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Avatar f tn rai has been done for over 60 years and test have been done that shows there is on long term effects from rai. the dose of rai for graves' is no more than a full day out in the sun or one dental x-ray. depending on the doctors goal and how sever your graves, doctor my given you just enough rai to, or try to, stop the hyper symptoms, leaving your thyroid some function. my throid still has some function.
Avatar n tn I though I read that 1/3 of people with Graves can spontaneously go into remission as long as no treatment is started.
Avatar n tn She wants to recover her normal form when sometimes her body is like a jail, a one ton armour that oblige her to stay lying in her bed with pain and exhaustion. In France, the long-term effects of such treatment are taboo and we found no doctor that recognized that it could be a possibility. She saw many specialists, who observed the problem organ by organ, and refused to consider the possibility of tx hard after-effects.
Avatar m tn 0 mark. You now know you have an autoimmune disease that will be with you for life. Graves Disease. It isnt the end of the world but it is time to now decide which way you want to go. Your antibodies levels were...??? If you didnt have them done, get them done. The higher the antibodies, the least chance of remission in Hyperthyroidism and Graves. Give away the body building injections as your body needs to heal and wont be able too if you are taking any form of steroid shots.
32864 tn?1212030257 I was told that I was probably predisposed to thyroid disease -- the radiation to the chest often causes thyroid problems -- not true? Also, what about the long-term effects of Taxol. I agree that I have had a run of bad luck. Thank God for kids (they keep you alive). Could I still have pain and numbness due to the chemo? Thanks again.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I was reading some really frightening posts about long term tx effects. From what I could tell they were all from around 2007 and from interferon. I'm still trying to decide wether to wait or start tx soon. I'm genotype1a. Just had labs done and viral load has went from 118,000 to 323,000 in year and 2 years. Ultrasound and biopsy show no chirrosis or fibrosis of liver. All my liver labs always come back normal.
Avatar n tn You are not alone, I too suffer from extreme exhaustion and lots of long term side effects. I agree that it's hard to fight the system but you have to keep trying! Keep checking with different least that's what I'm doing, it just is NOT normal for an HCV SVR to experience this much fatigue (there must be something else wrong). You sound like a very caring man and she is lucky to have you. My best to you and your wife.
Avatar f tn My Endo says I will need surgery eventually due to unknown long term sides effects of using PTU (we both ruled out RAI due to eye issues that I have) . However, it seems that surgery is such a drastic step for treating something that is so well-controlled on such a low dose of meds. We are even trying to go as low as 1/4 pill every other day.
Avatar n tn Good luck in your search, but I would urge you to find a good endo that you are comfortable with - they do exist (guess I lucked out and found two, the second one after I moved to a new city). Graves is not something you want to let go untreated long term as hyperhyroidism causes heart problems when not treated. Hope you feel better.
Avatar m tn my next visit is on the 15th. I am more curious if there are any other long-term effects that I should be concerned about other than dependancy, otherwise, I will be happy just carrying this bottle the rest of my life...and even more so if I didn't have to open it.
823964 tn?1238830499 He is reluctant to put me on interferon/ribavirin therapy which would last 48 weeks, because of the risk of blindness from Graves Eye Disease. Although I have been euthyroid for four years, I was treated for hyperthyroidism from 2000-2002 with atenolol, tapizole and PTU, and currently have clinical evidence of mild Graves eye disease in one eye, demonstrated by lid retraction, and slight limitation of upward and outward gaze.
Avatar n tn What is the long term effects of RAI treatment of Hyper throid? Are there something to worry after say 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years ? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Has anyone diagnosed with Graves disease had a successful remission without surgery? If yes, how long did it take and how did you know you were back to normal? I am debating the surgery vs long term use of thryoid suppressants.
Avatar f tn Now isnt the time to be playing super-mama. Graves can cause long term heart damage. Your health should be the number one priority now. You want to be there for your family.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Graves Disease approximately 10 years ago and have been treating it and dealing with it fairly well. I have even gone off maintenance meds (methimozole) was on very low dosage, did not respond well after a long time. Recently was put on PTU and it has been suggested that I do Radioactive Iodine Therapy or Thyroid Surgery even though I am responding to PTU positively. I am on 150 mg a day and it is said that might be lowered to 100mg/day.
