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Avatar f tn There can be MORE or LESS active drug from a generic drug. Why? * Because the FDA requires that only 80% to 125% of the actual drug must be in the generic version. * There are many different generic versions. So if you take one 'brand' of generic you may be getting just 80% of the drug. * Then you refill it and you may get a different generic brand with 125% of the active ingredients. (Or vice versa) * That's a 45% difference in the actual drug which could affect you.
Avatar f tn (coach vs knock off coach purses) as opposed to the generic or knock off. In any case wether its name brand or generic the chemical compositions are the same and work exactly the same and as we all know generic is cheaper!Hope that helps!
Avatar f tn I have heard cases where the generic is not as strong or stronger than the brand name. It depends on the generic manufacturer. If you feel that the brand name is stronger then you can always ask for the brand name specifically.
Avatar f tn actually it is oxycodone that is the main ingredient... oxycontin is a brand name, means oxycodone continuous release (i think). oxycontin is usually higer mg of the oxycodone because it has the extended release which is why addicts usually crush & snort or chew them to bypass that. it is true that percocet has more apap than the oxycontin or roxicodone but as far as the main ingredient 6 perc 5's are the same as a roxi 30 or 4 perc 10's are the same as an oxy 40.
Avatar f tn Percocet is the brand name of the generic drug oxycodone and acetaminophen and Vicodin is a brand name of the generic drug Hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Both oxycodone and Hydrocodone is a narcotic drug and are often used in combination with acetaminophen or APAP, a no steroidal anti inflammatory drug which helps in increasing their potency.
Avatar f tn Hi, the generic name is the official medical name for the active ingredient of the medicine. The brand name is chosen by the manufacturer. A generic drug is a chemically equivalent, lower-cost version of a brand-name drug, costing 30-80% less. For e.g. ibuprofen is the generic name of a medicine used to treat pain. Some companies will sell ibuprofen as branded versions, such as Nurofen. Generic drugs are frequently as effective as the branded counter parts. Regards.
Avatar n tn bigbrain I know what you are referring to! The brand name VS generic, Yes there are differences, Buffers used in compounding, even the delivery method. As to your question, I used generic through my whole TX and don't feel I jeopardized my outcome at all. I would suggest saving the money...
Avatar f tn s a tad more complicated than is appropriate for this forum) There has been a VERY long lived debate about the efficacy of generic vs brand name meds. For most people, they seem to be able to use either interchangeably with little or no difference in the effectiveness. For other people, they report a BIG difference in the effectiveness of the generic and have to stick with a brand name, sometimes even a specific brand name. Some meds have more of a reputation for this than others.
Avatar n tn I take synthroid and was wondering if the generic is just as good? Someone told me to never take the generic so I pay extra for the name brand. TIA!
Avatar n tn Buproprion is just the chemical name for the brand name Wellbutrin. Buproprion SR means Substained Released. Indeed the generic could be not working, I've seen this happen in some people. Better check this out with his doctor.
Avatar n tn If I still have two months worth of name brand, could I start mixing it with the generic to wean myself off the name brand?
Avatar n tn I agree that there is debate over the use of generic vs brand name. I actually did better on generic levo than I did synthroid, but everyone is different.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if there was any difference between taking the generic as opposed to the name brand to possibly lessen these symptoms? I was taking 25mg for years but with the increased panic attacks and heart palpitations my doctor increased it to 50 mg once daily about two months ago.
Avatar f tn for brand over generic. My doctor says that no endocrinologist will prescribe anything but the brand name. I've been researching on the internet and find a lot of conflicting views. Is there anyone out there with cancer that takes the generic? Any problems with the generic when used for cancer?
Avatar n tn She said there is virtually no difference in the drugs, except for the fact that one is a brand name and one is a generic. However, I recently went through the same thing as you. I'd been on Lexapro for eight years and did so well on it, and out of the blue it stopped working.
Avatar f tn I have Spinal Stenosis throughout the spine, and Fibromyalgia along with other things I see a pain management Dr ( neurologist) since watson stopped making the percocet and now is replaced by Activas I have been having more problems and last month he said try it for 1 more month which I did so on Friday what he did was e - scripted 2 prescriptions 1 for the non - generic and one for the Activas.