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Avatar f tn Hi, I have swelling in my pinky finger for about 2 - 3 months. If i bump my pinky it is very sore by the middle joint even if I touch it.I went to an orthopedic hand specialist and he asked if I jammed my finger. I explained to him that I didn't jam my finger. He took x-rays and said it wasn't dislocated.He then came back into the room and said I probably jammed my pinky and just don't remember. I know I would remember jamming my finger as I have done that in the past.
Avatar f tn The next day I had a allergic reaction to shell fish and my right hand swelled. Now 5 days latter I am have some major joint pains in my middle finger and its still a little swollen and righted skinned and difficult to bend. What can I do to get the swelling to go away and the joint pain to stop.
Avatar n tn after 2-3 weeks, the finger was still swollen from the first knuckle on the finger and up. and the whole finger pointed slightly in towards the palm when i held my fingers straight up. I went and got another xray at 5 weeks at a different doctor. that doctor said that the join was perfectly fine and it was nice and healed, and all i had to do was massage it for the swelling to stop. i've been massaging it everyday since then. i'm almost at 7 weeks.
Avatar f tn Today I have had extreme swelling in my ankles, I had been shopping a bit today, could that mabe be a cause? my sock is completely indented into my skin, I can actually put my finger in the dent, underneth the sock lines are swollen, but my feet seem to be ok, you can still see the bones in the top of the foot. Also my hands and fingers seem to be ok, I can still get my wedding ring on and off, it's a bit of a struggle, but they do come off. I guess what I am asking is.. is this normal?
Avatar n tn Hi, Swelling is caused by fluid buildup in the tissues. Because of the effect of gravity, swelling is particularly noticeable in the foot, ankle or leg. This may be due to: prolonged standing, long airplane flights or automobile rides, being overweight, increased age or injury or trauma to your ankle or foot. You can read more about this through this link: Treatment will depend on the cause of the swelling.
Avatar n tn My doctor monitored swelling. She'd put her finger into it and it pitted (imprint of her finger stayed for a bit), that was more concerning. With my first pregnancy, I DID have elevated blood pressure and I was given a week of resting (no work) at the end of my pregnancy with swelling being one of the things sited. So, you probably are seeing your doctor weekly now at 36 weeks?
Avatar f tn I got taken off work cause of my swelling in my feet and legs. At first my BP was really good but work got stressful and the dr said it was a good idea seeing as it caused my BP to go up just a little. It would hurt to walk on my feet and my socks would cut into my legs. Now the swelling is staying down unless I am on my feet for hours.
Avatar n tn When you push on the skin, then take your finger away it leaves an indent in the skin. I again thank you for your quick response and I am very happy to have found such a resourcful website for all my health related questions.
492921 tn?1321293496 I have gotten some degree of swelling in the last trimester with all of my pregnancies. The swelling in itself doesn't concern me. I've had swelling this time for about 2 weeks. Mostly in my legs. They get really heavy and are hard to move. I also have some aching and stiffness in my hands as well and my rings are tighter.
666921 tn?1254994218 -- at the base of my neck on right side just above collar bone - there is a hollow!! [don't know the correct name] - if I hold my shoulder back there is a soft swelling in that area it isn't really noticable from just looking in the mirror with shoulder relaxed. It kinda causes a bit of tension around that area? My G.P. said she doesn't know what it is ! very reassuring ! She said wait and see how it is once you have seen the LLMD.
Avatar m tn A month later I was in the middle of hiking and my finger joints started swelling suddenly. It became hard to close my fists. After a week and a couple dr visits I saw a rhematoligist, and much blood work showed a slightly elevated rhuematiod factor, the dr said there was a 90% chance I had RA due to my symptoms. (i got a neck xray too which was "normal"). I've been on methotrexate for about a month now, and taking 10mg of prednisone for the symptoms till Methotrexate starts working.
Avatar f tn Today it is seriously swollen, to the point that I can't move it because the swelling is in the way. It's only slightly painful but the swelling is a concern. The orthopedist I was referred to can't see me for another week and will not answer the question as to the normalcy of this type of swelling. I have dislocated joints before, but without the massive twisting, and am wondering if the swelling is just because of the soft tissue damage, or if it's indicative of a problem.
Avatar n tn I am 52 years old, in good health, not overweight. I take vitamins on a regular basis. I LOVE bread..but I can't imagine that's a problem. What areas should I be concerned with regarding the swelling. It's not like it goes away. The only difference is during the day there are times it actually hurts me. Thank you This discussion is related to <a href=''>fingers swelling is it arthritis?</a>.
