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Avatar n tn Ok, after taken 1000 mg (never had this dose level before) of Ibuprofen, I had began to experience frequent urination that night. Not realizing a possible connection, I took the same dose again the following day and 3 celebrex (1 day dose)during that week. Problem with frequent urination continues six weeks later. 6-7x a night at minimum. Problem also during the day.
Avatar m tn -CT negative for hernia -Blood work normal -Urinalysis normal -No fever I was released with antibiotics which I have taken for 2 days. Node is still tender and swollen and now I am having frequent and painful/burning urination. I am in a monogamous relationship with my wife. She, has tested positive in the past for HSV1. So, my question is this: Can I still have an infection in the presence of a normal UA and blood work? If not, what could be going on?
Avatar n tn For the past two weeks I have Frequent Urination - 24hrs a day - Exactly every Two hours. After masturbation its even more frequent. My stream is strong. I have trouble starting urinating at night but not during the day. But once I start urinating the stream is very strong, and I urinate alot. Even though at night I dont seem to empty my bladder that well. This all comes EIGHT WEEKS after I had the Microwave treatment.( for the same problem.
Avatar n tn can't eat as much 4 weeks - chest pain off and on - back pain (all over, especially mid to lower) - stiff neck off and on - frequent urination - abnormal thirst - waking up several times a night - red eyes 2 weeks - cloudy/foggy head when I wake up several times a night or in the morning - cloudy head + burning temple/eye when I don't drink water for 1-2 hours (at night as well) - difficulty focusing eyes; headache when focusing far away - discolored stool; first black, then green for a week
Avatar m tn could frequent urination cause serious trouble .. i ve been havin dis problem for yrs now .. n its jus drops tht com out ..smell frm panty is also present 21 now .. could dis b due to tension or pressure ? i hav taken many tests before n it said bacterial infection .. i took injections .. nothin is very effective ..i drink lots of water n sweat alot it a reallly serious concern in future ?
3203287 tn?1346460234 You need to jump on this quick, the rash can snowball out of control very quickly. I got the rash the first time three days after I started treatment. Call your Dr. and tell him to prescribe something, mine finally prescribed fluocininde and it worked well, others have had different things prescribed to them and they will eventually chime in. But make sure you do call the Dr and be your own advocate and make him prescribe something.
Avatar n tn I was put on antibiotics and actually started to feel better. The rash is still there but not as itchy and the painful urination went away. I was confused when my tests came back today negative for bv, trich, and yeast. Only a trace amount of bacteria was found. Could that trace amount cause my symptoms or is there something else?? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I don't know however if the frequent urination and dry mouth are due to anxiety. I have not lost or gained weight, I do suffer hunger pangs sometimes but not after eating. I know anxiety kills appetite, so maybe these two forces are counterbalancing each other. - Do these symptoms sound familiar to any of you? For example, does it sound like kidney infection or UTI - would I suffer persistent fever, rash, dry mouth, and tongue issues like candidaisis or other mouth infections?
Avatar n tn Hi Jake. You have what irritative symptoms: urgency in urinating, frequent urination, burning pain in urination. This may suggest a urinary tract infection. I suppose you have urethral swabs done already? Urethritis may be gonococcal or nongonococcal .Prostatitis which may be acute or chronic may also present as pain in urination. I suggest you seek consult with your urologist and discuss your condition.
Avatar n tn That said, I can say that I have not heard of that as a symptom of diabetes, unless you are also experiencing unusual thirst, frequent urination, and weight loss. If you are experiencing those, then you should get to an endocrinologist and figure out a way to pay for a visit. If you're not, it could be any number of things, but it seems quite unlikely to be diabetes. It sounds miserable.
Avatar m tn I have a follow up appointment with urologist next week, it just seems weird that i was getting pelvic pains while these symptoms came on and extreme frequent urination. I will try the cortisone cream again. it is extremely uncomfortable and just dont understand. i have read alot about this and all these crazy cases on here have me thinking it is so many things. So when i wash the area i shoudlnt use soap just water?
Avatar f tn I started having frequent urination and a tingling sensation in my urethra at approx one month post the incident. Went to the clinic and was tested for chlamydia and gonnorreah (both were negative) upon getting the results my symptoms cleared up making me believe that this was all in my head ( I am married and feel extremely guilty about what I did).
Avatar n tn post ARS time period - few still exist] [from PN(major burning and hurting of feet), frequent urination, genitals hurting, malaise, body aches, stomach cramps, change in bowel movement (everything imaginable minus fever)] Tests: 2 DNA PCR's at 3 weeks and 2 month 4 ELISA 3d gen at 9, 76, 80, 84 days Hep B negative on 84th day HSV-2 slight positive ut haven't had an overt outbreak as yet Pretty much just hangin on the edge of sanity with curret ongoing symptoms.
