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Avatar n tn The iCA just recently put out a new brochure on IC and Men since this is often misdiagnosed in men. We actually have an IC support network on this forum as well: You might want to consider a referral to a pelvic pain PT. They are often able to rule out and pelvic issues, muscular etc. that doctor's are not trained to look for. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn It is most common in older men (and women) and increases in frequency with age; it is the condition highlighted in recent direct-to-consumer advertisements for "bladder problems". You don't say your age, but some cases can start in peole in their 20s or 30s. I don't know enough to predict whether early onset predicts increasing problems with age. You should post your question on the MedHelp urology forum; or speak with your own health care provider.
Avatar f tn I am 28 years old, female. I noticed two months ago frequent urination and the very strong urge to use the bathroom almost every 20 minutes.Especialy while I was walking and a slight back pain. I did urine anaylisis which came out clear and a cultivation which came out clear as well (though the urine was quite thin, maybe due to the large amount of liquids I was consuming). I runned some gynecological tests and they came up clear (only a candinda bacterical).
Avatar n tn I want to think that the pain seems to be going away (or at least it bothers me less than it used to). In addition I don't have frequent urination. However, there are days still that it bothers me alot when I go to the bathroom. The pain exists for about an hour after urination, then it goes away. Also there appears to be wrinkles/lines on the my penile shaft (which I noticed sometime after the medicine ended. I'm not sure if this was due to the medicine or not).
Avatar n tn ) i had chlamydia and NSU diagnosedin nov/dec 2010 i had antibiotic treatment which cured both as i was retested at end of december and it was negative. these have been giving me symptoms of frequent urination,irritation in the urethra i have heard of a few people having this for quite sometime and had every test possible only for a urologist to tell them he was testing them for Ureaplasma and she was positive and certain antibiotics cleared this.
Avatar n tn I have bloating, I look like I am pregnant, frequent urination, pressure in my abdomen, lower back pain, extreme fatigue and pain during intercourse. What could this be. My doctor kept giving me medication for urinary tract infection.
Avatar m tn I'm 16 years old and have had this for more than a year I have been put on more antibiotics than I can count and have had scans that show I fine and healthy but I am getting up to pee every night at least 15 times Even though no doctor can tell me what's wrong I have researched throughly and I believe I have 'noctoria' which is a form of over active bladder symdrom which means I have frequent urination at night especially.
Avatar f tn I don't know what is going on, but I have frequent urination with no burning at all. This time my Dr. placed me on ampicillin, and it has been 3 days and I am still have the urgency to go to the rest room too often.. I am drinking surgar free canberry juice from time to time while on the antibiotics and I take a thyroid pill as well as a diurectic pill all prescribed by the same doctor.. What is it that I am doing wrong. This is not a good feeling at all , very irritating.
Avatar m tn - VERY frequent urination, often with little volume - sensation that bladder never voided completely - painful, burning feeling in urethra when urinating - sensation of sligh pressure between anus and penis Other details: - no fever (brief, slight fever yesterday, but the temperature where I live was 100 degrees and I have no air conditioning). No fever this morning.
Avatar m tn I'm very nervous as I am married and am feeling a burning sensation at the tip of my penis, usually after urination. Could this all be in my mind? Is chlymidia or gonnorhea passed common in this fashion? Please let me know.
Avatar m tn hi some time back, i got unprotected oral sex (*******) from a strip club dancer. Two weeks later, i got burning sensation while urinatiing and frequent urination. I tooksome tests through a website and saw the results negative for Chalmydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hiv, herpes 2. I was positive for herpes 1. after 1 week, the burning sensation went away. Still i went to a general practice doctor and he prescribed me ciprofloxacin.
Avatar m tn html That article states that early masturbation in young age men can lead to prostate cancer later on in life. I am very concerned about it. I've been doing it at least 4 times a day for the past two weeks but I'm trying to cut down. I also have an issue of having to urinate a lot after I drink water. It feels like the water goes through my system pretty quick and needs to come out. I'm not sure if frequent masturbation is a cause of my urination/bladder issue.
Avatar n tn I started to get recurring yeast infections, and then the frequent urination started. I'm wondering if maybe I have yeast growing in my bladder which could be causing an irritation. I've been to two urologists who were not of much help, but I was also uneducated at the time. I since have been doing research on interstitial cystitis and am ready to go to a good urologist and ask for specific tests to try to deduce what's going on. Good luck in your quest to solve the frequency mystery.
