Gas pain after surgery

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Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy 8 days ago and i have serious gas pain and pain when i go to the bathroom. i have not been able to sleep more than 2 hours a time. What can I do to make me feel better.
Avatar n tn 2 years ago, I had a hysterectomy (beginning of cerv. cancer). 2 months after surgery, started having stomach cramps. Went to ER was told I had an inflammation. Since then, I have had some severe stomach cramps that usually clear up within an hour or so. But, this August something new happened. I would start to feel the pain in my stomach and then I would get SEVERE rectal gas pain. My stomach would be so distended, I couldn't even put a finger on it! It feels like everything stops.
Avatar n tn I can tell you what I did for my gas problem but LitDoc's gas is different. I had same problem after surgery and found that an antacid type product helped me ...or soda water and I also gently would twist my body like I am hitting a golf ball off a tee and bending over, helped release my gas.
1257492 tn?1269998282 If so, I recommend bringing a small pillow you can hold to your abs if you get sore. Being at work all day after surgery and after being able to take it easy at home.....well, trust me, the first week or two of it is just not much fun at all.
Avatar f tn what is the normal time for the gas bubble to be in the eye after retinal detachment surgery? I have the bubble almost 2 months now, and my Dr. said my retina has healed. also, is occasional pain in the eye normal after surgery? i have slight pain, but i'm not supposed to "feel" the eye anymore... tip for Retinal D. REST a lot after surgery, even if someone is telling you it's ok to do this and that... thanks you all!!
Avatar f tn Doc gave me percocet for 5 days and I haven't even touched them and that was 3 weeks ago. The worst pain is gas and shoulder pain but that is bearable too. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I haven't had laparoscopic surgery, but I've talked to ppl who have and they said the pain wasn't always in their shoulders. Some had pain in their chest and abdomen from the gas. Have you tried Gas X and that sort of thing? What about your pain medication? Does it help? I hope you feel better soon!
4385235 tn?1353876576 I've done a lot of reading on things to expect, but I can't seem to find anything about what the pelvic pain after surgery feels like. Is it an aching? Burning? Throbbing? What's it like? How long did it take to heal for all of you? Thanks!
Avatar n tn With my evening meal I take 3-4 Beano (before eating) and 3-4 Gas-X (after eating). I take 3 Gas-X at bedtime. Sometimes this helps, sometimes it does not. In an effort not to overdose on them, and since early in the day the gas is less, I usually do not take them with breakfast or lunch. These pills sometimes seem to help, sometimes not. This is a huge problem. Please tell me there is a solution to this extremely significant problem. Thank you.
Avatar n tn if she did they inject the stomach area with a gas to blow up the stomach and see inside better. The after effects of the gas they use can in some people cause severe pain, and most especially in the shoulder/arm area for some reasons. Maybe your mom can try some anti-gas medicince to see if this works. I only know this because my sister had laproscopic surgery on her ovary to remove cysts.
Avatar m tn My husband had Robotic Prostate Surgery in April 2012. After the surgery he continues to have pain in the pelvic, groin, back, and also under his testicles. He takes Aleve or Tylenol to see if he can find relief, but these do not work. He told his doctors, and they do not care or just don't want to help him. There has to be something wrong with him. Where is this all this pain coming from? He was not like that before his surgery. Can someone give us advice or suggestions.
Avatar f tn Ofcourse I was informed that immidiately I would have some pain and diarrhea. After the surgery I recovered very well with no problems. Starting in August of 2009 the pain returned on the right side leading to shoulder,back and over to the left side. I called my surgeon who referred me to see a GI specialist. Went to see the specialist and had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, cat scan and blood test run and ofcourse nothing is wrong. No anwers.
Avatar f tn Although I had put heavy pillows against my back in bed to prevent rolling over in the night after a vitrectomy plus gas bubble to repair a retinal detachment, I did suddenly wake up in the night finding I had rolled onto my back (I think that's why I woke up). I freaked and accused my husband, who was asleep on the other side of the pillows, of not paying attention! When I was examined by the surgeon first thing the next morning, as is the norm following this surgery, all was fine.
Avatar n tn I had gallbladder surgery also.Pain following surgery such as gas is normal.Stay away from spicy foods.The doctor told me to eat a bland diet for about 3 weeks.It is possible for a small stone to be lodged in the biliary duct.If you are concerned you should have an ultra sound done or a ct scan.
5032690 tn?1362601320 Two years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery. The first year was fine, but after the second year, I started having issues with pain. Sometimes I have a really bad upset stomach, or its really bad gas pain. I went to my GI doctor, and they wanted to do a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy. The doctor said it would pin point the problem. I am always taking gas pills, antacids for acid reducers. I did go to the er once, and had a ct scan done of my abdomen, but they didn't find anything.
Avatar m tn The pain your describing is most likely the gas as you suspect. Try drinking something carbonated to get some of it out. It should hopefully subside in a few days. I know it can be quite painful. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
Avatar n tn Where's the gastro piece? I have also had increased gas, less frequent bowel movements, stomach gas that makes so much noise I am afraid my cube mates will hear when I stand next to them and foul smelling feces. I am embarrassed to talk w/ others and wonder if I am imagining things? I started really paying attention and noticed that sometimes when digesting, I feel a pain in the bowel area.
Avatar n tn What kind of pain meds have they given you? Gas pains are definitely common after surgery and can hurt more than the surgery. You should try taking Ovol or Gas X which will help to break up the gas and try walking around which will get it moving. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn Like Archie, I experienced gas pain after I had gallbladder surgery on 06/17/03 by lipo surgery. After the surgery, I began experiencing severe pain at my lower rib cage and it radiated to my back at the kidney area. The pain is so intense I thought I was having a heart attack as my left arm and chest hurt and I felt like I could not breath. After a CT scan and xrays, I was told nothing was found. My doctor told me it was the gas that was blown into my stomach for the surg.
Avatar f tn I am a 29 year old female and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in February and began Levoythyroxine 25mcg in March. Immediately after starting the meds, I had chest pain daily for 2 weeks which then subsided. I felt ok for a few weeks and then about a month later (about 6 weeks after starting meds) I began feeling hypo again with dry thinning hair, dry skin and just "off. I also starting having abdominal pain (mostly on lower left side) and gas/bloating at this time.