Green discharge with yeast infection

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Avatar f tn In september i went for a full std checkup for a green discharge and oder and suprisinly everything tested negative and i was told it was a yeast infection. I wasnt happy with that so i got a pap smear everything tested negative again. The green color went away know i always have a creamy white discharge. So i gave up on that. In november i got punemonia and got put on antibiotics and since then i've been on like 20 different sets of antibiotics, i know its horrible.
Avatar m tn It was almost clear green. The next day, the green was gone. The following day, the green returned as a yellowish-green. Is this a serious matter? I have never had an std, or any kind of feminine problems, well, except in menopause during which time I had unusually heavy bleeding. Otherwise, I've never had bad cramping, and could time my periods almost to the minute. There is an unusual smell, but I wouldn't describe it was "foul.
Avatar n tn As far as I know it was nothing but I would talk to your doctor tomorrow. I know I did end up having a urinary infection and a yeast infection sometime after seeing the discharge because I never told anybody. Here's what it says in my pregnancy book: If the discharge becomes a yellow-green, develops a stronger smell, or your vulva, vagina, and anal region become reddened and painful, particularly when you urinate, tell your prenatal caregivers.
1214522 tn?1284137694 ) just learn from mistake, start carrying some pads around with u!!:) I would not recomend tampons at first because they are a little difficult to get in at first I went for three years just on pads no prob! Have fun with ur lady biz!!!!
Avatar n tn i ad that last month i had to wier panty liners and it smelled really bad. It was thick stringy and green sometimes yellow. I was diagnosed with a yeast infection. You can buy over the counter yest medication. Usually clears most infections within 7 days.
Avatar n tn Previously i got yeast infection. It happens after having sex with my partner. I went to doctor and got it treated. So after 2 weeks, the itchs and swell is gone. so i thought i have recovered. I am still applying the cream precribe by the doctor. However, last week after having sex with my partner, i got the itv feel again. It is not that serious, so i thought it normal since it is not painful.
Avatar m tn The doctor told me that it is not uncommon for a yeast infection to have greenish or yellowish discharge. Please get it checked out though! It will make you feel SO much better to know! I know how scary it is to see it at first, and I put it off for probably too long by trying to diagnose myself!
6765322 tn?1395817835 Hmmm gets me worried.
Avatar f tn first my discharge is look like cottage cheese I go to OB Already they said i have yeast infection they gave me vaginal table for 6 days after the medication my discharge become liquid then turns to yellow green color. Please help me i need a best answer to this problem.
Avatar f tn There's also this yellowish greenish discharge I get.. What's the best thing to do? I'm scared to go to the gyno with my mom because they ask personal questions & my mom would be there.
Avatar n tn Hey everybody can any of you please tell me if you had any light green discharge during pregnancy..
Avatar f tn / I lost part of it only so I usually indicates infection tho. I'd go get checked.
Avatar f tn Itchey and burning in the vagina without any white or green discharge does not seem related to any std as infections produce discharge. Itching and burning by itself seems more from friction irritation. You might want to see a doctor and get checked out to make sure all is ok as you dont want to pass something back and forth with your boyfriend.
Avatar f tn You might need to go to a women's clinic to get seen by a nurse practitioner at least. Green discharge sounds like you have an infection but yeast is normally white and thick. Call your local women's care clinics and find out what it costs to be seen. It's worth it to get checked out. In the meantime you can try a hydrogen peroxide douche. See if that helps.
1382961 tn?1279313748 I am now 5 days late for my period and this morning when I got up to go to the bathroom, I had an odourless yellow/green watery discharge coming from my vagina. I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend and the past yesterday and today we had sex and it hurt, and the feeling it was like is when you've done exercise and the next day you're feeling a bit sore. Do you have any idea as to what it might be? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Agree that it could be a yeast infection (less likely trich as that often doesn't itch but still good to get checked). they'll swab you at PP and tell you what it is and begin treatment. good luck OH, and if you are sexually active, use a condom to help prevent issues.
