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Avatar f tn yesterday the sensation had disappeared by mid morning but today the sensation is persisting. i din't feel like urinating constantly last night. i don't have burning sensation or foul odor and the colour also seems normal. is this UTI?
Avatar m tn i am facing frequent urination problem . i am passing every 2 hours . i am having sometime very mild burning sensation and pain and both the upper part on stomach. sometimes on my left back side . can anyone help me rid off this ?
Avatar n tn I have experimented relieases of kinney stones in the past and the back pains are horrible and now i don't have any discomfort just the burning sensation and the frequent visits to the bathroom. Please help me !!
Avatar m tn Hi, I am getting burning sensation while urination. But this is not daily or frequent. At the time of urination i will get drop by drop that too many times. Most in night times i get this type of problem. After that when i drink more water then in 10 or 15 minutes i will get relief. So please let me know the reason for that and resolution also.
Avatar n tn Symptoms do not come on the next day and frequent urination is usually not a stand alone symptom and frequent means like every 10-15 minutes. If worried wait 1 week from the encounter and get tested for gonorrhea, but overall I see no need to do so.
Avatar f tn Hi there! Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include GU infections, inflammations, neuro-muscular causes, growths/ masses etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a primary care physician or a urologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hoe this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing frequent urination for 5 years now (I have to pee every 30mins or so). Its absolutely awful and sometimes I have a burning sensation after I pee. I've noticed though that when I'm ovulating and I have lots of discharge the frequency is slightly less. I've gone for several tests over the years; it's not uti, cysts or diabetes and I don't think it's an STD since I am a virgin. My discharge can also be quite fishy and dark and I get a bump inside my labia after each period.
Avatar n tn I have had no discharge, visible sores, burning sensation while urinating, etc.... My only exposure to anyone other than my steady girllfriend was about 30 sec. of unprotected oral sex at a massage parlor four months ago. I was tested for HIV at 4.5 weeks and it was negative. I also was tested for gonn., chym. and syphilis and all the tests were negative. However, I occassionally get a feeling in my penis that I have to urinate badly.
Avatar f tn I kept going to doctors telling me I had a UTI. But I never had a burning sensation upon voiding, just a strong urge to void and pain all the time. I never had any bacteria in my urine, either. That's because IC has something to do with having a defective bladder lining that doesn't offer it protection from the irritants in the urine. Also, I have classic " Hunner's Ulcers" in my bladder which helped diagnose my condition as well. Good luck. I hope it is only a UTI.
Avatar f tn Urinary tract (which consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and the urethra) infections are very common in young women. Symptoms of UTI are frequent urination, burning sensation during urination, passing of blood in urine and even fever. The most common causes of repeated UTIs are kidney stones and diabetes mellitus. Women who are sexually active, who use diaphragms for birth control, and/or are past menopause are at an increased risk for urinary tract infections.
154765 tn?1237251544 hey, im not sure what it could be. but i thought if it was a uti you would have other problems too like burning or something. i too have been going to the bathroom alot since saturday, close to every hour or so.
Avatar n tn Hello, Without examination confirmation of a diagnosis is tough but urge of frequent urination can be due to increased intake of fluids or diabetes mellitus.Other possibilities are glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis(inflammation of the kidneys),urinary tract infection,hypercalcemia,hypokalemia(low potassium),hyperthyroidism,hyperparathyroidism,diuretic drugs and benign hyperplasia of the prostate(in elderly males).
Avatar m tn A couple days ago I drank a lot of cranberry juice and the next day I was back to normal, but now I feel the urge to urinate a lot, and it's mostly at night time. It's feels like a burning/itching sensation but when I actually urinate I feel fine. Just a bit uncomfortable. Any ideas what it could be? I would of posted this in the urology forum but it costs money to!
Avatar n tn About 2 yrs ago i had a burning sensation and other problems, i consulted a doctor and he found out i had a UTI, i took antibiotic Cipro and it improved considerably. After a short while i started having the urge to go to the bathroom a lot, most of the time only a little urine would come out. I had a check for kidney stones, there werent any. Ive seen a bunch of doctors, before my urine test used to have a little blood. Recently that has not been the case.
