Fluconazole vs miconazole

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Avatar n tn MONISTAT 1 IS DANGEROUS!!! iT HAS 1200MG OF MICONAZOLE NITRATE IN IT!!!!! This product should be taken off the shelves NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!! 70 % of women have a bad reaction to it like a intense burning vagina it is horrible. You will want to die!!! Trust me!!! Do not take !!!!!
Avatar n tn a little history, I actually had a candida ballanitis (a yeast infection of the wang) a couple years back, and found that Monistat 7 Day, applied once or twice a day, cleared up the yeast infection in about three to four days. Well, I tried the exact same thing, Monistat 7 Day (2% Miconazole Nitrate) on my face under my eye. BINGO!!! It's been two days and it's almost completely gone... I've been dealing with this for TWO MONTHS!! Don't know why I didn't slap some Monistat on there already...