Avatar m tn 8 weeks ago, I had a cystoscopy because of frequent urination and a weak stream. I also had a CT scan to check for kidney stones. Everything looked fine, so my Urologist put me on Uroxatral. I took the meds for 3 weeks and stopped because it wasn't improving anything. 1 week ago, I woke up and had painful urination, like I was passing razorblades. I have a history of kidney stones from when I was a child, so I thought that I could be passing a stone.
Avatar m tn We gone through a two week period where we did it daily. I have frequent urination. I read about prostate cancer and how masturbation prevents it but those articles are old. I read a january 2009 article and it said that masturbation might lead to high prostate cancer risks if you do it in 20's. I had burning sensation before when i urinate but it happened no more than 5 times in my entire life so far. I want to know what health issues i might have.
Avatar f tn It is strongest when i have to go and at the beginning of urination, though sometimes it is burning at the end. We have not had intercourse since before diagnosis. Any thoughts as to where i go from here?
Avatar m tn I am showing some symptoms of chlamydia, notably frequent urination, itching and a slight burning sensation at the tip of the penis. I was given a dignosis of chlamydia, but the doctor seemed fairly tentative, perhaps because I wasn't showing the discharge that most symptomatic men show. This has me worried that I could have a more serious ailment, such as bladder cancer for example. I've never had any visible blood in my urine, but I realize that this sign isn't always present.
Avatar n tn I have been tested for many, many things that all come up that I am fit as a fiddle and yet I have burning sensations at extreme levels in my crotch, anus, and stomach. In the past I have felt the same burning on almost every part of my body. I have experienced skin deterioration as if the top several layers of skin were missing. ( sticky ) At one point I stopped working due to excessive heat and burning that made it just about impossible to keep a pair of pants on.
Avatar m tn My symptoms started as lymph node pain, stinging/burning at tip, two red spots inside urethra for 2 days that never returned, followed by a good 10 weeks of pain (who woulnd't think herpes?) With the pain mellowing out I have some slight burning, tingling every once in a while in the groin and legs and sore between the genitals and bung. I've been doing kegel exercises, and short term, they seem to be helping.
Avatar n tn did'nt know what it was it got so bad my organs were shutting down ( I should have been hospitalized) anyway I realized what it was when I noticed my urine was red orange (blood). I did not have burning my UTI was In my kidneys which hurt like hell also in my uretha not my bladder. I could barely walk infection had spread to my blood steam these infections went on for 11 mos. antibiotics would help but not get rid of them. I was also drinking a lot of cranberry juice & water.
Avatar n tn For the past year, I have been experiencing burning and stinging in my vulva (which is NOT made worse by peeing), which comes and goes but can last for over a month and is extremely uncomfortable. The area looks normal, and there is no unusual discharge. The last time I had these symptoms was in March - they came on suddenly with a stinging sensation, and lasted for 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn I have Varicocele, and my question is, can Varicocele cause burning/itching in urethra and in the tip of penis?
Avatar n tn Circumcisions require cutting precisely near the penis head on a baby's penis usually and some people are left with more tissue than others, resulting in some men having a much more developed sensation in their penises during sex. A mm off and you could have damage. To continue, there is little anyone can do for you that would not make the problem worse as far as I understand it.
Avatar n tn I just read all the threads and i have to say i completely run the full spectrum of whatever few variations there are in symptoms. after ejaculation there's the burning upon urination, then the excessive burning after urination that only goes away with: more urination (but its temporary), time, and many times taking a ****. i think the explanation must be a combination of the 2 common suggestions listed by everyone (which is why it might be so rare).
Avatar n tn There is only slight dull pain and tenderness behind the testicle and mild pain in the left groin. I'm having very mild burning sensation on my penis as well. If they are infection, why it is not clearing for so long (it is more than 6 months now) after taking all the antibiotics properly on time? Whenever my testicles hang loose, I'm able to successfully roll the balls with my fingers. It never hurts.
Avatar n tn But not necessarily in every case. By the way, burning urination is a common symptom of urethritis in men, but frequent urination typically is not. I wish more questions were so brief and straightforward. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have been in a monogamous relationship with my current girlfriend for almost 2 years. I haven't had any other partners since her and believe the same of her. I have had a number of partners (<10) all but one of them which I wore consistent protection. I have recently been tested for clamydia, syphillis, gonorrhea and HIV and am negative. I have no symptoms of herpes externally and don't believe to have it.
Avatar m tn Blood in the semen Discharge from the urethra (the opening at the end of the penis) Discomfort in the lower abdomen or pelvis Fever Groin pain Lump in the testicle Pain during ejaculation Pain or burning during urination Painful scrotal swelling (epididymis is enlarged) Tender, swollen groin area on affected side Testicle pain that gets worse during a bowel movement PROSTATITIS Prostatitis symptoms vary depending on the type of prostatitis you have.