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Avatar f tn I get occasional bronchitis...not even once a year. Dr. perscribed Flovent I've been taking now every day for 5 years...do you think that is too much?
Avatar n tn Serevent and meds like it are long acting beta2 agonists (long acting broncho dilaters). They are standard treatment for COPD and perfectly safe for that disease. The problem comes in when they are used long term for asthma, and them mainly when no inhaled steroid is used. The only people who have had a problem with these meds are asthmatics. It is not clear exactly what the problem is, but some believe that it is inappropriate use of the medication - ie using it as a rescue inhaler.
Avatar n tn Infections, like bronchitis, can make asthma worse. Getting started on treatment for the bronchitis when you first notice the pain, may keep your asthma from getting severe and uncontrollable. It is also possible that you are experiencing a lung problem other than bronchitis. Having such pain with every bout of acute bronchitis is rather unusual. A chest x-ray and possibly a high resolution CT scan of your chest may be helpful.
Avatar n tn Vincent, my 3.5 years son, has been frequently getting cough twice a month since he's 1 year old and until now. He could not stand for air conditioner, cold & dust (majorly from his toys) and has been observed by our pediatric doctor that they confirmed Allergic Cough because Vincent frequently gets cough only while sleeping with Air Conditioner on. He has consumed too many Expectorant Medicines such as Actifed, Ventolin, Sudafed, Bissolvon, Phenergan, Codein/Codipront, etc.
Avatar n tn Hi all, Thanks jcontact for your reponse. I have nothing new to report except that the doc now calls it "asthamtic bronchitis". He wants me to saty on flovent twice a day and combivent as needed and each time before I run check back in with him in 6 months. Additionally, I did respond, acutely so, to the allergen for cats. The allergist doc in looking at my numbers opined that he thought the thing would eventually resolve itself.
Avatar n tn I do not have chronic bronchitis but I've had bronchitis and only took prednisone for a small amount of time. The best treatment for me turned out to be switching from Flovent 110, my normal dosage, to 220 whenever I felt a cold coming on. If it did progress to get worse, then I would take Foradil (which really helped improve my night time lung function but typically isn't for a short-term treatment) in addition to whatever bronch medication they gave me and lot's of heavy duty cough syrup.
Avatar n tn I'm a 44-year-old allergic asthmatic female who caught a chest cold in early November that was exacerbated by regional wildfires. Acute bronchitis quickly brought on an acute asthma attack that took two weeks of nebulizer treatments, finally, to relieve. The bronchitis subsided while I was on antibiotics (Augmentin, 6 weeks), but I caught a head cold before I had fully recovered, and the productive coughing and the wheeze returned for another two weeks.
Avatar n tn I am 26 and have had a dry cough for almost 2 years. I do not smoke. when we moved we found alot of black mold behind a bookcase and a window covering. The mold coved most of the wall. We moved to az that week. I was told that the dry air of Az was makeing me cuogh and have nose bleeds. we moved back to Ok and i still ccough every day. i had a chest x-ray and was told i had bronchitis. I have be givin amoyicillin, cefdinr, guaiphen-d, propoxy-n/apap, azithroycin, hisinex hc syrup, aluterol.
Avatar f tn Is she going to need to see a specialist for this or should i go ahead and find one for her without waiting for her doctor to call me after she reads the results
Avatar n tn it leads to pneumonia quite often. He has been put on Flovent and uses an inhaler. We have read information that states that no children under 6 should use this medication. We are in Vancouver and are looking for a pediatric naturopath. Any facts or tips on either of these questions. We already have his diet very specific to avoid allergins that could trigger an attack. The long term side affects of these drugs are horrible..and so scary as a parent.
Avatar n tn I have tried B Complex, codliver oil and antioxidants for some relief. Recently I found across the counter nasal spray called SINOFRESH which kills nasal mold and bacteria. This product seems to support the MAYO clinic studies that say a lot of sinus conditions seems to be funi related. Since this product seems to have given me more relief than anything, I now wonder if my cough was not due to post nasal drip and not bronchitis as I thought.
Avatar m tn Meds I take are cefadroxil (for acne), 20mg prozac (for GAD), singulair (asthma/allergies), 110 flovent inhaler, and proair as needed. Also, I am allergic to penicillin.
168348 tn?1379360675 I was on albuterol and flovent (inhaled steroid) for a nasty chest cold that would have been bronchitis w/o asthma med intervention. I sometimes get that but don't have "true" asthma. I know that alcohol and the Synthroid is very much enhanced for me since starting the Synthroid in Jan and it just dawned on me that the short-tempered, yelling, zero tolerance attitude and snippiness was from the Albuterol inhaler and Flovent inhaler .....
Avatar n tn The doctor did a chest x-ray and tested her for Cystic Fibrosis and both came back negative. They prescribed Flovent twice a day, every day. I gave her the Flovent for over a year and gave her nebulizer treatments when she started to get sick. After her nebulizer treatments she would cough violently for several hours. I found that neither the Flovent nor the treatments helped her. It is my opinion that she is coughing mostly at night and that is a result of post nasal drip.
Avatar n tn if you had a respitory disorder like bronchitis asthma or even emphysema would a inhaler give you sometype of relief?