346355 tn?1219858547 There are anti-thyroid meds that can be very useful short term. They are dangerous when used long term, but if she can just get into see some one there is immediate things that can be done to help her. I hate to think of not only all your marriage has gone through, it can be resolved with time, but what her body has gone through. Her mental problems should right themselves when her thyriod levels are brought into check. Mine have. I am now a fully functioning adult again.
Avatar n tn With the previous hypo history, it may be more likely to achieve remission then ultimately she may be at higher risk for long-term hypothyroidism due to the autoimmune destruction of the thyroid. Currently the immune system is over-stimulating the thyroid (Graves), but likely there is also background destruction (Hashimoto's). Would consider checking levels at 6 weeks rather than 3 months to make sure methimazole is at the right dose.
Avatar f tn Now we get to see a pediatric endocranologist on Monday and there is already talk of Graves disease. I'll admit - I am scared as heck. First - at this point I believe that immunological issue she had at almost five probably is what caused her thyroid to do this - which means that she has probably had some level of hyperthyroidism for three years that we just never caught. From what I have been reading - all of these ADD/ADHD like symptoms could be caused by her thyroid.
Avatar n tn Thanks for all the support, suggestions and help. No, my doctor did not tell me the long term side effects of the medication. I am seeing her in two weeks, so I will be sure to ask about the long term risks. This may sound dumb, but what is TT? I really don't want to do the RAI. I've heard such bad things about it, but I guess the results vary depending on the individual. I am a hyper person naturally, so having a hyperthyroid made me not want to sit still.
Avatar f tn In 2011, a study demonstrated that selenium supplementation (200 mcg per day) can slow the progression of eye disease and improve quality of life in patients with Graves' disease with mild ocular involvement (Graves' ophthalmopathy). Dietary wise, brazil nuts have the highest selenium content. Each brazil nut contains anywhere from between 50 - 90mcg of selenium depending on the soil.
Avatar f tn Hi my daughter was diagnoeed with graves disease in january with a goiter, rapid heartbeat and swelling on left side of heart. Her levels are not stabilising constantly up and down. Her she has been on 30mg of cabimozale for 3 months now which has been increased from 15mg when diagnosed. She is on 15mg of propanalol also. Can uou tell me if there is going to be any long term damage to her heart the longer who levels dont stabilise.
Avatar f tn Because interferon stimulates the immune system, it's a well known autoimmune disease trigger. Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), Graves' disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and multiple sclerosis are common occurrences in patients using interferon therapy for viral hepatitis. As many as 40 percent of patients with chronic hepatitis C go on to develop cryoglobulinemia, a condition of elevated cryoglobulin levels.
Avatar f tn Meds are not something we want to 'try' and hope for the best considering the possibility for long term need. We feel good about a thyroidectomy but I am so confused as to what she will 'experience' post surgery and how the disease will effect her. Metabolic and psychological effects after a thyroidectomy are something that Ive come to realize may cause her life changing complications especially being so young and not being able to relate her feelings :( how will has fare through puberty even?
166630 tn?1224784319 The white cells are a major part of the body's immune system. If you have Graves disease, it is treatable but not curable. We can return to good health, but the cause of the disease (antibody action) cannot be eliminated. This is not a temporary thing that will go away. The ATDs only control thyroid hormone production -- they offer no cure of the disease. While taking ATDs the thyroid levels are fluctuating all the time due to changing antibody levels.
687194 tn?1244814782 I was diagnoised w/hyperthyroid when I was a teenager in which I had RAI treatment, then became hypo. That was 20 yrs ago. Does anyone know if there are any long term effects from the RAI???
Avatar n tn People do not do this unless you have been positively identified as having thyroid cancer. The long term effects are terrible and the short term effects are misleading. My life became one illness after another after this treatments. I have met people who chose not to do this and have recovered. They went alternative, naturopathic to determine their toxicology through chelation challenge.
522070 tn?1233760519 The number I have seen is that less than 5% of those with Graves/hyperthyroid develop the eye disease associated with the thyroid disease. The eye disease is actually caused by different antibodies than those that cause the thyroid disease. Sometimes people have the eye problems and never have thyroid problems. Treatment of hyperthyroidism does not treat Graves Eye Disease.