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Avatar f tn I'm 14 and I've noticed green/slightly brown discharge. I had full brown discharge around a month and a half ago, but it was dark brown. I've never had my period and I'm a virgin. I'm really confused. It doesnt itch and it doesnt have a strong smell. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Ever since my period I've only had this type of discharge two times, second time is today. No funny smelling odor or whatsoever. The texture is just the same with a normal discharge. Not foamy. It's just the color that bothers me and the pain down there. I have a history of UTI, could that be the reason behind it? never had sex, but had oral. Partner is completely clean. My last sexual encounter was on the second week of January this year.
Avatar f tn According to him and the timeline, my infections don't match up with his one night stand. I just stumbled across green discharge being associated with HPV? Could I have had a dormant HPV for that long of a time (five years) and then had the green discharge start once the HPV came out of dormancy? Are yeast infections common with HPV? I tested positive for the high risk strains, never had the warts. Thanks for any thoughts...
9941050 tn?1407057337 Then after two days, my vagina is so much in pain, it was like swelling and having a pus-like then I'm having light green discharge. My research says it was an infection, a Trichonomiasis, an STD but my partner do not having any pain in his penis. Is it right? I am so much in pain now. Is this infection can spread throughout my vagina? And an antibiotic does help? Please help. Can't visit a doctor.
Avatar n tn Many women have signs or symptoms of infection which include a frothy, yellow-green vaginal discharge with a strong odor. The infection also may cause discomfort during intercourse and urination, as well as irritation and itching of the female genital area. In rare cases, lower abdominal pain can occur. Symptoms usually appear in women within 5 to 28 days of exposure. The genital inflammation caused by trichomoniasis increases a woman's susceptibility to HIV infection.
Avatar f tn I am 17 and have had 2 sexual partners. I have white discharge and odor, but i've experienced this since before I was sexually active. Actually i've had it for as long as I can remember. Then first time I had sex I was afraid my boyfriend at the time would think I was gross. I have a habit of "tucking" my underwear. I usually wear thongs could that have something to do with it?
Avatar f tn I'm 21, a virgin and have been to the Gyno multiple times about this and have been dealing with this for years. My discharge is yellowish/ bright almost highlighter green color. The odor is foul and sour, like vinegar. I have no itching, burning or inflammation. I first went to the Gyno and they found some yeast, I was prescribed meds, took them, and smelled " normal" for about a day. I went back and they said that everything was normal.
Avatar n tn anyone who has a foul smell (may even be fishy), there is hope. The discharge is typically whiteish grey or maybe even green or yellow. This smelly discharge is cause by BV (bacterial vaginosis) the doc can give you pills but they don't usually seem to work much. the only thing i have tried that worked was a douche. not a regular douche though. It's hydrogen peroxide and water. The infection is caused by an unbalanced pH level in the vagina, and the peroxide will fix that.
Avatar f tn Very normal that area gets pretty juicy during pregnancy lol. White discharge is good and prevents infection if its green and has an odor it's time to check with the doctor.
Avatar f tn Any ideas of what this could be or what I should do?
Avatar n tn It just smells, & Its thick . Originally it was yellow. But Now Its a greenish yellow, & sometimes it has white chunks (Its very disturbing) & its been happening for a couple weeks. Ive read some online about it & most of the women Said their doctors Said it was Fine unless it turned green & started having an odor. At first it didnt have an odor at all , but I told my doctor about it today & he once again Said it was probably nothing .
Avatar f tn hormones, your body is producing more secretions in response to them. As long as it is clear (not green or brown or yellow) and there is no odor, it is nothing to worry about. It is just a natural part of your cycle. It is not an infection. Birth control pills seem to cut down on the amount of discharge that women have, if it bothers you. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I am 21 weeks as of today and my discharge has changed color its always been a creamy white color now it looks yellowish this normal?
Avatar f tn My worry is I have been getting a white discharge, no odor, itchyness etc. Just the discharge. Is this something to worry about?
8593574 tn?1398974403 I have noticed these past few weeks that I been having a yellowish green discharge. . Its not everyday. But i have noticed it. Is it something to be worried about. Has anybody else had this? Should I call my doctor?
Avatar f tn is it normal to have a foul smelling discharge down there,when you have herpes...i shower everyday and it just stinks down there.
9790167 tn?1405913189 Pay attention to odor and if it turns green.
316994 tn?1259007038 But seriously, check the discharge itself if it is milky colored it is ok. If it is darker yellow or green with an odor then you may have a bacterial infection.
Avatar n tn I also have that lot of discharge the first was white discharge with bad odor, then yellowish smells like cheese eww! and its getting itchy having the same odor then this brown discharge and a couple of days pass I had this darker brown like black maybe and not so bad smell then now last week I had this light red stuff and having so so bad smell and its getting light pinkish brown like that, my siblings notice what that ******* bad smells in me everytime I pass them.
1626827 tn?1299438376 o Candidiasis (thick, white, cottage cheese-like, non-odorous discharge) o Trichomonas (foamy, yellow-green foul-smelling discharge) o Bacterial vaginosis (white-gray discharge, fishy odor). * Vaginal Foreign Bodies: Vaginal foreign bodies (e.g. forgotten tampon) must be removed to prevent vaginal infection. Sometimes these are not discovered until after the woman goes into the doctor for a bad-smelling vaginal discharge.
Avatar f tn ok, i was on birth control for 5 years, came off had my first child, then had my second a year after that, after the second one was born i went and got on depo. I rarely had any discharge after coming off of depo a year and a half later, my discharge picked up big time.. is that normal or not, i know that the depo shot cuts back ur normal amount of discharge so i just wasnt sure..
869568 tn?1248376515 Yep, I get the discharge, too. It's clearish w/ no odor and a little bit comes out every day now. I read that it's normal.
Avatar n tn Did you have any symptoms of a yeast infection or any odor? I have a yellowish-green discharge on most days and I just came back from seeing a specialist and he said it's normal. That most women have an increased amount of discharge during pregnancy & that it could vary in color. He said as long as there is no burning, itching, or pain and since my tests have come back clear..
Avatar n tn well in the morning i would go to the bathroom and you know the clear gel would be there which is normal i know. but the last couple days its been yellowish/green and some peach color like discharge along with the clear. yes i had sex like twice and yes i know i shouldnt have and i was wrong for that but we use condoms and i would wash up and put a little in afterwards to be on the safe side. the condom never broke so i am not sure what this could be so any advice would be so much appreciated.
Avatar n tn Discharge is normal, but usually yellow discharge with an odor is not. It may be nothing but you need to get it checked out to be certain. If it is something like an infection or STD and you don't get it treated you could end up with a whole lot of other problems, including infertility. I'm not trying to scare you, but you should definitely have it cheked out just in case.