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874521 tn?1424120397 heres a pdf of most of the canned cat foods available in the market. compare the Protein, Fats and Calories also the Phosphorus of each brand. You will see that even some of the cheaper brands are nearly as good(sometimes better) than the more expensive ones. Some of the better brands are very high in Fats. However Grain Free choices are always tops. Beware of anything with gravy or sauces as these are high in carbs the ingredient in thickeners...thus lead to weight gain. http://catinfo.
Avatar m tn From your measurements she is just below the 3rd percentile for her age. She is underweight for her age. As a guideline for an 18-24 month old child should eat the following: Dairy 4 feedings a day – Milk (4oz), cheese (½ oz), yogurt (½ cup), or cottage cheese (¼ cup). Starch 4 feedings a day – Cereal (¼ cup), pasta (¼ cup), rice (¼ cup), bread (½ slice), or crackers (2). Fruits & Vegetables 4 feedings a day – Fruits (including 100% juice limited to only 4-6ozs) & Vegetables (¼ cup).
348660 tn?1230405773 You didn't experience morning sickness in early pregnancy Your baby's heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute You are carrying the extra weight out front Your belly looks like a basketball Your areolas have darkened considerably You are carrying low You are craving salty or sour foods You are craving protein -- meats and cheese Your feet are colder than they were before pregnancy The hair on your legs has grown faster during pregnancy Your hands are very dry Your pillow faces north when yo
Avatar m tn Share this Chart with everyone Apples Protects your heart prevents constipation Blocks diarrhea Improves lung capacity Cushions joints Apricots Combats cancer Controls blood pressure Saves your eyesight Shields against Alzheimer's Slows aging process Artichokes Aids digestion Lowers cholesterol Protects your heart Stabilizes blood sugar Guards against liver disease Avocados Battles diabetes Lowers cholesterol Helps stops strokes Controls blood pressure S
118074 tn?1228332603 My son just had his one year check up on Monday and he is still below the 5th percentile in weight, barely 18 lbs. The doc is not concerned but I am. Any ideas on high fat/calorie foods? Hesaid to replace water/juice with milk.
Avatar f tn drink 1tbs apple cider vinegar in a glass of stevia sweetened beverage each day, eat sauerkraut, drink Kambucha and Kefir, eat a high protein, high veggie diet. Exercise as much as you can, including weightlifting. No artificial sweeteners except stevia, erithrytol and xyletol. Avoid foods with mold, such as peanuts, mushrooms and tofu. Eat almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts. Take a spoon of coconut oil every day. Avoid trans fats and oils other than olive and coconut.
118074 tn?1228332603 The boys and I sit together at the table for breakfast and dinner (them in their high chairs) but lunch is usually a 'buffet' of finger foods, we sit and play and eat our finger foods down on the floor, a bit messy at times but it takes the pressure off, sometimes it can take over an hour before lunch is finished but it works, I know you work and Gavin is at daycare during the day but maybe you could take this approach at dinner time. Hope the chart is useful.
Avatar f tn definitely you need to avoid simple sugars and make certain you are eating at least 100g of protein per day. if you eat protein at each meal, it slows down your body's breakdown of the carbohydrates you eat and help to minimize blood sugar spikes.
Avatar n tn Do not go on empty stomach and i advice you to take a fruit or some amount of glucose and try running after that. You can experiment with foods containing high fibre carbohydrates like oats etc at night, do not worry about Heart Rate if your basic parameters are perfect as i mentioned in my last post. Just get examined near a cardiologist if the heart rate worries you. Take care!
Avatar n tn New range as of 2003 is 0.3-3.
798555 tn?1292791151 2) on both tests, with suppressed TSH. In addition, Chloride levels are high and protein and globulin levels are low. The high chloride could indicate dehydration, since I was fasting; however, the low protein and globulin may indicate malabsorption. It will be interesting to see the NP at the end of the month and find out the results of the stool test I did.
Avatar f tn Also the time interval between feeds should not be too much. Frequent small meals that are high in protein and caloric content may be taken. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also necessary. Consult a dietician for a diet chart. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn All nuts are classified as fatty foods, but most have a small amount of carbohydarates and protein in them too. This chart tells you how many grams of carbohydrates and fat are in different types of foods and are grouped by type of food. Go down to the Nuts and Seeds area and you will find the carbohydrates, protein and calorie amounts for the different types of nuts: http://whatscookingamerica.net/NutritionalChart.
446049 tn?1468272237 The purpose of eliminating these white foods will help get you started in adopting a healthier way of eating as they are high in digestible carbohydrates. High DC equals high glucose levels. You mention bran flakes. Bran flakes are high in fiber and good for you. However, boxed cereal contains large amounts of added sugar put there by the mfg to add 'flavor'. Read the ingredient label on the box and find one that contains zero sugar or other strange ingredients.
