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Avatar n tn I have an eight month old son and have another baby that's due in November I have a yellowish green discharge that wont go away and no matter what I do I have an unpleasant odo that won't go away it doesn't itch or burn but it hurts my doc has checked me for stds and I don't have any the only partner I have ever had is my husband and we were both checked before we got married
Avatar f tn I only have a very mild itch every now and then. However, I have excessive amounts of a light yellow-ish green discharge, with no odor! I know that that kind of discharge is usually signs of infection, but could it be due to the Monistat 1 ovule? I just don't know, because I didn't have this kind of discharge yesterday, when my symptoms were bad, and now that they are better, I have this discharge! Help! I am soooo confused!
Avatar n tn okay so i have a friend that i messed around with liek a week ago and before that my discharge looked pretty white-ish and a tad gooey but no odor at all, so i didnt have sex with this guy but he rubbed the tip of his penis on my vagina opening...and i we're both clean like never had stds or anything virgins! and now my discharge started comming out really smelly like it smell krabby with a hint of the smell of period n a little metallic smell..
8593574 tn?1398974403 I have noticed these past few weeks that I been having a yellowish green discharge. . Its not everyday. But i have noticed it. Is it something to be worried about. Has anybody else had this? Should I call my doctor?
Avatar n tn Did you have any symptoms of a yeast infection or any odor? I have a yellowish-green discharge on most days and I just came back from seeing a specialist and he said it's normal. That most women have an increased amount of discharge during pregnancy & that it could vary in color. He said as long as there is no burning, itching, or pain and since my tests have come back clear..
Avatar f tn and if I'm in a towel after a shower it will drip down my leg). More recently I noticed that the discharge had a yellowish-green color to it as opposed to the cloudy white it had been. Besides being particularly thin/liquidy and an unusual color, there is nothing remarkable about it; it has virtually no odor and it is not accompanied by any itching, burning, pain, redness, etc. I'm 21 years old, not pregnant, and have not tested positive for any STDs.
Avatar n tn If this is truly pus rather than just a breast discharge (pus would have an odor) then you should see your Dr. ... if there is an infection then you would need to be treated with some type of antibiotic. This would no doubt be some problem involviing the milk ducts .... see you Dr. for an examination and any test or treatment that he/she thinks is appropriate for your problem. Regards ....
Avatar f tn I am aware that a change in the discharge may occur and it's normal unless the color changed to gray, green or whatever and a foul odor. What's bothering me is the change of odor...does it really get that smelly? I mean, I used to see some discharge before and I can only smell it when I put my nose really close to it, but now, I can smell it just by putting down my underwear when I'm going for a pee; it's troubling me.
Avatar f tn The coloring started a light green and has become yellowish. There is no unusual oder. I am experiencing no other strange symptoms. There is no pain or itching. Only slight tenderness, but I believe it was just from the sex because it has gotten less and less. Other information is that I also received a bit of a tear on my labium minora (which i think has to do with the tenderness too). No pain while urinating or of any other sort. Please help and let me know if I should worry about this.
Avatar m tn It is also normal to have this increase in discharge before your period. In pregnany the discharge is referred to as leukorrhea. As long as there is no unpleasant odor you should be fine.
Avatar n tn I am 5wks post-op and also have that weird odor that everyone has mentioned. I still have a beige (no blood) discharge which my doc says is quite normal as I am still healing inside. Other than the odor, and a short bout with constipation, my recovery has been uneventful. I have cherished this time out of work as my boyfriend and family are spoiling me rotten. I will talk w/my gyno more on 2/03/13 prior to returning to work on 2/07/13.
Avatar f tn I've been having light green snot like discharge with a little spotting of blood. This is only when I wipe after urinating. It has no odor but some itching. I'm 21+5 and my last visit I explained that I think I may have an infection lady said urine was fine and that she would send it in for a culture(whatever that is)...
Avatar n tn i have an odor thats yellowish discharge that has an odor but got checked and i do not have any stds or a bacterial infection of any kind or a yeast infection. it started about a year ago and lasted even when i was pregnant goes away during peroid. im so angry,i guess i am gonna try all these things i guess and see.
