Frequent urination cramps

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154765 tn?1237251544 hey, im not sure what it could be. but i thought if it was a uti you would have other problems too like burning or something. i too have been going to the bathroom alot since saturday, close to every hour or so.
Avatar f tn For the past two and a half years, I've had a problem with frequent urination. No incontinence of any kind, but I tend to pee on average 12-20 times a day. Sometimes I'll be up one or two times at night, sometimes more and sometimes not at all. I DO drink quite a bit of fluid. I tend to average 50-100+ ounces of fluid a day. Usually once a day I'll have a cup of tea, but I don't drink a ton of coffee or any soda at all.
Avatar n tn indigestion/bloating/flatulence, weakness/fatigue, frequent urination and high output, dried skin specially my hands (looks like wood, joint pain, tingling sensation on hands and feet, wakes up at night. Medical history: high blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol level Medication: atenelol(tenormin)=high blood pressure zantac 300= indigestion problems started about a month and half ago after drinking 3 beers and eating pizza at a party.
Avatar n tn Ok, after taken 1000 mg (never had this dose level before) of Ibuprofen, I had began to experience frequent urination that night. Not realizing a possible connection, I took the same dose again the following day and 3 celebrex (1 day dose)during that week. Problem with frequent urination continues six weeks later. 6-7x a night at minimum. Problem also during the day.
Avatar f tn You're early to experience all these symptoms but I've known many women who do present earlier than others. Bloating, fatigue, nausea, tender breast, frequent urination, increased appetite, increased senses, dizziness. Those are several pregnancy symptoms that you seem to have. I would take a test. What's the harm? Like I said though, its a little early so it might not show up on a test yet. If you take a test and its negative, wait a week and try again.
Avatar n tn Any ideas on what's going on? Also, have had problems with frequent urination. That is what helped find this tumor. I was going so often that I couldn't stand it anymore. It felt like I was pregnant again. I had to pee all the time. They thought this 3 inch diameter tumor might have attributed to this feeling of urgency all the time. Had the surgery, but I still always feel like "I have to go". Any comments on this issue? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I would say if it's more frequent than you're accustomed to and you're not taking in more fluids than normal then it could be frequent urination. Do you think you're pregnant? I'm just curious as to why you're asking.
Avatar n tn Just curious, if the ultrasound for an ovarian cyst comes back positive do you know if there is anything that they can do to stop the bladder pressure/frequent urination? Have you talked with your GYN or urologist about what (if any) treatments exist for the cysts? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I dont know for sure if opiate WD and frequent urination are always associated with one another. I experienced pee'ing a lot for a few days (on two occasions) before i started taking hydrocodone on a daily it may not be related. Though im WD'ing right now and im going thru the "Peefest" right now. Personally i think its related to stress and other factors such as diet, advancing age, other med use, etc. Watch your sodium intake for that could be causing it.
Avatar n tn hi about a year or so ago i started getting frequent urination, 4 months ago a also started getting urgent urination, i feel bloated lots even if i have not eaten are drinken anything, it is not all the time but after i eat a small meal i look pregnant i have had way more flatulence feels like air moving threw my pelvic i used to only get cramping pains off and on in my left ovary but now it's in my right, i can feel pressure when i sit down i frequent urgent urination all the time for the past
Avatar n tn I am a 32 yr old female and I suffer from frequent urination. Sometimes when i HAVE to hold my urine,and my bladder " cramps",it is very painful and the "cramping" lasts for several hours up to a couple of days. Is this a serious problem or is it due to age, and motherhood? I have been to my family Dr and he treated me for UTI. The "cramping" does not happen often, but when it does it makes it almost impossible for me to even stand up straight.
1083673 tn?1388892238 I also have unexplained nausea, light headedness, back pain, headaches, tender boobs, nipples are larger and slightly darker, food aversions, frequent urination, and 20 minutes after I eat I am hungry again. Can someone give me advice? I still have a fairly good amount of CM and got a glob of creamy clear CM the past two days when I checked. I have and ovulation chart with temps on it on here too. Please give me any advice you have.
Avatar n tn She also has frequent urination, but this could easily be caused the by the pregnancy.
Avatar n tn It could be just stretching, but I would also make sure you dont have as you dont always have burning or frequent urination with them. Whatever the cause, it is likely nothing to worry about.
Avatar m tn For several years (symptoms start in 2003) I have been symptomatic with IBS D as well as urgency for frequent urination. Seeing how they both started around the same time as a major life change, during the examinations and tests from my Doctor he concluded both were brought on by stress leading towards the beginning of a compulsive disorder. I have tried several medications over the years I have not found anything suitable or that I enjoyed taking.
Avatar f tn For the past two weeks, I've been showing all the normal signs for pregnancy - breast tenderness, frequent urination, increased appetite, nausea, but today I woke uo to cramps and extremely light spotting. I did a preg test last week and it came back it possible that I'm pregnant anyway?
Avatar n tn I have also read that anxiety can cause frequent urination. Could it also cause blood in the urine? Other than the frequent urination and the crampy feeling in my back, I have no other symptoms. Hopefully I will get a blood test at the Internist and rule out the worst. Do you think I need to see a Urologist? Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn it could also mean the start of a uti I was told so watch out for symptoms of that such as frequent urination and pain when you go. To be sure maybe you should go and see your doc.
Avatar f tn , i had unprotectd sex exactly midnight 11th which became the day before i ovulated 12th had cramps and bloating for those two days then went away but its been two days and i now feel cramps again and frequent trips to the bathroom not only for urination ;) does this mean all went well or just wishfull thinking? anybody in the same boat as me?
1797961 tn?1315684699 UTI = Urinary Tract Infection. Symptoms typically are frequent urination, pain/burning when peeing, cramping, and some others as well. You don't have to have all of these symptoms in order to have this infection, so it would be best to see your doctor so that they can test your urine for this infection and start you on anti-biotics if the test comes back positive for a UTI or other infection. Hope it all goes well.
Avatar f tn 4. Constipation 5. Frequent Urination 6. Nausea 7. emotional 8. Moody!! and im not sure if thats all, thats just what i can think of as of right at this moment.
Avatar n tn I'm in the same boat too! Cramping off and on - especially at night. Frequent urination and that's about it. I'm a few days late... Good Luck to us all!