Having sex while you have a uti

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Avatar f tn You will want to go to the doctor to find out if it's a UTI or not. You can get them without having had sexual intercourse. Fingering, oral, or even wiping the wrong direction can push bacteria into the urethra and cause a UTI. UTIs can and will progress to a bladder and kidney infection if left untreated, and you will need an antibiotic. Are you urinating frequently on top of the pain? Any blood? Also symptoms of a UTI.
Avatar f tn I have HSV & I've noticed for a while now that a couple days after sex I have burning/pain w/ urination, lower abd. discomfort, some bleeding, no lower back pain. I have had about 4-5 episodes since i have been diagnosed w/ HSV & have taken Abx for it everytime. I don't think it is actually is a UTI but the abx seems to alleviate my symptoms. I am currently having one such episode and have decided to give a Urine C&S/UA.
Avatar m tn if you have burning with urination, you need to be seen and follow up on it properly. make an appointment with your provider this week for a proper work up.
Avatar n tn Is it a bad idea to continute having sex while i have a uti ? Would it be painful as he would be pressing up against my bladder in a way. ? Could it do any further damage to me if i have sex while having this uti ? Thanks very much.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with genital herpes a year ago and during my first outbreak I remember having swollen lymph nodes but I have not had a herpes outbreak since and am showing no signs of blisters or anything. Is it possible this is a new std? Or is it a manifestation of herpes? Im just beside myself because after i contracted herpes I have been extremely safe. I thought oral sex was safe.
Avatar n tn Everytime I finish my antibiotics, it seems like im getting another uti. Like I just finished medicine two days ago and now I have a feeling I have another by the pain and the smell(tmi, I know). Im 29+3 and I hear uti's can cause you to go into preterm labor. Has this happened to anyone else before?
Avatar f tn What you can do to prevent this from happening is to make sure to keep yourself clean, especially if you are having sex, and make sure your partner is clean before sex. Always wipe from front to back, and when you can shower products don't put them inside your vagina while cleaning.
Avatar m tn I havent had sex since being treated, about a week and a half later I started to feel some discomfort while . The problem has persisted since then. I read online the proper way to take azithromycin for Chlamydia is to take all seven pills at the same time. I dont have any discharge. Is it possible to get a UTI after being treated or is the Chlamydia coming back because of being treated the wrong way.
Avatar f tn Since it was burning it could be from friction..do you have any other problems other then pain while having sex? No discharge? This may be tmi but were you wet enough? I know sometimes when I am on the dry side it starts to hurt too. Since it hurts so bad I wouldn't have sex for a couple days. If its burning from friction you need to give it some rest. If it continues and you start noticing other problems you may be getting or have an infection.
Avatar f tn My gf developed UTI last week after we had unprotected sex, but we been having unprotected sex for a while now and that never happened. Can I be doing something to cause this?? We live in brasil and its really hot here. When we have sex we tend to sweat buckets cause it so hot, can that be the cause sweating getting into private places?
Avatar m tn not unusual to feel pretty miserable from the azithromycin actually. they wouldn't have told you you had a bacterial infection unless the testing showed one. you've had nothing that sounds suspicious for genital herpes yet. the bumps you describe sound more like irritation or even a fungal infection than herpes.
Avatar n tn if you can't tell your mom you're having sex then you shouldn't be doing it. you could have a uti, infection or std. you need to get to a doctor. woman up and tell your mom.
Avatar n tn im not a doctor, but i have 2 suggestions for you. it would probably be a good idea to stop having sex for a while and see if the burning decreases and if so get a prescription of birth control, and stop using latex.. OR, you can go to the doctor, not a gynocologist, just your normal doctor, and explain your situation.. its very possible you may just have a badder infection hope it works out ok!
Avatar n tn According to some of the sites I have gone through, UTIs can form after having rigorous sex after a long 'dry' period. I have had a UTI before. The last time was very serious and involved a copious amount of blood while peeing. This time does not. Not only that, but I am experiencing slight vaginal discomfort. There is a general feeling of 'ickiness'; not really a pain, but maybe a pressure. In addition, there has been on-and-off-again itching on the exterior/interior of the vagina.
Avatar f tn I am a 24 yr old uncircumcised male. I had sex with a prostitute around two months ago.While having sex from the back(vaginal) the condom tore from the top and I had not realized it until I had pulled out ejaculating inside her in the process.The hooker said not to worry as she gets tested regularly. After about 20 days after the incident I started having mild urine sensation and light penile pain after urinating( and not during urination).
