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Avatar n tn Hi amesw, Did you ever figure out what the tiny bumps on your lips were? My symptoms sound exactly like what you have. I also have thought that it could possibly be Fordyce, but the small patch of bumps on my lip are sooo tiny and are the same color as my lip that it doesn't seem to match the Fordyce symptoms. Like you, my lips are dry (they normally are not) and the small patch of very tiny bumps feels scaly when i run my tongue over it.
Avatar n tn Hi- Recently in the last year, I have noticed some lip issues. Every so often I will get one or so white bumps on my lips that appear to be "white heads". They kind of look like a vesicle. Sometimes it happens after eating hot soup on one area--like maybe the spoon scrapes that one part. Like within that same day or the next it will happen. They don't itch, aren't really painful at all...I notice a little pain if I press hard on them, but just "bumps".
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been experiencing little bumps that feel like a small heat rash inside my lips, I have been really stressed lately with finals and such. My lips have been a little chapped and I thought maybe it was because of biting on my lips. I haven't felt them today or most of yesterday. Is it herpes? what could it be? I'm really worried and paranoid. I don't have any cold sore and you can't see the bumps, I just feel them.
Avatar n tn So I've had this experience twice now, where i start out with red bumps on my lips which lend a sandpapery feeling to my lips and seep pinpricks liquid if I press my lips together. In a day they are forming small yellow crusts and the corners of my mouth are getting worse. There is a tingling sting on my lips, especially around the borders. The corners of my mouth will be sore and crusty and will split if I open my mouth too wide.
Avatar n tn hi even i get heat bumps every year around my lips, the reason for getting heat bumps is excess of body temperature, excess of heat in body comes out as a result of heat bubbles/bumps, we need to control our body heat by avoiding eating food which generates heat (food containing high proteins should be avoided as its generates heat in body eg: chicken,soya,papaya,dal), also avoid eating spicy food. Have curd as much as you can as it helps in cooling down your body temperature.
Avatar n tn Hi Differentials for whitish bumps on the lips may be a fungal infection or a herpes simplex type 1 infection as in the case of cold sores .These conditions may be spread through direct skin to skin contact. Kissing may readily spread a fungal or viral infection. For fungal infections, antifungal gels may be able to help. As for cold sores, there is no single definite treatment for this. Antiviral medications may be taken orally on the 2nd or 3rd day after the onset of blisters.
Avatar f tn Four or five days ago I noticed my vagina getting extremely itchy and painful. Then, i noticed two bumps on the outside of my lips on my vagina, and a lot of redness. It seems as though it's swollen too, but I'm not positive. Two days ago, multiple little red bumps appeared on my inner thigh which didn't hurt but burned, especially if I'm walking around. There are bumps similar to these all over my vagina and near my butt cheeks. I am sexually active, but monogamous.
571566 tn?1217113374 i dont know if u are the right doctor to ask but i have tiny bumps on my mouth. MY upper and lower.They are directly on my lips and very hard to see. but i can feel them. it feels really rough when i rub my lips together. i dont know what they are. my dad said it my be the salt from some sunflower seed but ive never gotten than when i eat seeds and i eat them alot.there my favorite. please help because i cant help but to worry about every little thing that could be wrong.
Avatar n tn the other day while i was getting a shower i noticed two small bumps on the inside of my vaginal lips....i finished my shower and thought nothing of them...now one of the two bumps is getting bigger and there is pain with it now. I also have itching in between my legs like i have chafing (sp?) Do you think this could be because of the heat? Sweat build up maybe? Has anybody had this problem before?
Avatar m tn I did notice before most of my bumps on my thigh surfaced that there was a very inflamed pimple like bump. After the inflammation went down in that one pimple and started to heal a couple of days later bumps near my groin started to pop up. The pimple like bumps started popping up after my vacation when I wasn't doing much activity. It has progressively been getting worse. Another symptom I noticed is how extremely dry my balls were. It was also itchy and itching it would make it worse.
Avatar n tn For the last 20 years I have gotten small red bumps on the sides of my fingers. They don't blister. They start out as one or two and then I might get a few more and they seem to cluster up on only the sides of my fingers. They are not itchy but they are sore to the touch when you run your finger over them. It feels like you have a splinter. They are slightly raised and red in color. They will stay for varying lengths of time and then dry up and go away.
590382 tn?1221796942 i started my period today, and noticed these small bumps inside the lips of my vagina (in front of the urethra) there are a lot, but i dont know what they are. i have been looking things up all day, and have not found anything, close to what they could be. again, i have never had any sexual contact, and they are about the size of an asterick (*). i have noticed bumps like this before, but they only show up when im on my period. i use pads, and i was wondering if i could be allergic?
Avatar n tn Hello we have notices few pimple like bumps around her lips for last few days..mainly on upper lips..they dont hurt but feel sore when touched by hands...what can this be? should we apply hydrocortisone on it?also we are noticing that her pigmentation is getting darker...she is taking all the precution in the sun..what could be cause of this.