Avatar m tn meaning that the rash is not HIV related? Could I have gotten this Frequent urination from the blowjob? is it an NGU? the urologist gave me Ciprobay antibiotics. Many Thanks you for your help.
Avatar m tn For about a year I have had a rash that continues to show up on my glans penis. It is a very strange red rash that used to sort of concentrate around the Urethra but now seems to have generalized around the the glans. It used to hardly ever be visable until after sex when a subtle red rash would appear.(a year ago, and sometimes it mostly goes away to this point) Now the red rash is visable all the time and after any friction it is very apparent.
Avatar m tn I have just has my first son and my life should revolve around him, instead it revolves around the washroom and making sure I am close to one and comfortable as possible. Symptoms- the worse symptom is frequent urination the whole day. I pee less at night. Minutes after I have urinated I have the urge and discomfort to go again and again and again, u get the point. When I do go the stream is weak. Caffeine worsens this and I have limited it.
Avatar n tn My six year old son began a month or so ago with frequent urination. A week later he was throwing up and having diarrhea. This past week he had cold symptoms which I thought were allergy and sent him to school. This past weekend he developed a fever of 104 and developed a pimply looking rash on his face. It is red and soon spread down the top of his arms. His tonsils were very swollen with pus on them. He also had his lips swollen as well as his tongue.
Avatar f tn Slight irritation on top of penis head. Slight burning and slight testicle and lower back pain. Frequent urination if sitting or at night. Doc: STD test neg. Gave antibiatics for prostate. Can't really notice differece new symtoms: month after encounter irritation on penis head turned to 5-10 small irritated specs/bumps on top of penis head. Been there 2 wks now. Recently rash spread to foreskin. Any thoughts would appreciated!
Avatar n tn I am also experiencing fatigue, frequent urination and scrotum seems to more swollen than normal. My rectum at times feels sore especially when i sit for long periods as do my scrotum area. when i stand its best, but i dont want to stand all my life. I have also applied yoghurt everyday to ease the itchiness and redness but it doesnt seem to be helping. Do you think this is herpes?
Avatar n tn Penis pain gets slightly better (never any pain with urination), I start to notice that the head of the penis looks rough almost scaly, and no longer feels smooth to the touch There is also what looks like a swolen ring around the openeing of my penis. I started having a sore throat and a small bump at the bottom of my mouth that i can feel with my tounge. 3 Days after Event: Abrasion on penis head is totally gone.I visit a local STD Clinic. Dr.
Avatar m tn - I had unprotected sex 3 weeks ago- Felt fine Day 1- two week mark I felt a sting- not burn- but pinch at my penis tip- urinated frequently- no painful urination- no odd colors- no other symptoms except that slight pinch at the tip when i was NOT peeing.
Avatar m tn Around the anus hurts, frequent urination, testicular discomfort, could this be another form of prostitus. I know i was long winded with the initial explanation, but it is a rash and combination of the same things i felt last year with my first initial prostitus discomfort, could this be the same thing? thanks for your help urologist told me my PSA came back normal. I am really starting to lose it. Would an HIV test at 10 days be accurate?
596539 tn?1219982139 So you may have been diabetic for some time and the Prednisone made your blood sugar go up higher...which would give you more symptoms (like the frequent urination), and that's why they were able to diagnose the diabetes. When the Prednisone is out of your system, your blood sugar will get better. But that doesn't mean that the diabetes will disappear. One more thing.....before becoming DIABETIC, you first become INSULIN RESISTANT. That means your body becomes insensitive to insulin.
Avatar n tn It is interesting that you should mention frequent urination sometime after oral sex. I too experienced the same thing and have been tested for everything but herpes. All my tests have come back negative and the doctors say that I developed non-STD related prostititus. I just find it too coincidental that my prostititus problems didn't start until after receiving oral sex. Anyway...if you could....I'm asking if you would let us know if you start to develop a red scrotum.
Avatar m tn Suddenly today I have a red spotty rash on the tip of my penis and I also noticed some cloudy discharge from my penis. My groin now aches too. Can anyone please help me work out what this might be please? Thanks Mike.
623944 tn?1244039090 I hate to dx someone over the internet, but it really sounds a whole lot like what I have gone through with lupus. You said all your labs are normal except the ANA, MPV and Monocytes. Did you mean MCV? If so, that means your hematocrit is off. It reflects the size of the red blood cells. Increased values may indicate macrocytic anemia or vit B or folic acid deficiency and decreased values may indicate microcytic anemia possibly caused by iron deficiency.
Avatar m tn - I had unprotected sex 3 weeks ago- Felt fine Day 1- two week mark I felt a sting- not burn- but pinch at my penis tip- urinated frequently- no painful urination- no odd colors- no other symptoms except that slight pinch at the tip when i was NOT peeing.