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Avatar f tn I then went on vacation and had white spots on my chest that would not tan and I have never had that problem before. About two months after I got back from the each I started tanning again and now have little red itchy bumps on my chest and neck that will not go away. Could it be a reaction from the birth control I am taking because I have never had a problem like this before and I have always gone to the same tanning salon.
Avatar f tn Hello, From the symptoms they looks like heat rash or sweat dermatitis. Prickly heat (miliaria) is an itchy skin rash caused by trapped sweat. It tends to occur on areas of the body where skin touches skin, such as under the breasts, on the inner thighs, and under the arms. Tiny red spots with itching and pricking sensation are the characteristic appearance of this rash. Avoid using any lotions and creams for the meantime. use a mild cleanser with moisturizing properties like Cetaphil.
1025521 tn?1252511328 Oh my goodness! Everyyear, I go through the same thing!!! I am an RN as well, and I usually get the welts and bumps on my belly and back. Places the sun doesn't normally get to, but slightly of areas. But to be honest, it itches, and looks gross. Cutting to the chase, it'll go away in acouple of weeks. It is the heat from the tanning bed mixed with amount of "sun" you skin has to adjust to!
Avatar m tn It was the heating up afterwards with a top on that didn't breathe which caused the heat rash. If one is burned from the sun or from a tanning bed then the skin tightens up and forms a layer of skin that is closed and the sweat underneath that is trying to come out of the pores that are now blocked or closed, can cause blisters from the sweat trying to get out. Also note that you can get planter's warts from tanning beds also.
Avatar n tn It was the heating up afterwards with a top on that didn't breathe which caused the heat rash. If one is burned from the sun or from a tanning bed then the skin tightens up and forms a layer of skin that is closed and the sweat underneath that is trying to come out of the pores that are now blocked or closed, can cause blisters from the sweat trying to get out. Also note that you can get planter's warts from tanning beds also.
1730786 tn?1310096414 im not quite sure what this could be since ive never tanned before but a suggestion im thinking of is just little heat bumps. also.. my sister tans quite a bit and when she was on the pill she did notice she gets these little bumps 2. try talking to a dr again and see what they say! best of luck!
Avatar m tn (and he doesnt have this issue) I do go tanning in beds though, so I was wondering if maybe i got something from that? Help!
Avatar f tn Is it all because of the one time I went tanning before I got married? Is it PMLE or just a heat rash? Furthermore, while on vacation my rash won't show up until about the 3rd or 4th day into my vacation and then it covers my whole body. Why do you think this is? Side Note: I'm an spf nazi and cake 30-50 on at all times. I love swimming and vacationing, but the thought of going makes me depressed due to my ugly rash.
Avatar f tn for the past few months I have been going to a tanning bed and I've noticed itchy red bumps on certain parts of my skin. I've cut down on the tanning bed but the bumps have gotten worse. I am aware it is probably a heat rash and the tanning bed is causing but I would like to know what can help prevent it and what can help take it away or calm it down?
Avatar n tn ) This year for some reason my skin is getting big water type itchy bumps only from the tanning bed it has never bothered me before now I am taking Midrin 100 mg for headaches could this be one of the side affects? of the medicine?
1227909 tn?1267857079 Not everybody has the same problem. If you break out in itchy bumps from the sun on treatment, it is not hard to see that you will not tolerate the sun on treatment.
Avatar n tn I have ruled out stress, because my bumps do not come out from that. But they do pop up after I ingest 3 things. Dairy, refined sugar and chocolate. I don't eat refined sugar and have a dairy allergy, so no dairy of any kind. But when I do cheat, like Easter chocolate or ice cream, they come out. The problem with that is that all three things are usually in the chocolate and ice cream and I can't pin point it. I am hoping that this post give some of you an "Ah Ha" moment.
Avatar n tn I have that too! It started when I bit my lip and then for some reason it turned into an ulcer. then it felt like the soreness of my ulcer was spreading, which I thought was strange. It's been a week and a half and my ulcer is about gone now but I have tiny bumps the same color as my lips all over my top and bottom lips. Maybe from what you're saying I bought a bad tube of canker sore stuff for my ulcer & it caused this infection.
Avatar f tn (Day2=4th calender day, Day 3= 6th calender day ECT) Day 1- No Change small amount of bumps Day 2- Few bumps Day 3- Many bumps Day 4- Holy crap I cant believe the amount of bumps I have on the back of my hand this is pretty disgusting I feel like I have herpes of the hand.... people give you weird looks and you family wont shake your hand anymore. But in my hypothesis I wrote down that this would be a part and in my eyes everything was going as planned.
