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Avatar n tn Can you have graves disease so bad that it would seem like bipolar and I thought Graves disease was an overactive thyroid, so how can you be hypro?
Avatar f tn I have a Q about graves disease , my husband was diagnosed with it a few yrs ago . he had his thyroid killed wuth radiation and is on synthroid . i noticed a comment in a post earlier about graves rage , just wanting to know what this means . my husband has very crazy mood swings , blows up easily ( not as bad as before his diagnosis ) can act a little , okay alot .erratic at times !!
Avatar f tn I have so much chest pain and I know it is associated with Graves disease. I have a new endocronologist she is the greatest. I am on Tapazole and Lopressor and I think that this will be what I will be on for the rest of my life. I am hoping that my Graves disease goes into remission but I know this may be with me forever so I'm trying to deal with the best I can. I have an appointment on 5/19 to talk about my lopressor dosage so hopefully I can only take one a day. That's it for now.
Avatar m tn i recently put a post on a different forum and someone mentioned graves disease. im a 21 year old guy. i do suffer from depression and ocd. i just wanna throw that out there before i start. but im a very irritable person. i get mad at people sometimes and wonder why im so angry. my anger is on a whole other level. i get so mad my blood pressure goes up. some other symptoms are i cant get to sleep good at night. i get very wrestless and pace the floor. i sweat way more than i should.
Avatar f tn Two years ago he was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease and was on synthroid for treatment. This past December he was diagnosed as having graves disease AS well. Currently, he is being treated for the graves. Being in stage 5 puberty, and having both diseases, he is a train wreck. He is beyond moody, gets angry at the drop of a hat, has memory loss, depression, anxiety, hyper, tired, attention problems, acts out, and the list goes on.
1618776 tn?1337351468 So first off i'd like to state that i have graves disease' and i get the really bad mood swings. For the past 2 years i've been getting angry and frustrated over the littlest things' sometimes i get so angry i break things, punch walls, bang my head on the wall or physically hurt myself. I can't really say what triggers my anger because, even little things people say make me snap; i get frustrated if i can't do something, i'm the worst when people accuse me of something or accuse me of lieing.
346355 tn?1219858547 Maybe both of you need to come to this website to see what patients and their care givers go through. In the past year sinc I found out about my Graves disease and then thyca. My personality has changes...some for the better. a lot for the worse. My motivation to do simple things like keep a budge it just too hard for me to focus on. However, as a thyca survivor, I am a little more tolerant of some idiot drives on I-95 in Northe VA.
Avatar f tn My name is Bec I am 35 year old Australian who is living and was working here until I got diagnosed with Graves disease 1.5 years ago. The foreign doctors here are well let's just say c***, so I fly to Bangkok every 3 months to see an Endo at Bumrungrad hospital.
Avatar f tn i was diagnosed with graves disease in may of 2006 when i was 24, i had went into a thyroid storm 2 days in a roll before they figured out it was my thyroid so now i also have heart problems.I was planning on surgery to remove my thyroid but i found out i was pregnant so it got delayed.In 2009 i took the radioactive pill to kill it off and 6 months later my levels bottomed out in the process of all this i went from weighing 141lbs in 2006 to 239lbs in 2009.
Avatar f tn I'll join the group that has told you that this is a very common symptom of Graves'. I've heard it called "Graves' rage". Many symptoms "cross over" and are symptoms of both hypo and hyper. While it's more usual to lose weight when hyper and gain when hypo, some people lose or gain either way. You might ask your doctor about a beta blocker for your tachycardia. Beta blockers will slow your HR.
Avatar f tn based on your labs, you don't appear to have graves disease. graves disease is when your tsh is low and your ft3 and/or ft4 are high. however, you may have hashimotos (slow destruction of thyroid that leads to overt hypothyroidism). ask the docs to run all the antibodies. that'll give you the info you need.
Avatar m tn however, some people have both, Hashimoto's and Graves Disease and since your TPOab is elevated, as well, it's possible you could have both. People with Hashimoto's, have only TPOab and/or TgAb; they don't have the TRab or TSI. How are you feeling now?
Avatar f tn is your wife on and what dosage? While Graves Disease can cause severe mood swings and irritability, you always have to consider other causes as well. What are your wife's actual thyroid hormone levels? If you have those, please post them, along with reference ranges, which vary from lab to lab and have to come from her own report.
Avatar m tn Start with patience and understanding that your fiance has gone through a traumatic time, with the Graves Disease and RAI. Now it is very likely that her thyroid levels, and others, are not optimal and she is suffering with hypothyroid symptoms. I say that on the assumption that the RAI was adequate and effective, and that she is no longer hyper. When hypothyroid, there is a long list of symptoms that may be related.
1137639 tn?1287859401 get yr FT3, FT4 , TSH and a TSI test done to check for Graves Disease. I too...blamed my symptoms on the Menopause and I am now 6 years post menopause.
Avatar f tn Twitches not caused by disease or disorders - Often affecting the eyelids, calf, or thumb. Normal and quite common, often triggered by stress or anxiety. A diet deficiency, Drug overdose (caffeine), Drug side effect (such as diuretics, corticosteroids and estrogens) and Exercise. Symptoms suggestive of a neurological cause of fasciculation's include: Wasting of muscle, Weakness (both could be thyroid) and Other findings of nerve dysfunction.