Avatar n tn Discharge is normal in preg.If theres no odor ,green on the other had seems odd.You should make an appt. for infection.
Avatar m tn After 2-3 weeks maybe, I had intercourse and after 2 days, I had this bad odor yellowish discharge and maybe 2 days again, I had this brownish light spot. Is this a problem? Please help me 'cause I don't have any to talk to with this kind of problem.
Avatar n tn The discharge is definately not green, there has been no blood or pink tints, and my boyfriend, who is diabetic, has no symptoms.
Avatar f tn Increased amount of discharge Grey/white, thin, watery discharge Foul/fishy odor with discharge Increased odor to discharge immediately after intercourse
Avatar n tn the itch occurs before going to sleep and then in the middle of the night. there is no odor, no burn, no discharge - just severe itching. my doctor did tests - no yeast. she suggested it may be PINWORMS. apparently, the worms hatch eggs at night, that's why it's so damn itchy. and they can crawl up from the anus to the vagina.
1176126 tn?1263696983 The discharge keeps your vagina healthy and clean. In case you're wondering, it's supposed to have a slight odor. You should only worry if the vaginal discharge turns green, brown, or gray in colour.
Avatar f tn The texture was thin-liquid like and I remember seeing small liquid bubbles - not a lot of bubbles, but some. There was no odor. No itching. No pain. No irritation. It was simply the color/texture change that was completely different than what is normal for me. I immediately start to freak out and panic! I left the store and called my OB/GYN. I have an appointment scheduled with her next week. I am 39 years old and have NEVER had any vaginal issues.
Avatar f tn The strangest thing is, the odor graduated from that bloody smell to a foul odor and the color changed on my tampon. It ranges from dark brown, to yellowish, to green with dabs of bright red. It's also only drawn into two particular places on the tampon: the right and just a small spot in the left center. Always the same pattern. The tampon is also never drenched in blood; it's a light flow just those two areas. Im not experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort at all.
Avatar m tn When I wipe, there is almost always this clear/yellowish discharge that burns my anus as it comes out. I have a pretty decent size external hemorrhoid due to the straining. The stool is usually diarrhea, runny or very tar-like but it doesn't have any particular odor. It burns and almost never comes out on its own. No matter what I eat, I have these issues. I ate an apple once and it gave me problems. The more unhealthy or acidic the food, the greater the effect.
Avatar f tn I looked it up and the only thing that I found similar to my case was the yellowish-green discharge that many pregnate women get after a few weeks of pregnancy. I know for a FACT that I'm not pregnant...I'm only 15.What could this be? Any ideas? It doesn't hurt but has a slight sour odor. It's not noticeable unless you're up close and personal with it.
Avatar n tn There is a dark green sticky discharge from one of my nipples when it is squeezed ( the way you would express milk). It has probably done that for a few years and I have never had it checked at the doctor. Is this anything to be concerned about? It has no odor and is very sticky and you have to squeeze quite a lot for it to come out.
Avatar n tn I wear a tampon alot but by the end of the day there is just a small amount which yellowish-green in color. There is NO odor, NO itching, nothing cottage-cheese like. I have been tested for the typical STD's about a year ago because I had pain in my abdomen and those were negative. Only one partner. I'm making a long story here but should I be worried or check this out. Is it because of menopause?
Avatar n tn pleasant with no sickness, no zits, and a sex drive like an animal! As for the discharge and odor. As previously stated, I'm dry as a bone. However, I do get yeast infections like clockwork as soon as I take antibiotics! So, I have found that taking chewable acidophilus daily keeps my flora in check whether I have a yeast infection or not. If you try this for the discharge/odor situation, I have a feeling that if may help!
Avatar f tn I started having a watery discharge all day, every day. It's like water and has no odor. Obgyn had tested me for every STD. No infection, everything normal. I've been tested for fistulas. No fistulas. I had a complete hysterectomy due to lots of fibroids. They took out everything. All I have left is my vagina. The day after surgery, it started up again. Obgyn was stumped. Had been going to specialists, but gave up and went to a primary care doctor that I really liked.