Avatar f tn Hi, yes this would not be associated with herpes but more a reaction from the yeast infection as the doctor advised. Herpes sores clear up in about 2 weeks.You should have tested for hsv1 also to rule this out only in theory. If you do have oral hsv1 for many years you would not contract it in the genital area as having it in one area would make you basicly immune to getting it genital.
Avatar n tn my 8yr old daughter has had green and brown vaginal discharge with pain redness and alot of itching for about three weeks, over the three weeks it has become a heavy amount of discharge. The doctor did a culture, which showed, gram positive strep, nothing else. Then he sent her to an obgyn when he examined her it was still very red and irritated with several blisters, so then he cultured it and that came back positive staph.
Avatar f tn I'm getting treatment for the yeast infection now which i dont really think is a yeast infection because the symptoms dont resemble a normal yeast infection. I have had yeast infection before and it was never like this. I always had classic yeast infection symptoms. which is why i'm extremely worried that i may have herpes. Do most people generate antibodies after 6 weeks? what are the stats?
1626827 tn?1299438376 o A thick, white, itchy, cottage cheese-like non-odorous discharge is often caused by a yeast infection. Common Causes of an Abnormal Vaginal Discharge * Vaginitis: Vaginitis is a general term that means "vaginal inflammation." Vaginal discharge and genital itching are the symptoms of vaginitis. Vaginitis may occur because of chemical irritation (e.g. excessive douching, or excessive use of over the counter yeast medication) or vaginitis may have an infectious cause.
Avatar f tn -I tried cannestin (sp) for a possible yeast infection. It was one treatment and it did help a little bit. But now I am back to where I started. -My discharge is strange. Sometimes its whitish lotion texture and sometimes its thick and sticky but also white. It was ONCE tinged with a bit of blood and ONCE it was green. -No leisons, no sore spots, no bumps. -Just sore sore sore. Like I have an infection. -No flu like symptoms or any body aches. I had a sinus flare up but thats it.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that my herpes infection was actually a yeast infection? Do yeast infections get confused with herpes in blood tests? Someone please just ease my mind! (And sorry for the huge post!
Avatar n tn Did you have any symptoms of a yeast infection or any odor? I have a yellowish-green discharge on most days and I just came back from seeing a specialist and he said it's normal. That most women have an increased amount of discharge during pregnancy & that it could vary in color. He said as long as there is no burning, itching, or pain and since my tests have come back clear..
Avatar n tn Almost every single doctor that examined me said that green discharge is more common than people like to admit with yeast infections. As long as you rule out ALL STDs (including having a normal pap smear in addition to microscopy AND STD testing), then you are on the right track. It's just SO frustrating that people assume immediately that it's NOT a yeast infection if there is green discharge. Not the case.
Avatar m tn Hello, You are right in thinking that it can be a male yeast infection. Men yeast infection can develop due to the overgrowth of Candida albicans. It can be transmitted through intercourse but may develop due in diabetics, weakened immunity and when taking a course of antibiotics also. Some of the symptoms of this condition are irritation and soreness in the head of the male genital, white curdy discharge and redness in the head of the penis.
Avatar n tn Well I was with ONE guy recently and was planning on him being the last. He got me pregnant and that caused me to end up with a yeast infection. I have some bumps around the opening of my vagina as well...they sting pretty bad when I urinate and when i touch them. They aren't very visible...I honestly can't see them, but i can feel them. The feel like an open tiny scratch or something when i urinate. Do you think it's from the yeast infection? Or could it be Herpes?
Avatar f tn Not only is it painful but embarrssing. I avoid intimacy with my husband for the fear of the odor and discharge. Before my discharge was a yellowish green but not has turned to a yellow white with some blood all the time, even after my period. It gets worse after my period usually 2 days afterwards. I have to keep a tampon in a majority of the time because the discharge is too much and it at times, please this sounds gross but its the only way I can best describe it, it gushes right out.
Avatar n tn Okay, so I read through everything you had to say about discharge and how it is normal, and I have to think that I don't have a yeast infection because I don't itch and nothing is inflamed or anything. The thing is that I have a ridiculous amount of discharge (for me) and it is yellow and doesn't smell very good. Should I see the doc? I haven't had my period in about 2 and a half months due to the stressful life of basic training either, could that have something to do with it?