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1715936 tn?1308789699 When I had my IUI they told me to have sex the night I did the shot and then to not have sex until after the IUI. I had some spotting and cramping the night before my IUI and thought I ovulated early and the nurse assured me that was not possible because the shot was controlling when I ovulate and I wouldn't ovulate before 36 hours. I did get pregnant my first IUI and no I did not do a 2nd insemination, only the one which was a little more than 36 hours after I did my shot.
Avatar f tn Sorry to be blunt but I had a brownish mucousy discharge 1 day qand 2 days after this IUI and have had short sharp cramping down low in my abdomen almost where I assume my ovaries are at? Just curious any advise or thoughts.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a 3 daughter and after having her I had 2 miscarriages in a row. I'm 30 and one of my FSH tests came back a 13..yikes! Fortunately after a few rounds of IUI I got pregnant and it appears to be stickin (I'm 17 weeks along). Obviously my husband and I do not care about whether it's a boy or girl but we're having fun guessing. I was just wondering if there have been any studies showing more males or more females born through IUI.
Avatar f tn Yesterday was quite a day. Everything I had read suggested that IUI was less intrusive than IVF, or just like a smear test and so on.... Ha! Thats not the way I felt last night. I felt more like a rag doll! The adventure began on Sunday morning with a 10000 iu with pregnal. Follicles at 1.8 and 1.9 and the lininig was thinkening well at 10. For reasons already outlined in this journal DH and I gave a great deal of Sun, running around. I didnt sleep particualrly well on sun night.
Avatar f tn My physician had me come back about 36 post hcg injection for iui. I was told 24-48 hr after injection u should have iui. Mine was on Easter sunday. Like you.....the tww *****!!!!!!! Best of luck to you! !
Avatar f tn It probably helps to have sex every other day or every two days during ovulation time since you husband doesn't have a high sperm count. Did you have sex the day after IUI? That would also give you an extra chance. Did you do a trigger shot before IUI or did you ovulate naturally? Trigger shot helps release any follicle 15 and over which would increase your chances. How old are you? There are great vitamins for men to take to help increase sperm count.
Avatar f tn It came back as non cancerous so we decided that based on my age 41 and my husband 42 we are closely approaching the end of our journey for possibly having children so we needed to put the pedal to the metal. So we opted for IUI, I was told that I am very healthy and my egg count was higher then it should be, which supports the theory that I was not ovulating like I was suppose to.
Avatar f tn im not exactly sure what the injections do ( what clomid couldnt do ) and im scared about doing them myself or husband. and then we do the iui. i really dont understand why i am having such a hard time getting preg. weve been trying for 5 years, so is this going to happen everytime i get my peroid? ( the endometial stuff?) i see the doc again in 2 weeks for a follow up just wondering why this is. thanks for any input.
Avatar f tn I have a date with a guy for New years eve which is 12 days after IUI and I know he will be looking to have sex as we have known each other for a while. ( he does not want children) Does anyone know if having sex may interfere with a potential pregnancy, I would not like to miscarry/fail with IUI, if having sex was the case. I was advised by fertility clinic to do a pregnancy test on 02.01.13. Has anyone been told not to have intercourse (IUI with partners/ husbands) by a fertility clinic.
Avatar f tn Today is 14 days after my IUI and I am spotting or I guess for slight bleeding. Not dark red but sort of like a brown color. So disheartened and upset. Not sure what I am suppose to think of this. My doc suggested I do a pregnancy test tmrw morning. Has anyone had this happen to them and what was your result? Anything will help.
Avatar n tn hello everybody i am just concern about i got spotting but not my normal mentrual cycle on the 12th day after IUI then i have sex and got a little more bleeding but not that much like i'm having my period, so can anyone tell me why is this happening is it possible that i'm not pregnant?
Avatar f tn I have to insert an estrogen pill every night to decrease the chances of having a misscarraige. I started the pill the day after my IUI. But other than that staying positive and can't wait until June 11.
Avatar f tn That day in the afternoon I had bad cramps and a bloated feeling. It lasted 2.5 days slowly fading each day. Tonight dh and I had sex and right after I started feeling crampy nothing bad. After about 10 min it got bad. I had to sit down and wait about 30 min for it ease up. Since then I still get on and off pain in the uterus/cervix area. Any ideas as to what is wrong? I don't remember having anything like this last time with the iui or fertility meds.
Avatar n tn I feel like urinating right after the sex. When I do that, Am I loosing all the sperms, thats why I am not having a baby?
