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Avatar n tn Hi there, I have had Graves Disease for a couple for years now and have gotton stable on Tapazole. A few months ago, my Tapazole was reduced from 10 mgs to 7.5 mgs/day as I was at the low end of the FT4 normal range and my TSH was starting to kick in. Reduction was started when FT4 was 9.2(range 8 to 22), 6 weeks later my FT4 was 9.9, and 6 weeks after that FT4 12.3. What my problem is that I get headaches now(not severe but bothersome) and I seem to associate them with changing FT4 levels.
1314073 tn?1282845274 I too was diagnosed with graves and hyper. I went to the natural doctor and we checked my adrenal glands and complete food panel. My adrenal glands came back very fatigued and she put me on supplements to help restore my adrenal glands and also 5000 vitamin D because I was just at 30 the minimal level. Its been approx 2.5 months and I feel so much better and stronger and have dropped the methamazole 10mg everyday to 5mgs every other day and the beta blocker stopped completely.
415098 tn?1214860436 From what you have described, this may be due to migraine type of headaches most commonly due to stressful situations or inadequate rest. Knowing your previous history of graves disease and previous radiation treatment, these symptoms may be a sign of going hypothyroid together with some electrolyte abnormalities. I suggest that you be referred to a specialist like a neurologist just to make sure. Other causes would include deficiencies in vitamins (especially vitamin B) or calcium.
Avatar f tn It has been a particulary rainy month and I wonder if that has anything to do with my increase in headaches.
Avatar f tn They are all classic symptoms of Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease. How long ago were your levels checked?
Avatar f tn My question is this,all of his Dr's including his GP and Neurologist have said he's perfectly fine but he's been having emotional outbursts,really bad vertigo,and trouble speaking and walking. What can do we do for him? Any chance his Grave's Disease is making his TBI much worse? How can we get his DR's to take him seriously? I should also mention we were side swiped by a very large snow plow and his head went through the window and hit the snow plow's huge blade!
Avatar f tn I am a 23 year old female and i was diagnosed with graves disease at the age of 20...i am now three years post thyroid surgery.. i had a total thyroidectomy in 2006..but unfortunately my eye has not gone down and is still very large, my eyes are constantly dry and irritated because i cannot close them all the way and i frequently get headaches and sharp pains behind my eye..
Avatar f tn Well I am a 19 year old female,and I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (graves disease) when I was 15 I went for a yearly check up and the pediatric resident doctor noticed that my eyes bulged out and me if I had hyperthyroidism my grandmother answered no.they did my tests and discovered I did.
Avatar n tn She wishes someone had found it - especially as those 2 years she barely coped and didn't understand why. And Yes guys get it, and it can even happen to kids and teenagers. Once I found out I have Graves I flet better knowing why I had my symptoms! Hope you pursue it - theres some simple blood tests the GP can do if you request them and it will tell you.
Avatar m tn Both TPOab and TgAb are, both, markers for Hashimoto's and need to be tested for confirmation. In addition, the definitive test for Graves Disease is Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin (TSI) and you should get that, as well... Some people have, both, Hashimoto's and Graves at the same time, with one or the other being dominant at a given time.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism & Graves disease 5 years ago, but am currently not treated for it. I had a large nodule biopsied 3 years ago (it had been growing) and it came back normal. My levels have not been terrible for the past few years, so there was no reason to treat. I am now having a medical issue that started 5/1/2012 with a very sudden onset, but my endocrinologist does not think it's related.
Avatar n tn Hi, It has been about 2 weeks that I was told that I have Graves disease which was a real shocker. I went in to the Endocrinologist and he told me. My regular physican gave me methamazole(sp) which ended up giving me severe adominal pain so I tried splitting it and taking half in the morning & half at night. It helped a little but the longer I took the medication the more stomach pain I had so he changed me to another type of pill in the same family as methamazole(sp) and so far it is okay.
Avatar n tn And I have read numerous countless stoires on folks who have treated Graves with holistic methods and a very strict diet and they not only corrected their eye disease that comes with the graves but the hyperthyroid symptoms too.
897578 tn?1241724871 I have recently been diagnosed with both graves and hashimoto's disease and I am only 26 years old. My T3 and T4 's were in the 1000's and my TSH levels are <.006. The dr. gave me propranalol for the heart irregularities and the tremors I get and also prescribed me Methimazole. I told the dr. I didn't want to take the Methimazole because I am very sensitive to medications and I do not want to deal with the side effects such as a weakened immune system.
525594 tn?1212445376 With my 2nd pregnancy(SC) I had frequent headaches and motion sickness. The headaches progressed to Migranes that were coming weekly. after 2 years of seeing a neurologist and either not responding to meds at all or suffering sever sideaffects and had to stop medication. My last visit with him he said to me " I have tried every medication I can, Im sorry there is nothing more I can do for you" That was back in 2002 approx.
