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Avatar n tn I have had steroids for my eyes and and tapazole nothing has worked. I have toxic nodoles along with Graves disease. I have changed my diet and tried different things what do you suggest. I'm not sleeping, I have gained most of my weight back with increased heart beat. What can I do.
Avatar m tn How were you treated for Graves Disease? Are you now hypo? Are you on thyroid replacement hormones? If so, which ones, what dosage and for how long have you been on it? It's possible that you need to increase your med dosage, if you aren't losing weight. Typically, when thyroid hormone levels are adequate weight will come off. If you have current labs you could post, that would be helpful for us.
Avatar m tn Dear All, I have a few questions about the diet that patients of Hepatitis C should take/ avoid. 1. Alcohol is an absolute no as far as I understand. 2. What about coffee? I have read reports that it slows liver damage. Is this true? Should one have coffee during the treatment and when one is not being treated? 3. Do we need to avoid fried/ deep fried food? And what about chicken and mutton? 4. During tx papaya is said to boost platelet count. Does it interfere with the treatment drugs? 5.
Avatar f tn I've just been diagnosed with Graves' Disease. I have autoimmune thyroid disease that has changed from being primary Hashimoto's thyroiditis to Graves's Disease. I was diagnosed in 1997 with Fibromyalgia. I also have severe osteoarthritis, especially in both hands. What am I doing wrong? The doctor told me I'm a very strange case. What's that mean?
Avatar n tn If you don't mind. I see you posts starts out as Graves Disease and you are looking for a surgeon? While I would have to do some checking around on this can you post the reason for the removal? - Is it for Graves disease?
Avatar n tn I have graves disease. Does hcg stimulate the thyroid alot? In the small doses that you take on the diet would it affect my thyroid? I am on tapazole 1mg a day.
199177 tn?1490498534 My husband was diagnosed with graves disease this last week .He sees the endocrinologist Monday is there anybody that can help me understand this and are the partiular questions he needs to be asking the doctor .
Avatar n tn I have been going to an Endocrinologist for almost 1 year. He has done several ultrasounds showing that I have 5 tumors on my thyroid. I have a biopsy which showed they were benign. I recently had another ultrasound which showed one of the tumors had shrunk but another one appeared.
Avatar f tn Graves Disease is an Autoimmune Disease and usually when one autoimmune disease is found, there is usually a 2nd one found (this one being Diabetes). The Graves and Hyperthyroidism can be treated by either anti-thyroid meds or pernmanant treatment which will eventually stablaise the Diabetes although this is extremely hard if the Diabetes has been undetected for a long time. And something to watch for is ...Metformin can interefer with thyroid medications.
19457880 tn?1478056142 Are there any specific diet recommendations for Kennedy Disease? I have a few other genetic conditions too. Only other relevant one might be CAIS and Chimerism making me intersex.(I am XY but some tissue is XX from an absorbed twin) I had MTF surgery more than 30 years ago. But I suffered TBI, memory loss and abusive people for decades losing my original info. Though of course I still turn the Kennedy disease test positive and their are signs in tests of some of what I've been through.
Avatar m tn Graves Disease is an autoimmune disease where the Graves Disease antibodies attack the persons thyroid causing hyperthyroidism (levels of FT3, FT4 too high and TSH too low. Left untreated it can be very dangerous. Get your Sister to see an Endocrinologist but in the meantime whilst waiting for an appointment, get her to her local Doctor to start treatment of anti-thyroid medications.
877337 tn?1249844450 My husband and I are trying to loose weight. I have Graves and am struggling. We have reduced our portions, gone on a low-fat, low-carb diet. We have switched to whole grains/wheat and drinking water or green tea. I may have lost a pound or two but thats it. Do you have any suggestions? We are genuinely trying. Can somebody suggest a diet plan or site that might help? Thanks for your time.
Avatar m tn It is much ore like what our bodies make. Did you have Graves disease is an autoimmune disease that affects your thyroid as we know. Do you have a positive ANA now that you have had the radiation?
Avatar m tn MacMillan has Plummers Disease which is a completely different 'ball game'. I wouldnt reccommend anyhting for Graves and Hyperthyroidism other than anti-thyroid meds and/or permanant treatment. Graves antibodies are with you for life...and regardless of what some dont mess around with Hyperthyroidism. It would have to be more dangerous than Hashimotos. You only have one Heart and you only have one Liver....look after both and dont risk taking chances.
Avatar f tn My doctor won't diagnose me with graves disease but when reading message boards, people say anything over 2% is graves. If I have this, how can I cure it naturally? I can't take medication. TSI (Normal) 113 TSH 0.02 (Low) Range is (0.035 - 4.67) T3 Free 5.84 (high) Range is (1.45 - 3.48 ) T4 Free 2.00 (high) Range is (0.70 - 1.
Avatar n tn Grave's disease cannot be treated through diet, although diet can affect how you feel. Too much iodine can cause your hormones to go further out of balance. Thyroid Eye Disease is related to Grave's, but it is not part of the Grave's package for all people. You are hyper, whether you feel it or not. Heart symptoms and emotional problems are obvious symptoms, as well as weight loss and severe fatigue.
616450 tn?1228433627 I definitely have seen that my diet can rev up my immune system (aggrivatign the graves), but I lack any specifics or scientific studys to back this up.
Avatar f tn Your TSI indicates Graves Disease, however, it would seem that we might need more information. Are you taking anti-thyroid medication or have you had a thyroidectomy? Even though your TSH is very low, so are your Free T3 and Free T4... Graves Disease is associated with hyperthyroidism and low thyroid hormones, such as you have are associated with hypothyroidism... Have you been tested for Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb)?
Avatar f tn The other strain, called A/J, was not susceptible to disease on a high-fat diet. The mice were fed their respective diets for close to 500 days, weighed periodically, and then analyzed for the presence of disease. RNA profiles of hepatocellular carcinoma versus tumor-free liver tissue at the end of the experiment showed that two signaling networks - one centered on Myc and the other on NF-kappa B - were involved.
Avatar f tn In the mid august I had my second visit with the endocrinologist who continued insisting with Graves disease. When I questioned her about the absence of Graves antibodies she responded that I had the abTG antibodies to confirm the diagnosis. Now, one month after my latest tests, I am confident I have entered hypothyroidism. I have been eating less, yet I have gained 2-3pounds in 10 days. I am sure it's water retention. I feel a bit tired. My last period came 4 days earlier than usual!
Avatar f tn m wondering if it is necessary to follow a two week low iodine diet before RAI for my graves disease. Researching on-line, it seems to be connected to RAI treatment for thyroid cancer, in which the patient is already hypothyroid, and the goal is to kill off any stray thyroid (cancer) cells. If my thyroid is hyperactive, do I really need to follow this diet?