Getting pregnant while on the pill

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Avatar f tn If you get pregnant while you are on the pill will your baby have birth defects?
Avatar n tn I have just found out i am 7 weeks pregnant and have also been on the pill for 5/6 years I stopped taking the pill on the day i found out i was expecting and had no bleeding at all.
Avatar f tn I just started the pill 4 weeks ago and at the time of the appointment I tested negative. About a week ago I started getting sick around the same time of day each day. So today I tested myself and I'm positive. What side effects does the pill have on my new fetus/baby? I know to stop them ASAP.
Avatar f tn i have been on the pill for over a year now. my periods are very regular and come the exact same day (my 2nd sugar pill). i take them the same time everyday, and this month i was on my 5th sugar pill with no period!! i did finally start that evening, but am wondering if i could be pregnant because i've heard of some women getting their periods while they're pregnant.
Avatar m tn Did you happen to take antibiotics? Both of my younger sisters (25 and 21) fell pregnant while on the pill because they were on antibiotics. They weaken the effectiveness of the pill. Taking a test is the only way you will know. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Not to provide you with additional worries, but some women are just not protected well enough on the pill. When my best friend was 21 and then 27, she got pregnant both times while on the pill. She is adamant that she never missed any pills, and that she conceived both of her daughters while on the pill. It does happen, and is more common than people think. Birth control doesn't necessarily fail, but when used incorrectly, the protection fails.
1913857 tn?1322263556 He says that his second round inside me will get me pregnant even while on the pill. He said this had happened with his other girlfriend who he lived with years ago. The following week I got my period when I took the placebo pills and got my period although lighter then usual. So now end of the second week of the new pack I'm spotting bright red blood. I've bin more tired lately and a little nauseous. Little freaked out we are getting married in August.
Avatar m tn By unprotected I mean no condom however I was still on the pill Loett. I'm just paranoid because I switched brands if it would still have me covered or if it takes a while to sink in?
Avatar n tn hello everyone my girlfriend is a bit worried at the moment as she thinks she might be pregnant she has been on the pill constant but she missed 2 nights which were the same days we had sex she has just missed her period which is now 8 days late but she is also on medication for thyroid problems, so my question is is she lickely to be pregnant, and if my knowledge tells me that thyroid problem can cause period fluxuations?
Avatar f tn After i have the baby i am thinking about getting on a pill instead of an IUD or the shot. What recommendations do you guys have for a pill to take? I would prefer a non hormonal birth control. If you have any other ideas they would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn When I got to where I was staying I ran out of the pill the first day I was there. Over the two weeks being there without being on the pill we had unprotected sex 4 or 5 times. How soon can you get pregnant after not taking the pill? I was supposed to have my period last week, it never came. I took a test on Saturday, but it was negative. Does it take awhile for my period to get back on track after not taking the pill? I haven't taken BC since I ran out.
Avatar n tn the possibility of getting pregnant on the pill are very slim...but yet depends are you feeling other symptoms? I don't think a three day period instead of six would indicate pregnancy...I was on the pills two for about a year and my period would come just like yours did sometimes 7 seven days sometimes less but I was happy as long as I saw blood lol (kinda gross to say that) if your period was super light pinkish or brownish that that could be a sign...
Avatar n tn Its possible that it is because of the pill cause your period does not regulate until three months of the pill. Even then still check for pregnancy in case.
Avatar n tn I have two friends who both became pregnant while on the pill. They didn't even miss a day taking them so anything is possible. Did you take the test when you first got up? If your period was due yesterday, it might not show up if you didn't test your first morning urine. I got a couple of negative test results when I was pregnant. Your doctor could do a blood pregnancy test and tell you for sure. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn If you become pregnant while on the pill, will your baby have health problems or will they be fine?
Avatar n tn I was sexually active and there were 2 times i forgot my pill and took it the next day. and i didn't always take the pill at the same time of day. I feel like i should be getting my period, i have the same symptoms i usally get with feeling bloated etc. but still no period! please help me figure this out!
Avatar n tn I had a regular 4 day period, but then on Saturday (6/3) I started again and had another regular 4 day period, and this was while I was on the 1st week set of the pill. So this month I've gone through my 3 weeks of active pills and last Sunday (6/18) I started my inactive pills again, but now a week and a day later I haven't started. Does anyone know what is going on?? It doesn't seem like I would be pregnant because I have been taking the pill on time everyday.
4565515 tn?1373414685 In fact most pills allow you to pop them in as soon as you remember to take them after the due time provided you take the next pill on time as usual. To be extra sure, you could use an additional contraceptive such as condoms on your fertile days: 2-3 days before to 3-4 days after ovulation. Please also discuss this with your gynecologist. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
284738 tn?1283110419 I am pretty sure you do not ovulate whilst on the pill as this is what stops you gettig pregnant. when you stop taking the pill sometimes you do not know when you ovulated as it can delay it!!
7600327 tn?1393362485 I got pregnant with my first while being on the pill. I just had an excessively long period so I quit taking the pill. Around two days later I went to the er for a horrible sinus infection and found out.