Avatar n tn He has a pretty tough case of acne but not on meds for it. He is very outgoing and in ROTC and loves it and the people he lives with. I feel pretty confident that he is telling me everything as he is the one that wants answers. I had Graves Disease at 25 and I remember feeling like I was going to loose my mind at times but everything I read says it is a mostly female disorder. Could this be happening to him also? What about testosterone levels?
Avatar n tn I have several Doctors that I see regularly, a headDoc for Bipolar and and ENDO for Graves and my GYN who never looks UP far enough to see if I am "crazy" or not but ultimately he has been the one to DX me over the years with serious Thyroid issues. I guess because he doesn't see me ALL THE TIME and he noticed right away that I had lost 45 lbs <grin>. No matter I almost died with Graves symptoms by the time I was dx'd and have been on Tapazole for two years with success.
Avatar f tn Have you been diagnosed with either Graves Disease or Hashimoto's? Are you being treated for the Cushing's and are there plans to remove the adrenal tumor? I'm not familiar with hirschprung's, but I know it's an intestinal blockage that requires surgical removal of a portion of the intestine and the colon. Are there plans to have this surgery?
Avatar f tn successful in treatment of my particular type of Graves disease. Those odds aren't good enough for me and he didn't recommend it anyways. I have nodules, one thats grown 1 mm in 3 months. the others haven't, but there is always that chance. RAI doesn't kill off the nodules, leaving them to grow, so I'm going for a TT. I've talked to my hubby about it and he supports me in it. (I think he wants my sex drive back..ha ha). I have really good insurance right now that will cover surgery 100%.
Avatar n tn The literature also states that before hyperthyroidism was recognized as a disease, many patients with Graves' disease spent their days in asylums. Emotional changes in Graves' disease are primarily caused by the effects of excess thyroid hormone on thyroid receptors in the brain. Emotional disturbances may also result from nutrient deficiencies and exhaustion. Changes in GD caused by hormonal imbalances also weaken the ability to cope with stress.
Avatar f tn Well ive read your post, and you sound like ive lived on and off for the last 11 years, ive got graves disease, and i had the same problems, as you, in other words i was fobbed off as having anxiety and depression, even though i had serious tachycardia, were i thought i was having an heart attack. I have just had my second thyroid surgery, due to this hell off a disease, I have never had holistic or natural remedy to treat graves, and dont know if there is one?
Avatar f tn I had vision correction surgery 6 years prior and had perfect 20/20 vision until this quack - I was fine even w/ hashi prior to this staying on a lower dose - this jerk wanted me less than 2 tsh - I was bedridden for days, sick in many ways and lost my great vision in a matter of months - anyhow - after 6 years of egotistical doctors I now have a wonderful internist who is very knowledgable about all forms of thyroid disease and attends conferences frequently about these issues - I stay on the
Avatar n tn I wouldn't be surprised if the tests are positive as I have lots of allergies, Celiac (inability to digest gluten), sever milk protein intolerance, and some kind of crazy thing going on with visiual auras (some or all of these are autoimmune). I really feel for you if you really do have RA! That is one mean disease and the drugs used to slow down it's effects mean serious business. I pray that your aches and pains end up being just thyroid as that can be treated far easier.
6322039 tn?1380731598 ) What better doctor to have than one who is also a patient, they seem to understand the disease much better. So many times I've heard and read doctors say that thyroid disease is 'easy to treat' and oh, if that were true....but we all know that's a myth. Anyway, in answer to your question about the cortisol test, no I did not have a 24 hour cortisol test run. I had the controversial saliva testing done, taking four samples at 8AM, 12PM, 4PM and 8PM.
Avatar f tn As a teenager being prayed for depression and for this disease and to be protected I WAS right with God, and he let horrible things happen to me. I did everything, I looked to him and trusted him, and awful things happened to me, not at church but outside of church, so dont say that if you're right w/ him he won't let bad things happen, thats pure bull**it and lies.
Avatar f tn I was also told that some do choose to abort because of the drugs and because of the hyperthyroid and graves. I have to take the propranolol because if i don't my heart rate will be in the 120's. Without the propranolol I will have heart problems. Without the methimazole well thats is just dangerous. So I have no choice than to take them. I could take the ptu. but i'll still be on the propranolol which is only giving if it has to be becuase it is not recommended for pregnant women.
Avatar f tn I've started having really badly shoulder neck pain and this horrible heavy fuzzy headache and lightheaded is it the mix medication.
687079 tn?1230952212 I have had heart palps both hyper and hypo and like you, thought it was from being hyper as I was dx with Graves and Hyperthyroidism before RAI 7 months ago. I now know that heart palps comes with BOTH lol.
Avatar f tn Hey girl I was on thyroid meds because of graves disease for 18 mths. I went to a specialist and he took me off meds and said no one should take them longer than 18 mths unless their thyroid had been burnt out. Mine is bk to normal now and I have lost 20 lbs.