Avatar n tn What you describe sounds like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes chronic bronchitis, due to cigarette smoking. The coughing and wheezing may persist for months or even years. But, your decision to quit smoking is extremely important. We would urge you to stick with it, no matter what. In the meantime, you should be treated with respiratory medicines for COPD/asthma, which are capable of providing good relief of the wheezing and difficulty breathing.
Avatar n tn i've been taking flovent 110 ...2puffs once a day for the past 2 weeks....why doesnt the albuterol help...is it more a tracheal irritation(it doesnt hurt to cough) from my post nasal drip? does it need to be treated with something else? i'm not short of breathe or anything just wondering? thank you for your time......
Avatar n tn Your doctors might want to check for signs of blood clots, the next time you have bronchitis. Recurrent acute bronchitis is most commonly associated with chronic bronchitis, due to cigarette smoking. It can also occur with just passive inhalation of someone else's cigarette smoke or in response to a great number of occupational exposures. You should carefully consider all your environmental exposures, in seeking a cause of your acute bronchitis. Good luck.
Avatar n tn When I use an inhaler like spiriva or flovent I cough and strangle for several minutes. I have had chronic bronchitis for years. Since last summer I have been treated for asthma. I have tried advair, flovent, foradil, albuterol, singulair, and a nebulizer. If I use spiriva in the morning by about 4p.m. I can feel the congestion returning. That's when I take the singulair even tho the doctor wants me to take it at bedtime. The advair did not seem to help.
Avatar n tn You should remain on the Flovent for at least 6 months, if not longer. The combination of cat allergy, possibly infection, your history of asthma and the wildfires comprised your own “perfect storm.” You will recover from it but you might want to consider reducing, if not stopping, your exposure to cat dander. That alone, could keep your bronchi in a state of chronic inflammation, even when you are not symptomatic. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Recently during routine blood work, my ALT came back at 61 range for that lab is 0-43. I had bronchitis and some sort of virus and was taking Zithromax, tylenol and was on two different asthma inhalers (proventil and Flovent) at that time. What does this indicate? Liver damage from the drugs? I have since completed all the antibiotics and am better. Will these level go back down? All other levels were within normal ranges. I am scheduled for a retest next week.
Avatar f tn He's had many eye infections, bronchitis 4 times, and pneumonia. He's been diagnosed with asthma and is on Flovent. He does not have a fever right now, however he does tug his ear and whines when he is eating. He also doesn't seem to have great hearing, especially on his right. I told the receptionist that it was possible mastoiditis, however she still offered us an appointment for the end of May. This just doesn't feel right to me.
Avatar m tn The beneficial effects of Flovent may persist for days to weeks after discontinuation of the drug, resulting in a negative challenge. A number of diseases can mimic asthma and result in a negative challenge. An example is a disease called, Eosinophilic Bronchitis which is similar to asthma in clinical presentation (especially cough variant asthma) and responds favorably to inhaled corticosteroids. It is not usually associated with variable airflow obstruction, but wheezing can occur.
Avatar n tn Her asthma started at 6 months old. She takes flovent twice daily and albeuterol as needed. She was tested for allergies and doesn't have any. Her coughing lasted for so long that her asthma doctor (who is an allergist) finally looked at the mucous from her nose in a microscope and said that she had an infection. She was prescribed antibiotics for 3 weeks due to the long amount of time she had the infection and that cleared it.
Avatar f tn I have had a cough for a while now and has gotten worse after being deployed to iraq. the cough comes with shortness of breath with carrying on normal conversation, i feel as if i am getting suffocated when i am around smoke and other type of inhalents such as perfume and cleaning products. this aslo occurs during and after working out. at times it cause me to start feeling panic cause it seems i cant breath.
Avatar n tn I don't want to see anyone else go through all this for as long as I have. Please ask your doctor for a pulmonary test. Also if your symptoms include swollen ankles, constantly being tired and chronically short of breath it could be Pulmonary hypertension which can be serious if not treated. Hopefully I haven't rambled too much and have helped some. Take care.
Avatar n tn he has put me down for asthma and COPD (dunno if its emphyasema or chronic bronchitis ) . I went to him last wed and told him that my flovent isnt doing it anymore that i felt as though i was back to square one . so he told me to take 4 inhales 2x a day . instead of 2 inhales 2x a day of my flovent and gave me a sample of another inhaler and told me if that didnt work to start taking that one (its symbicort)but never explained to me how many puffs i take . anyways im not taking it .
170935 tn?1225374676 I would get as you describe and the cough would subside with the albuterol inhaler .. when they put me on flovent for the inflammation (not a wheeze) only then did it finally go away and I, too, have been symptom free to a major degree since about 10yrs. I got awfu sinus infections that went into bronchitis and RAD and pollen was a huge trigger for me.
Avatar n tn The cough only stops for a few hours once i'm so exhausted that i fall asleep for a few hours. I've had a CT (for elevated DDimer) and a chest xray within the past week, both clean. I'm now to the point where my normal breaths wheeze on the way in and out, and even if i try to breath through my nose, i still make wheezing. I'm clear so far as pertussis. No one has seen it fit to do a bronchoscopy as of yet. Can anyone provide us with some sort of answers?