Gas pain from laparoscopy

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Avatar f tn I ended up having to stay overnight and the pain was awful for the first week from gas pain and the work done. Took about one week for pain and after two weeks to go back to work but not lifting anything heavy for at least a month However going to my surgery last year with a regular gyno I could tell right away that not much was done as she didn't have the skill and I could have gone back to work after 3 days. So that makes a huge difference.
Avatar n tn I felt tired the first 2 days (I think from all of the pain pills etc..) My shoulders did hurt late Friday evening, it is from the gas they use to expand your belly. Other than that I was fine. I went out to dinner with friends Sunday night and back to work on Monday. It was pretty painless. Everything was found to be in good shape except for some mild endometriosis and a cyst on my right ovary. My RE removed it and I go in for a check up on the 27th.
Avatar f tn My doctor did a good job of sucking out most of the gas from the surgery because I had very little discomfort from that. My post-surgical instructions recommended against using Metamucil. Because your bowels are sluggish anyway, the fiber blob can sit too long in the system, the fluid drawn from it in the intestines and cause a blockage. I just drank lots of fluid, used some of the stool softeners and kept moving. I had little bm's for a week and then it all broke loose. Ahhhhh.
Avatar f tn I am 54, overweight and havent been able to walk for the last 8 months due to the back pain from the dermoid. When I woke from surgery the back pain was gone! What a joy, but the incisions and belly underneath hurt. Im scared when I run out of percocet tonight, as Im taking them exactly every 4 hours so the pain doesnt creep in. Will the pain be tolerable with ibuprofin on night 3? Thanks so much, Kim.
Avatar f tn I'm extremely anxious about my upcoming laparoscopy. How much pain is there after a laparoscopy? How long a recovery time should I plan off from work?
Avatar n tn Had mine on the 22nd and thought I'd be feeling quite well by now. Not even close. Still a lot of gas pain, fatigue and soreness. My Dr tells me this is quite normal and I shouldn't listen to all the "hype" that you read about quickie recovery from this type of surgery. She said surgery is still surgery and your body needs to heal. I had 1 ovary/tube removed plus a D&C. Fortunately all tests came back fine. Thank you all for the info.
Avatar f tn I know that everyone is different, but out of curiousity how long did it take you to recover from the surgery? I know that I can talk to doctors, but I'd like to hear from real women who have gone through this. Thanks.
Avatar f tn from what my dr told me and what i read, i expected the gas pain to be worse than the pelvic pain, and that i would be fine in a few days.  well, i am definitely not fine. the gas pain is pretty much gone but the pelvic pain is awful- it feels like the pain from the surgery on top of the pain ive been having. i called my dr and she had me come in at the end of last week, and she said she cant find anything wrong, which is good news.
Avatar n tn my shoulder (mostly the right) is painful too..i hear its from the gas that is releasing. ***** being blown up with gas!!! my actual cuts are ok...hurts..but its the swolleness that is getting to me and my back aches. i guess it all just takes time...
Avatar f tn What I didnt expect was the recovery after my lap. The pain from the gas was horrible. And so was the incision in my belly button. Internally, it wasnt so bad. They didnt use stitches to close up but awesome!!!!! Def recommend it. Now that im recoverying, its nice to know what I have and they didnt have to remove any of my lady parts. Hope this helps someone going thru this.
Avatar n tn Sorry you are in pain. Is it from the gas? I remember when I had my lap in 92 I was on crutches too so the pain from the gas was awful! You should start feeling better tomorrow. Thanks for the update, that is great news! Congratulations.
Avatar f tn so far I'm good I requested walking to my car cause the quicker you start walking the more gas comes out...however driving with the bumps on the road hurt!!! But the pain has gotten a little better than this afternoon...the bellybutton incision is the one that really hurts the most it feels like someone punched me very of luck with your cyst I remember reading your post and yours is really big...yes fight to save your ovary, if there's no suspicion...
Avatar f tn I had the full hysterectomy, tubes, ovaries, part of my rectum, and the lining of all my organs taken out and that was not so bad. Gas pain was the worst of my pain. They pumped me full of air. Walking helped. I was in the hospital six days with all that. Is it same day surgery or do you stay over night? If you can borrow or get a cheap walker from a second hand store they are good for getting out of bed or off the couch. I got mine for $5 from a second hand store.
216278 tn?1308864682 , so I am officially out, but I did still get to hear the BFN from the beta test on Friday! That was fun ;) Anyway, the laparoscopy is scheduled for Friday..not afraid to say that I'm a little nervous. I had one when I was about 18 to get rid of an ovarian cyst...but geez, that was 20 years ago! The RE won't let me do fertility treatments the same month that I have I guess the good news is no Clomid, but the bad news is no IUI...