1335096 tn?1294184812 You should stop having Sex if it causing You pain, I had pain about a week ago when I had sex My doctor mentioned it was the babies way of telling me it was too much
Avatar n tn com/health/chronic-urinary-tract-infection#Overview1 Good Luck to you Sierra (I have a best friend named Sierra lol) Have any questions you feel to ask anonymously then feel free to ask me. I try to check my profile as much as possible.
Avatar m tn I have a question, the person I am involved with gets thrush and other yeast infections, and has been told they are prone to having flare ups. My question is if I were to have oral sex with them even when they appear to be symptom free, am I at a greater risk for UTI's?
Avatar m tn The pain got increasingly worse and 2 days later I went for a checkup. I was given a urinalysis and diagnosed with a UTI. I had a higher than usual white blood count. They did not check for STDs. The doctor prescribed Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride.I began the medication and within 2-3 days the stinging sensation while urinating had decreased. The following Friday July 8th I had conjunctivitis. I read online that this is a possible symptom of chlamydia.
Avatar f tn After about 6 months I found I rarely needed them and now I have not had an infection for a while. I also feel better having a supply of cystitis relief sachets to hand just in case I begin with symptoms so this might be a way to make you feel more comfortable. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn if your partner you are having sex with has herpes and you have sex in a pool with them, yes you are at risk of contracting their herpes. If your partner doesn't have herpes, you won't get it because someone else in the pool has herpes. it doesn't float through the water to infect others. did that answer your question about the situation?
Avatar f tn Yes, you can get herpes from having sex, regardless of where you have sex. And no, you couldn't get herpes from the swimming pool. As for your diagnosis: this was not handled correctly. A swab test should have been done from the lesions. If the swab test was positive, it should have been determined if this was HSV 1 or HSV 2. As it is, you had an IgM test done which is frequently wrong and is not reliable and does not tell you the type of virus that you might have.
Avatar m tn Were you brain fogged? Did you have a culture done and which antibiotics did you take and for how long? How long have you had this for? Did your urine samples come back as negative but your symptoms remain? Do you feel like your brain has never gone back to normal? I pray that mine will I cannot function as normal like this never mind be a dentist. After a 2 week course of augmentin i felt like my brain was back to normal but it took a the whole 2 weeks of slight improvement each day.
Avatar m tn i have a question if ye could answer fast to me it worrying me for this never happened to me before. the question is 1.me and my girlfriend tryed to have sex but we didnt go the full way in and two days later she finding it hard to go to the toliet and last night she bleed a bare bit , could ye tell me if it anything to worry about ? please would be alot of help 2. can pre-*** cause pregnancy even if i didnt go the full way in , like she not broken in?
Avatar f tn It is not just obamacare, it is just not safe to prescribe medication without a visit or an actual diagnosis... What if you don't have a UTI and it's something completely different? It's not ok to prescribe medication without being sure that they have tested your urine and confirmed that it is definitely an UTI. It's better to confirm a diagnosis so they can give you the right medication. It's for your own good.
432073 tn?1204148368 What antibiotics have been used over the last three years? Have you had recurrent yeast infections as well? I will provide a more complete answer to your questions after you provide a bit more information. ~•~ Dr. Parks This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice. The information presented in this posting is for patients’ education only. As always, I encourage you to see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.
Avatar f tn That usually happens to me after I get an exam or have sex. But it goes away after a full day of having those symptoms. Has yours gona away any?
Avatar f tn You can get a UTI without having sex, although sex can definitely cause one. Drinking the "cranberry juice" you find in the supermarket won't help you (it's usually cranberry juice cocktail, which has more sugar than actual cranberry). While there's some evidence that taking concentrated cranberry tablets can help prevent UTIs, they won't treat one you already have. If you do have a UTI, you'll need antibiotics to clear it up.
Avatar f tn Hi, - regarding the 'worm' coming out of your rectum - have you told a doc. about this - you say you have mentioned 'parasites' but what about the exp. when you were a child. From what I understand some types of 'worms' can live in the intestines for a long time. If it was a 'worm' that you saw - it wouldn't just stay in your 'rectum' - it would move around your intestines.
Avatar f tn hi hate to hear what youve been going through especally when you know something is wrong but the doctors seem not to find it or see it thats the worst.