Avatar n tn Do you have any other symptoms like blood in urine, burning sensation while urination, discharge etc? It would be better to visit a urologist for further work up. Best.
Avatar n tn I am a 22 years old male from india. I am suffering from frequent (day time) urination (around 12 times in daytime only, don't wake up from sleep to urinate ) for the last 6 years. I generally have to urinate in small amounts,I feel that I am emptying my bladder everytime . My urine flow also is normal, I take little time to start urinating as the amount of urine is not much. there is no urinary leakage , i feel my pelvic floor muscles are strong enough.Urine test didn't show any infection.
Avatar n tn This has been going on for about a week now it was less frequent the first few days and now it everytime i sit. any ideas? No burning or anything else out of the ordinary. No pain or any other symptoms.
Avatar f tn i have been suffering from v frequent urination for past 3-4 months.there is always an urge to urinate.ultrasound reports normal.culture report shows ecoli >100000. my doc suggested me to take nitrofurantoin . what shd i be doing.
Avatar m tn i have also experienced a burning sensation in my vagina whenever i shower or urinate. however, this only lasted about a week, and the burning sensation stopped. after it stopped, however, i have been going to the bathroom literally 3 times every hour every single day. i figured it was a UTI so i went to the doctors (4/18/14) and got checked for it.
Avatar m tn this can happen for days at a time and then vanishes for a month or so. The discomfort and burning in the penis is becoming more frequent though. It's not related to ejaculation or urination but those do adjitate it more, even though its present without those. Any ideas or suggestions? anhy antibiotics I can try overthe counter?
Avatar m tn On March 3rd I had unprotected oral sex (both ways) with a provider, and protected intercourse. 5 days later I had a burning sensation when urination upon first waking up and once more after that. Since then I have been having a frequent need to urinate (no more burning at all, but, at times, the flow appears to be weak). I went to my DR and she tested the urine with a quick swap and deemed a slight infection (I did not tell her about the encounter).
Avatar m tn On March 3rd I had unprotected oral sex (both ways) with a provider, and protected intercourse. 5 days later I had a burning sensation when urination upon first waking up and once more after that. Since then I have been having a frequent need to urinate (no more burning at all, but, at times, the flow appears to be weak). I went to my DR and she tested the urine with a quick swap and deemed a slight infection (I did not tell her about the encounter).
Avatar f tn Apart from that, another cause which needs to be excluded is diabetes. Diabetes causes frequent urination and so I would advise you to get a fasting blood sugar and Hb A1 C test done. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn My problems started 2,5 months ago following a week when I had excessive masturbation (3 times a day) and had sex with someone i knew before (vaginal protected). It all started with frequent urination and sudden urgency to urinate. I did not have burning while urination, but pain came right after urination and mostly felt at the tip of my penis and inside urethra. The frequency was very severe in the first two weeks, almost 45 minutes intervals.
Avatar n tn i hope i will get the same results as you have scaredgrl85, its just hard when you always urinate and urinate.. tnx for the reply scaredgrl85..
Avatar n tn indigestion/bloating/flatulence, weakness/fatigue, frequent urination and high output, dried skin specially my hands (looks like wood, joint pain, tingling sensation on hands and feet, wakes up at night. Medical history: high blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol level Medication: atenelol(tenormin)=high blood pressure zantac 300= indigestion problems started about a month and half ago after drinking 3 beers and eating pizza at a party.
Avatar m tn I'm new to this community and I have a problem for like 4 years now (it started soon as I turned 15) and after all the help I looked for, nothing helped. So, as I said in the title, my problem is this annoying frequent urination. What makes it annoying: the combination with "shy kidneys" (can't go if people are around the bathroom), anxiety, sometimes stabbing pain (9/10 in severity, like it usually stops my breathing) and the most annoying part it happens in public.
Avatar f tn Yes, when I have a stone or stones, I'll have a much more frequent urge to urinate than when I don't have a stone. I've also experienced a very slight burning sensation at times with a stone too. Are you on anything like Flomax? I've noticed a more frequent urge since I've been taking Flomax too. Not sure if that's the Flomax, or just my age coming into play.LOL!