Avatar m tn His height is just above the 95th percentile for his age, and he may appear thin due to his high stature. Without his weight, I cannot determine where his weight falls on the Growth Chart within his age. Suggest engaging him in cooking food and then start adding healthier foods to cook. Hopefully that will help ‘enrich’ his meal choices. Let him make milkshakes (ice cream, fresh fruit or frozen fruit, and milk blended) which will provide additional calories, protein, and vitamins and minerals.
Avatar f tn He was born premature so he will falls below 'normal' children growth chart. As long as he growing and gaining weight at a steady rate, no matter how slow, he is developing normal. Suggest in place of milk (milk, fruit, and ice cream blended) or yogurt smoothies (yogurt, milk, and frozen fruit blended). Add dry milk to oatmeal, mashed potatoes, gravies, creamed vegetables, and creamed soups (add additional meats to soups). This will give him additional calories and protein for weight gain.
Avatar m tn So farmers add dyes to their feed to change the fish’s color from the inside. They can use a color chart, like the paint colors in hardware stores, called the SalmoFan. It allows farmers to choose shades of flesh between pale salmon pink (#20) and bright orange-red (#34). Over the last several years, consumer lawsuits have forced some supermarkets to put “color added” labels on the packaging of farmed salmon.
Avatar m tn In addition I do eat lots of foods high in protein like turkey, eggs, chicken and so on. With the shake alone i get about 1500mg daily and I read that the range should be between 500mg-1500mg if I'm not mistaken. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn I try to feed her high fat foods but we are both vegetarians. I give her extra vegan butter on everything, avacados, peanut butter, full fat cheese/yogurt, kid fortified soymilk, icecream, everything imaginable. She loves veggies and fruits and her iron levels are great. Any suggestions? We see a nutritionist in a week. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Since he is eating yogurt, suggest yogurt smoothies (yogurt, fruit and ice cream blended) at meals for additional calories and protein. At 12 months old he can be eating finger foods. Some tips for additional calories: If he likes pasta, then add meat or cream sauces to the pasta instead of plain tomato sauce or plain pasta. Add dry milk to oatmeal, mashed potatoes, gravies, creamed vegetables, and creamed soups (add additional meats to soups).
2090883 tn?1410011393 I wouldn't think that ANY food fat content would elevate his triglycerides off the chart..... Mild elevations can be a result of food, but normally high tris are a result of another disease such as Cushings, Kidney protein loss, Diabetes, Thyroid disease to name the main ones. Do you have a copy of his blood work so you can check other levels that may point to the direction of another disease? You need to get a copy if you didn't. I assume the Vet sold you a low fat prescription food?
Avatar n tn His weight is on the 10th percentile and his height is just below the 25th percentile for his age. He is on the growth chart which is considered normal. Since he likes milk, suggest giving him in place of milk high nutrient dense drinks, Pediasure or make your own milkshakes (milk, ice cream, and fresh fruit or frozen fruit – if he accepts it) or yogurt smoothies (yogurt, fresh fruit, and frozen fruit) for additional calories and protein.
Avatar m tn Sit with him and plan a diet chart with high fiber food and minimum fat and simple carbohydrate and protein. Tell him to avoid fast foods and junk foods. Take care!
Avatar f tn Losing weight helps a lot along with daily exercise and eating a proper diabetic nutrition. An A1c of 7.7% says his daily glucose level is 174 mg/dl, HIGH. Even 7% is high as it equates to 154 mg/dl. Ideal level is <5% = 97 mg/dl. As mentioned in my prior post his numbness and tingling can be associated with nerve damage. If this continues he should see an Endocrinologist [diabetes specialist]. He may then get referred to a Neurologist [nerve damage specialist] for advanced treatment.
Avatar f tn At 9 months or so she started picking up small bites of soft foods, only to spit them out and loose interest. This went on for several months. Now, she will, on rare occasions, eat a few mac n cheese noodles, or a small bite of green beans. Within two bites, she looses interest and fusses to get down. I have kept her on Enfamil Lipil next step formula, and suppliment w/ a whole food vitamin/mineral powder as well. I met w/ her doctor this week.
Avatar n tn We still need iron though and the iron we get from foods are ok. Here is a little list of foods and such and what they help with..... Vitamins Sources and What Does it Do? ......
Avatar m tn Non-Heme iron has more iron then Heme iron , however, it does not absorbed well into our bodies so it is important to eat foods with Vitamin C and Heme iron foods to enhance absorption. For example, chicken with beans and a fresh orange; drink orange juice with the iron supplement; or have mashed potatoes with meat at a meal. High Iron food sources are all meats, fish, dark green vegetables, beans, enriched rice (cooked), enriched pastas (cooked), and whole wheat breads. Hoped this helped you.
1099356 tn?1257557633 My now 3 month old daughter whom is Exclusively BF has been sleeping throught the night (bed at 9pm and wakes at 5:30am) since she was 5wks old...Thats 8 solid hours of not feeding her..She is quite happy with her schedule and has gone from birth 8lb to 15lbs now..I keep to a really simple High Fiber & High Protein diet..Lots of Nuts, Dried Fruits, Yogurts, etc....My Concern is this...not feeding her 8 hours every night! Will it cause me to O and get pregnant without knowing?