Avatar f tn It takes a while after surgery (at least 3 weeks) to start feeling normal again. The first week is the pain in the shoulder and body from the gas they put in you, the next week is the dull sharp pains that continue and yes during all of that I bled like crazy, I had blood clots so big I thought that I was dying!! If the wounds start to seep or become really red I would go back to the doctor.
Avatar f tn The best way to describe the pain, is as though you were punched in the belly. The worst part is the referred pain from the gas they use to expand the abd cavity. After a day or two, you will have a sensation in between your shoulder blades, or on just one, that feels like there is a knife stuck in it. It may even hurt to take a deep breath. The best way to get rid of it, is through activity. The more you walk around, the faster is disappears. You will not be down long.
Avatar n tn After you have the laparoscopy; is it so painful that I'll need pain meds. or is it just uncomfortable? My doc is talking about doing this and I'm getting nervous.
Avatar n tn Hi there I had laprascopy for my endo on august 27 th 2010 now i feel better after 12 days untill 2 days ago i still had shoulder pain and neck pain because of the carbon doxid gas and coughing the doctor told me my recovery is about 2 to 3 weeks but it dependes to every person . you will get well soon don't worry .
1014822 tn?1338651673 I had this procedure 3 times, twice to clear my tubes and once for an ectopic..Im not gonna lie it was hard on me..the pain from the surgery wasnt bad its the gas they put in your belly to lift the wall of your abdomin off your organs..the gas can get stuck in your ribs or shoulder and its very uncomfortable. I had to sleep sitting up on my recliner for 4days until the gas went away. I did have pain meds which helped me sleep..
Avatar f tn I find that the pain meds only take the edge off for me, a lot of the pain seems to come from the gas and constipation so you could try something like buscopan and de-gas pills to see if they help you. But I would talk to the hospital about that too.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I'm still in a great deal of pain especially during urination and standing from low positions. I had to stay an extra night at the hospital because of possible bleeding. It feels like when I urinate my bladder pushes against all of the cuts. I'm really sore, and I just wondered how long until I feel better from some people with experience. I also had a D&C done while I was already under anesthesia. Any comments, info, or advice would be greatly appreciated. tahnks.
Avatar n tn it's around 1'30 in the morning I cant sleep because its my 2nd day after having the surgery and the GAS pain is the wearst ting for me. OH~BOY it hurts also the getting up and bending. i have to sleep on my back, I cant sleep any other way. Also when i breath to deep it hurts my shoulder;s and and other area's i am sure its because of the gas..
Avatar n tn they put me down completely but after i had just uncomfortable pain mostly from the gas they blow in to expand your cavity...the skin healing was fast for me and i took 600mg ibuprofen as well for about 3 days...they also told us not to bd for 4 weeks since it might cause an infection...the results for me came back normal...and the polyp was not there I have a cyst which we are hoping is reabsorbed before we go back on clomid.
Avatar f tn To answer your question about laparoscopy, when I had this I was off work for a week and not really that sore, it was the pain in shoulders from the gas that was more annoying. It really depends on what they do when they are in there how it affects you to be honest. If you have the full surgery, it is longer due to the invasive surgery but its not so bad. I was in hopsital for 4 days and have been resting for 10 days but now getting a bit bored. Due to be off work for 10 weeks though.
5300897 tn?1366175003 I am 34 now and going back for my 2nd laparoscopy. I am not sure if I am going to have anyone here the day after my surgery, do you think I will need it? I remember not being able to lift my head up by myself to drink water after my surgery. I also remember needing help going to the bathroom and not being able to sit down and get up off the toilet by myself for a few days. Has this happened to anyone else? I don't see anyone mentioning needing help getting up to go the the bathroom.
419990 tn?1228262726 I'm not sure what your situation is or what they are looking for, but it may be worth it is all I'm getting at. As for the gas pain (they blow your belly up with gas) - I'm not sure if they told you, but what happens is gas pushes on your diaphragm, which is connected to a nerve in your shoulder. You get what is known as displaced pain, and the pain actually comes in your shoulder. It is sharp, but I didn't have too much trouble with this.
Avatar m tn But the whole of second week, I still continued to have the pain or felt there is increase in pain. I feel the pain whenever I walk or roll in the bed.The pain is in the abdomen below my chest and above my hip bone.The pain at times is transient like a shooting pain either on the left or right side , just below my chest on the right side, end of the rib cage on the left side and to the right of my belly button.
758011 tn?1332272602 I got pregnant in June. But I must say that the laparoscopy was MUCH better.. still hurt though.. from the gas pains really :( but the recovery time is relatively quick as long as u don't overwork yourself.. It really depends on what the found. I had a bunch of adhesion, a large cyst, endo, and uterine polyps, so I was pretty hurt afterward.. took pretty much the whole of May to recover fully and the symptoms started to return immediately afterwards.