are having to pay straight out of pocket the doctor said that based upon my age, and the fact that this is not common in either side of the family she wouldnt advise me to have it done but that it was my decision.
Avatar m tn My doctor ordered a urine test and it came back clean for bacteria and STDs (this was a concern because symptoms occurred within a week of having protected (Condom) sex). I am currently waiting to have a ultrasound done. Could I have an STD or other bacterial infection even though I had two clean urine test? Any thoughts on what this might be? Thanks for the help.
Avatar n tn I had a urine infection a week ago and i have been taking anti biotics , i was wondering whether this could be a course for my delayed period. I have had sex a few times the past month but has used protection every time i have also done a home pregnancy test (infact 3) and it all turned out to be negative. Please tell me what i can do.
Avatar f tn My Doctor did a pregnancy test and it was negative so she said it was fine if I took the medication. A went back a couple days later for HIV blood test she then took another pregnancy test which once again was negative. A week after that my doctor called me telling I had an abnormal pap result. Can the chlamydia infection and abnormal result affect my period or am I actually pregnant. I have another doctors appt. Dec.16 , what should I do? Am I pregnant? Is it a side affect?
Avatar n tn they found Protein, White Blood Cells, Blood, Keytones and something else that I cant remember in my urine... so they sent me home with a script for Bactrim for 5 days, and Vicodin for my pain. They said to follow up with my gyno.... but I'm going to a urologist on Friday because I don't trust them to check me out right... since they told me I was fine and obviously something was wrong.
Avatar m tn You might want to get your kidneys checked. They can do a blood test for BUN/Creatine and/or an ultrasound. Also, some problem with the opening or size of the urethra or a blockage.
Avatar f tn My doctor took urine sample and did a quick urine test, which showed some pus cells, so he sent the sample for culture. To my surprise, it came out all clear. I feel so suffocated of this problem and am not able to enjoy our outings and even at home i battle with this. Everytime we go out and if i forget to keep on drinking water, it starts again. Along with burning, i also feel giddiness and i feel very irritated. Any clue, whats happening inside me. Thanks a lot.
Avatar m tn I was checked for gonorrhea before and the test was negative. Recently this problem has started again but a new symptom has appeared. I feel a tingling sometimes in my penis and sometimes my stomach slightly aches but very little pain if any. Sometimes I have frequency and other times I feel I have to push my urine out. The flow is interrupted sometimes as well. I did think about an STD again but my penis has no signs of any sores and it does not burn or hurt when I pee.
Avatar f tn Thought I would post an update. Preliminary, but urine came back within normal range. So we opted for no blood test at this point. Vet is calling another specialist about blood vs skin allergy testing to see which is best for us (as I wanted it done anyhow) Vet could not notice smell what I/hubby are noticing, but trusted that it is a "different" smell than how the dog is usual.
Avatar n tn I am waiting to take my test which is scheduled for Thursday. I took a home pregnancy test (yes, I yielded to temptation and was so disappointed when it came back negative) My sister had her test on Monday and it came back negative. The test I used stated it was "sensitive" enough to pick up levels as low as 20. What should the levels be by now?
9644933 tn?1407772490 Hi ... and I too hope you won't need to be back, but you are very welcome to join in discussions, because the experience and knowledge gained during this period may just be helpful to someone else. We are really just one huge self-help group here. Anyway, just wanted to add that the earliest sign of kidney disease or kidney failure is actually seen through changes in the urine, and that can appear sometimes many months and even a year or two before other symptoms begin to become more obvious.
Avatar m tn I really can't ssay wether the levels were down or up through the urine test, however the amount of damage being done to your liver and kidneys has to be amazing. Most of us here will tell you that your body will lie to you to get you to take more and more of the pills. It is a horrible cycle the more pills the more pain hence more pills then more pain and so on.
Avatar n tn It's it's brown as opposed to dark yellow, could be blood in urine. from urinary infections, etc, See your doctor and get your urine analyzed for a proper diagnosis.
652407 tn?1300740799 These can cause incontinence issues. Also, the vet may miss this diagnosis if he didn't actually test the urine directly. If your cat hasn't been spayed yet, sometimes they will go outside the box. And, last but not least, your cat may be upset about something-stress in the house or dirty litter box. Good luck and hope kitty gets better soon!
Avatar f tn I took a home test to check if I had a urine infection but the results were negative. What else could be causing this?
Avatar f tn Hello, Most chemical tests for pregnancy look for the presence of the beta subunit of hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine. hCG can be detected in urine after implantation of zygote in the wall of the uterus formed by the union of the sperm & the ovum, which occurs six to twelve days after fertilization. Bladder infection will not effect the result.
Avatar n tn He was given a urine test by another doctor - the results came back with a high amount of white blood cells and blood in his urine however, they cannot detect an infection. They have told me that this causes them concern so he has now been transfered to the Hospital for further tests. What my question is, is what could be causing this? If they are concerned, what could it be???
Avatar f tn A systemic infection is inside your body so no- I do not have a skin infection. I had a low grade fever for 15 years. I would be the rare case of a working immune system so NONE of the symptoms show as they do normally- In our area no Infectious Disease Doctor will not see you without documentation first of what you have. Evidence I currently have is thrush that has been in my mouth for 3 years and toe nail fungus since 1998. Main symptoms present like many other things...
Avatar f tn I hope it's just some early pg bleeding! Stay away AF! Jen-Jen: I miss you! We have really lost touch. Just for the record, I think you have a beautiful brain.
Avatar n tn He went to the doc this morning b/c for the past 2 days he has had blood in his urine. The doc did a urine test, no infection, and some blood tests and sent him home. They told him it could be due to strenuous exercise or his thyroid?? Both his parents had cancer. Should they have done a more thorough evaluation to look for cancer?