Avatar n tn this small bumps that you have on your fingers are probably coming from and allergic reaction to something your eating or touching or it could be a heat rash because at this moment i have the same red little bumps on my fingers and its irratating and the best thing to do is not scratch it and expecially try to not go in the sun alot and keep the temperatures around you at a moderate tempewrature because like i said it could be a heat rash I also have the bumps and i go to the doctors on the 31 o
Avatar n tn I first got the bumps on my elbows a few months ago and i thought it was from the tanning bed. They eventually faded away. Recently I started getting them again this time they're 10x worse. They're all over my fingers and spreading down my hands, elbows & inside of elbows, they're on my hips, knees & back of knees, also have a few on my feet.
Avatar n tn If you're fair skinned and have recently been exposed to the sun, they're probably "heat bumps" or "sun bumps". I have gotten these since I was in my younger teen years, I'm 21 now, and I only get them in extreme climates (warm, not cold) and after applying most sunscreens. You could either be extremely sensitve to the sun, or allergic to ingredients in the sunscreen you are wearing.
Avatar n tn it started out as tiny raised bumps that itched alot, so i put a bandaid over it..overnight, it went from tiny bumps to raised clusters of burning bumps..they keep gettin larger everyday..the bumps look like clear fluid sacs, but im too afraid to pop them considering they constantly burn... ive had similiar ones before, but not this bad, they didnt burn...i thought it was mulluscum contagiosum (which ive had before)..
Avatar n tn i havent had sex in over a year so i know it's not from that cause it just showed up about 2 or 3 months ago. itching and bumps are predominantly on my inner thighs, buttocks, behind the knees, matter of fact, i'll just say my whole legs, waistline, and spreads up to my stomach back and arms. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Avatar n tn Meanwhile I got a bump on my back of my head by my ear. About 2 days later I got two more bumps, one on my neck and the other on my head about 2 inches up from my hair line. Then the next day discoved a bump by my other ear. That all appered by thursday. The doctor said the bumps could be a numerous of things and to keep an eye on them for a month if they don't go away come back. I noticed they are sensitive to heat, when I sit in the tanning bed they hurt.
Avatar f tn I have sun poisoning from a tanning bed I went to yesterday. I noticed this morning white bumps on my private area (I am a female). I wore underwear. The bumps are inside not on outside where the skin was not exposed. I developed the rash all over late last night. My body was so red and hot that even wearing a t-shirt I was uncomfortable and had to turn the air conditioning way down. I am concerned. I haven't slept with anyone for two years. I have weird sensitive skin.
Avatar n tn I have little bumps all over my chest, neck, stomach, and abdomen that itch, and burn. Could this be from the tanning bed? I just don't understand why that's the only part that burned when i was on my back, or if it could just be red from being irritated. I've tried benadryl, calomine lotion, some cortaid spray and nothing is helping. I feel like it's spreading. Any ideas what it could be?
Avatar n tn Have spent some time in the sun and tanning beds my whole life (Im 23 years old). I havent been in a tanning bed in quite some time, but recently went. The next day I noticed red/purplish spots all over the inside of my forearms (rang in size of tiny-small freckles). I have had a few similar looking spots on the tops of my hands before after tanning that later turn darker brown, than lighter brown, then the disappear. This is also happening with the spots on my forearms.
250701 tn?1320978365 I am well acclimated to heat and humidity. I am not exactly the beach or tanning type but I already know how my skin responds to the pool, various sun screen/block, the sun, sweating and most important: to what degree the meds are photosensitive. **photosensitivity is the huge wild card here that is unique to your physiology. All we can do is share how we respond in the conditions you outlined.
Avatar n tn Every time I am out in the sun for a period of time especially sunbathing I always break out into a rash. It itches like crazy and I get bumps all over of course where ever the sun was exposed to. I like laying out and try to get some color cause my skin is so pale but fair. How can I lay out in the sun without worrying about a bad rash later. Any remedies to do before or after being in the sun?
1222635 tn?1366399886 im almost 2 weeks postpartum and im covered in a weird rash...it LOOKS like a heat rash, but i don't think it is because it's every area of my legs and on my forearms stomach back and hips....its not just in crevices or on the back of my knees. its not very itchy, the only part that really itches a little is where it is the worst, on the top of my stomach..anyone else experienced this or know what it could be? i have no health insurance other than medicaid..which only covers postpartum things..