Avatar m tn Anyway, my wife wants to try IUI again in about a month, but, as of now, I won't truly know my results if HIV tests aren't 100% conclusive. I have no problem in not having sex and refraining from any sexual contact with my wife. While she may not understand my reluctance in having sex, I do not want to potentially pass on my stupidity to her. So I will put up with the uncomfortableness and awkwardness of saying no to sex until I am 100% certain that I am clean. But what about IUI?
Avatar f tn Thank you for the tip, I'm sure DH won't mind that at all :) Did your successful iui's become babies? Tikita-I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work. Keep your head up, it will happen. Are you trying again? Sahiba- Any symptoms? I feel lots of mild cramping in my uterine area, am tired and a little dizzy feeling. I am hoping those are good signs but I know they could also be from the progesterone. One week left!
1636472 tn?1439186588 Hello Ladies :) So after quite a few months of giving TTC a break (mostly due to dental surgery and such) I have decided to come back full force this year with TTC a beautiful bundle of joy! Last year was the first year that I actually went to a fertility doctor to receive help in finding out answers behind why I have NEVER been able to conceive.
325477 tn?1250554909 Should I buy that Pre-seed tomorrow after IUI? I understand that i will be using Prometrium after IUI on Thursday, should I also use pre-seed? What if it will not be good for Prometrium? I m not sure here..... As far as I understand, Pre-seed just help to moisture down there, no? btw, can I buy it at CVS pharmacy?
1770927 tn?1327002512 I was able to wait until 14 days past IUI to do a HPT and it was POSITIVE! After more than 3 years (at that point) we were pregnant for the first time ever! Everything has been just fine so far and we're due a week before Christmas. I know it's probably not the way you ever envisioned getting pregnant but once it happens, I don't think it matters at all.
Avatar n tn Hi all, After months of trying, I am scheduled to do the IUI this coming Saturday. I am looking forward to it as I hope it will bring better chances of having a baby. But I am nervous too as don't know what to expect. Do we need to rest after IUI? Or we can just go ahead with our normal daily activities like shopping, exercising and so on? Anybody can give me tips to enhance the chances of getting pregnant with IUI? Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn I just had an IUI done on the 12th and my huband only had 3million sperm after the washing. I was told by the nurse that is the lowest count they will even do the procedure with. The insemination was very painful and I cramped the whole day. However my cervix is tilted and the nurse had problems getting the catheter in. My husband and I had sex 24hrs after like we were told and again last night. I am still hurting (cramping and pain inside when I sit, pee, etc.
Avatar f tn I had 3 follicles between 18-22mm and 3 follicles between 11-17mm. My IUI was 36 hours after my trigger shot. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn two IUIs 12 and 34 hours after hCG; one IUI at 34 hours after hCG; two IUIs 34 and 60 hours after hCG. Patients who had two IUI procedures 12 and 34 hours after the hCG shot had more than twice the pregnancy success rate (30.4%) when compared with women in the other two groups (14.4% and 10.9%).
1031264 tn?1318527841 I have also had cramping after having sex with DH. I think that's common during the week following an IUI. Tonight I had more of that nausea from this morning...it hit me while I was walking around my neighborhood with one of my work friends. Still could just be my nerves...but I;d like to think it's a legit symptom....
676912 tn?1332816151 Im against it. I think IUI is ok... But IVF is a little "iffy" for me. I definatly dont agree with "choosing"..... Thats what the country of China "used to" do. Many ppl would abort if it wasnt the "correct" gender. Thats what i feel "choosing" the female/male embryo is like. Its like aborting. That is only my opinion. That is my view of it. I think getting pregnant is not in our power.
1055869 tn?1294203119 This time I was cramping 2days before IUI (fNovember 13th) and then ALL day on Friday after the IUI? Is that normal? also how early can you take a HPT and get a correct answer? I took an injection of 10000 of hcg on thursday? I also took 5 days of clomid (3 pills and day) and 3 days of 150 gonal-f. my estrogen level was 85? i go friday for progestorone level. Im just not liking the 2ww. Oh and I have PCOS!!!
Avatar n tn I am on day 11 after my IUI and I have been having cramps since day 5, including headaches, heartburn, tiredness and irritability. But now I am having heavy discharge. Is this normal? or could this be that I am not preg and just a sign of my menstral cycle?
149010 tn?1197911001 And do you still BD after the IUI? How long after the HCG injection do they usually schedule the IUI?
Avatar f tn I would suggest having sex starting CD8 every other day...