Avatar n tn We were told that Graves disease does not cause headaches. She had a MRI and it was normal. She has only been on the meds for about 3 weeks. These headaches are killing her. It breaks our hearts to see her like this. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Normal TSH with hyperthyroid symptoms</a>.
Avatar f tn I got diagnosed with a hyperthyroidism/graves disease, until the docs started debating and now I've no idea what it is exactly. My heart rate was at 150 and I'm now on 50 mg beta blockers a day and 40 mg of methimazole a day, recently increased. T3 and T4 tests were done about 2 months ago when I came to the doctors with respiratory infection and the doc says it's clearly a hyperthyroidism. I've had regular blood tests, white blood cells, T3, T4 and total blood count.
Avatar f tn Initially in July when diagnosed I had slight tremors once on thyroid med/tapolzole the shaking got worst and I ended up in the hospital. The endocrinologist said it was Graves/my symptoms. Now that I am in the normal range he says it's not Graves. It is my family doctor that is trying the beta blocker.
Avatar m tn What are the reference ranges on your T3 and T4, and are they free T3 and free T4 or total T3 and 4? Were you taking 15 mgs methimazole when these labs were drawn? You have to remember that you are still on anti-thyroid meds. So, If you are hypo, it's medication induced hypo at this point. You may have to reduce your methimazole further (or discontinue it), but your labs are not representative of what your thyroid is doing. Have you been tested for TSI? Is TSI going down?
Avatar f tn Her doctor thought she may be ADHD but turns out she had Graves and the only way we found out she had Graves Disease was during her surgery to get tubes in her ears her blood pressure went up to 166/122. We had to figure out the cause of that. It has been only 2 weeks since she was diagnosed so I am learning about all of this stuff. They told me it wasn't very common in children so it kinda freaked me out but finding all of you guys has helped very much!
Avatar f tn My name is Bec I am 35 year old Australian who is living and was working here until I got diagnosed with Graves disease 1.5 years ago. The foreign doctors here are well let's just say c***, so I fly to Bangkok every 3 months to see an Endo at Bumrungrad hospital.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism due to low TSH (but total T3 and T4 were within normal ranges) and am waiting to see the Endo on the 19th. My doctor suspects Graves disease, but doens't want to start me on any thyroid meds. She finally put me on Inderal because I started getting bad remors and tachycardia. I also have three small nodules and no visable enlargement according to the ultrasound. I haven't gotten my uptake scan results yet, but I had that done last week.
1011655 tn?1251603545 So the objective here would be to stop the cause of the disease. I did other research on Grave's Disease and natural remedies. Lemon Balm and Bugleweed are both supposed to be helpful. Fish oil is supposed to be an anti-inflamatory. It's also used to help with depression and anxiety. Because I don't have a diagnosis, I haven't tried to treat myself with any natural treatments. I don't want to interfere with any blood tests and hamper a possible diagnosis.
1428646 tn?1330981663 graves disease will attack and organ. the first time I had graves disease it was attacking my heart making my heart beat faster. I was on medication for about 2 years. then it went into remission now it is back. graves disease could attack any organ , graves disease is your immune system attacks your organs not virus or bacteria.
Avatar f tn You have autoimmune thyroid disease - TPO antibodies are nonspecific (seen in Hashi and Graves' -- which are really both on spectrum of autoimmune thyroid disease). TSI is specific for Graves' - this is what you appear to have now and is causing hyperthyroidism. Without having ever been hypothyroid, it is difficult to say you had definite Hashimoto's.
Avatar n tn Doctor instructed me to keep taking Adepex for another month until I plateau with weightloss, then stop taking medication and begin treatment for Graves Disease using one of the three options given: medication, RAI or surgery. 1) Just need a second opinion on diagnosis of Graves before I jump in with treatment options. Anything else I should be doing?
Avatar f tn It is hard, unmovable and is sensitive to touch. I have had issues with my thyroid and was diagnosed with Graves disease 3 years ago, but that has seemed to be in control. My last test I was more on the scale for Hashimotos. My tests for the thyroid do fluctuate but for the most part have been in the more normal range. I have not been sick other than the migraines.. I did have a baby 19 months ago... I have extremely low blood pressure (always have), and my blood sugar is usually low too...
415098 tn?1214860436 sometimes i get sharp chest pain and i feel light headed,but the headaches are always there i did get a ct scan and they found nothing,and i got a spine xray and that came out fine. I do have a hyper thyroid that got radiated so now its graves desiese but its under control and my tsh levels are normal.