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Avatar f tn Is there any home remedies for heart burn i have it constantly and dont think i can cope another 16 weeks with it
Avatar f tn Anyone know of anything to stop heart burn?
Avatar f tn A spoonful of baking soda in a cup of water..
Avatar f tn I've had heart burn throughout my whole pregnancy but these past few days it's just been horrible I can't take it ! Is there any home remedies for this ? I hate milk and I heard that helps but I will not drink it , anything you ladies would recommend trying ?
Avatar f tn For heartburn drinking lots and lots of milk definately helps to ease it and it doesnt happen as often but as for the cold i have no suggestions sorry..
Avatar f tn As as far as treating the symptom, ask your ob-gyn for a list of approved heartburn meds (don't take just anything, ask your doc or your pharmacist). Sitting up when sleeping can help, and other home remedies I've heard of include peppermint tea and eating papaya.
Avatar f tn When i do get heartburn and take one it takes a little while to kick in but then no sign of heartburn for the rest of the day . watch what you eat and one pill may last two days.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me anyone old time tricks or home remedies that would work. Besides milk. Tried that and just puked.....this is aweful!
Avatar f tn Other than rolaids and other meds, what home remedies worked for you? Mint tea ?chamomile tea?
Avatar f tn I am 10 weeks pregnant and my heartburn is out of control. I try taking tums and rolaids but for some reason they make me very nauseous. Does anyone have any other remedies to get rid of heart burn? Any advice would be nice.
10227424 tn?1410561788 I usually just drink a glass of cold milk
Avatar f tn you know how men dont think anything is wrong with u until your practically on ur death bed. Also, does anyone kno of any home remedies for heartburn until i can get to the store.
Avatar f tn I don't have heartburn but my friend has terrible heartburn and is drinking ginger with lemon. She peeled ginger. Cut it up. Slice lemon and boiled it then put it in the fridge. Also added honey in it. It also took away her nausea.
Avatar f tn Okay so I have heartburn never had it before... any home remedies that should help it?
Avatar f tn Any home remedies that will cure this? I am not a fan of medicine. So that's why I am asking! TIA!!!
Avatar n tn I just want to know if you ladies know any home remedies or anything that can help ease the pain. Thanks!
Avatar f tn a Tablesloon or two in 8oz of water...its amazing...
Avatar f tn ive been having really bad heartburn, I'm 35wks-2 does anyone know any home remedies to ease it up a bit ??
Avatar f tn Well I didnt get sick like that but im 11 weeks today but when I was 8 weeks I got sick I ate saltine crackers and they helped alot
Avatar n tn I've tried so many remedies for heartburn (including Aciphex, Nexium, Zantac, Betaine HCL, baking soda, Pepto Bismol) that don't work. I'm curious if it isn't heartburn at all. Are there any other diseases/conditions that can cause extreme burning/gripping/tight sensations in that area? Thanks a lot in advance for any responses.
Avatar f tn Since I stared perimenopause I suddenly developed horrible bloating/gas along with heartburn/acid reflux. It sems to be much worse at certain times of the month. Does anyone have a home remedy they use that works well for this? I hesitate to see my Dr. because I know they will hand me a script for "the purple pill". I am not opposed to medication, but see it as a last resort. Anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Do you ladies have any home remedies for heartburn? It doesn't matter what I eat it always seems to come up and it hurts. I've tried tums and nada I just need some relief fast!!! Oh and I'm 37+1 weeks.
384896 tn?1335297931 Sometimes I even get it for absolutely NO reason! Anyone have any suggested home remedies to try? Eating ice and popcicles have a temporary relief that stops just as soon as I stop eating them. lol. And I don't want to just lay up in the bed eating ice and freeze pops all day cuz I got daily house cleaning n what not to do. Someone help meeeee I'm miserable!