Avatar n tn It starts with tingling at the edges and goes on to look like clown lips, red and chapped from nose to chin. I develop tiny little bumps at the rim of my lips and they ooze and crust. Last year when it happened, I went through everything possible from food to cosmetics to laundry detergent, toothpaste... you name it, I changed it. Finally, when I stopped eating papaya, it went away! Back to a normal life for me without papaya... until this year!
Avatar n tn But after our fourth time together my lips got really swollen especially on the right side and burns wehn i pee,i bleed a lil ,and it hurts aloT! i ahve no cottage cheese looking discharge or distinct smell.and that was about seven months ago. Since then it has been happening i thought i might be alergic to condoms,but it happens even when we dont use one. Thought it might be intercourse but it happens even with just touching .
Avatar m tn Last week, I looked in the mirror and I saw little dots/bumps on both my upper and lower lips. They're usually very itchy and dry. Then when I wash my face and dry it, the little dots/bumps would release clear liquid. What are they? Are they herpes?
Avatar n tn When the bumps appear, it is usually two at a time sometimes even three (two on the left and one on the right or vise versa). The bumps first swell, the skin on the bump then turns into a pinkish-red color; the bumps sometimes itch as well as become sore. They become soft, and eventually cause a white or yellowish discharge if I mess with them. Then, after two to three weeks they curst over and disappear (then come again a month or two later).
Avatar n tn i have little bumps on vagina on the outside of it in between my thigh and the lips of the vagina. then i have two lines one on each side of the outside of my vagina that also itch and hurt. they are sore and itchy and sometimes the whole area down there burns after sex. im really worried and freaking out because im 23 weeks preg atm and i dont want to pass this on to the baby however i have had it for a while.. just thought it was 'normal'. the lips of my vagina hurts when we have sex.
Avatar n tn It usually occurs in the winter.I also get small bumps on my skin. I tried allergy midicine from the doctor and it didnt have any affect., Also,I tried taking Vitamin B to help with my red blood cells but that hasnt changed anytihng either. Could anyone advise if thye have information on this.
Avatar n tn i have the same problem, it ***** i have the bumps everywhere on my hands and some on my feet. and the itching is constant. my boyfriend of a year has a similar condition only his have scabbed but he also gets the itchys. i hate them ive been to the doctor 2 times first they told me it was contast dermatitis and the steriods and cream didnt help. the second time the doctors didnt know they gave me cream and told me if it stays i should go to the dermatoligist.
Avatar n tn I get the little bumps on my hands (palms mostly but sometimes up on my fingers depending on the severity of the "break out") and on my feet (much rarer). I went to the doctor for it as a child eveytime it happened and after years of lotions, creams and steroids it still is hasn't gone away, although I've started to note patterns of break outs and they've gotten less frequent and severe. I've found at least 3 seperate triggers that cause break outs for me. The first is stress.
Avatar n tn The rash started out under my nose in two/small separate bumps on the upper lip and has subsequently spread around the entire vermillion border. In the beginning the swelling was painless or itchy; now it burns several times a day. The swelling/rash will be, at times, more inflamed. There is no particular reason for this that I can tell, the swelling seems to occur with sunlight and/or heat and the burning occurs at all times of the day.
Avatar n tn So I have A BUNCH of tiny tiny bumps inside my vagina hole, && on the left and the right side of my inner lips and I had some on the top starting of the vagina, i was freaking out so i used everything from vagasil to peroxide, and when i use the peroxide it bubbles so that means theres an infection, I'm 16 years old and I'm sexually active, But i waited a couple months and their still there, and their hard like bumps that don't pop, so i've been using nail clippers to clip them off (pain
Avatar n tn It started in June 2001 when after I eat some buffalo wings (cayenne pepper sauce) my lips started to burn immediately and they got red and on the next day I got that swelling lips and than some cracks on the following days. I went to the emergency because I couldn't open my mouth that was hurting a lot. They prescribe me hydrocortisone, but I think it didn't help very much. It took more than three weeks to heel.
Avatar n tn I noticed little bumps on my pinky and ring finger on my left hand about a week ago. Now my two fingers are swollen, itchy, burning, peeling, flaky and red. I am not sure what it is and I don't have anything like this anywhere else. The little bumps started peeling and now both fingers look really gross and are painful.
Avatar f tn I get these teeny tiny little clear bumps on my fingers and sometimes I get one on my lip. They are hard to see and I don't know they are there until I touch it. On the fingers they are usually near the tips and on my lip it's near the inside on the bottom lip. They go away in just a few days, no more than a week. But, they are really annoying and I haven't got a clue as to what it is. Sometimes after the ones on my had go away I get tiny dry blisters that just open to look raggedy.
Avatar f tn A couple weeks ago I had little bumps on the edge of my upper nd bottom lip and every time I would rub my lips together it would feel scaly. So I put Hydrogen Peroxide. and they just dryed up. and went away.. and a week later now i have it on my cheeks and lips and now i have itchy underarms and chest. they dont have puss or anything, but they itch and are pink and the bumps are different my skin just looks irritated. My parents think its stress, but i dont think it would last this long.