Avatar m tn Excercise almost every day/ For the last 2 months I have had a recurrent pain in the middle finger of my left hand. The pain is in the area between the palm and the knucke. It feels at times like a burning sensation or a knife going through. There is no swelling or discoloring . I had a Harrington rod fusion in my back 22 years ago and have been fine.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing numbness in my pinking and the finger right beside it lately, just on my left hand. Does this mean the baby is laying on a nerve or some kind of carpal tunnel. I never had this happen before. The cramping is still there today but not as bad as yesterday, I thought I was going into labor but a quick trip to the dr and he figures its just where he is laying. Babies born at 32 weeks have a fairly good chance do they not?
Avatar n tn The doctors cut my finger along the nailbed and got some pus out. I am on Kelflex for 3 days. When I remove the bandage and put new neosporin/bandage on, I have noticed that there is a white substance near the cut. Should I clean that out? Is it possible that that is more pus that should be removed? Thanks.
Avatar f tn The soreness is over to the side in the soft part of the index finger between the first knuckle and the nail. It hurts if I type or if I press on it in anyway. It also throbs a little and feels hot. There is no detectable swelling or any sort of cyst of any type but the pain has become more bothersome over the last 24 hours. What could be causing this? Should I be worried? I wouldn't really be bothered except I am a guitarist and I don't want it to affect my playing.
Avatar n tn sensation of extreme burning starts out from lower feet and ends my upper body and swelling of hand finger when i start heat in my body? My question is this symtom is concern with HEART?
Avatar n tn I tremble every time when I grab something that a joint in my palm or finger will swell and turn blue. That's no fun. I want the solution to this problem. Not somebody to tell me to rest and try to calm down.
Avatar n tn Now for last few weeks I have lot shooting and stabbing pains in finger when I am not even using it, just sitting and it happens. Quite strong pains like a knife quick stab like along all of finger. Any ideas what this could be or tests? I feel fine other than this issue. thanks.
Avatar n tn I splinted it for a period of time to reduce the pain from moving it. There was lots of pain and swelling intitially but now that is considerably reduced. However the joint is still swollen a bit and does not totally straighten or at least doesn't appear to because of the residual swelling. The joint bends well but I notice when I do a lot of manual labor with that hand, I get increased swelling and some pain. My question is whether anything can really be done at this point?
Avatar m tn I crushed my lower part of my index finger on Feb 14th. The swelling has been gone for the last 2 weeks. I can feel a bump under the skin. It hurts very badly if I bang it. It doesnt effect the joint movement. My doctor exrayed it and said there is no bone abnomality. So what is the bump? Me mentioned it was a piece of cartalidge? Is this true? Will it go away on its own? He wouldnt see me again about it, I hear it from his secretary.
Avatar f tn I have a friend in Virginia who had the exact trouble in the knuckle of her middle finger. She did'nt cut it open, but she soaked it in warm salt water, advice she'd gotten from an elderly woman at her church. After she soaked it the pain became unbearable & she went to her Dr. His diagnosis was Gout. He performed outpatient surgery to remove the infection. She's fine now, but she had a rough time of it. She's 82 years old.
Avatar m tn I have had it strapped to a buddy finger for about 4 weeks now. There is still a small amount of pain, but I am very aware of how much strength I am losing in my finger. I am due to start a Masters in university playing violin in 5 weeks so need to start rehabilitation of the finger as soon as possible, but don't want to further injure the finger.
Avatar f tn I started playing now and whenever the ball hit this particular finger I have severe pain and swell even more. I am thinking that the finger healing process was not proper.
Avatar n tn It started feeling this way after a heavy plastic grocery bag was wrapped around that finger for a short time. I am wondering if the numbness may be related to what's causing the wrist pain. Also, will an MRI be able to show what is causing the finger numbness? Do people generally regain feeling after numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress injury?
Avatar n tn Hello. The finger is most probably swollen a bit. The swelling does not allow complete flexion. The other symptom suggests that you may have a bulging disc in the cervical spine. Since you play basketball, which involves jumping, there are chances that the cervical discs are bulging. Please get an MRI of the neck to rule it out. I would suggest you see a physician for this problem.
Avatar m tn I am curious tho as to why the hand hurts so intensely at night, and after dinner? Is it because I am healing the most during those hours, or because of fluxuation in blood pressure?
Avatar n tn Do these suggestions sound plausible in view of the foregoing? Also, can I expect swelling to decline in the event this is scar tissue? Best regards.
Avatar m tn I had surgery on my wrist when I was 19 and everything was fine after recovery/physical therapy. I am now 28 and over the last 4 years I've been experiencing tightness/swelling on my ring finger which when at it's worse causes pains that shoot all the way into my forearm. I've been taking arthritis medicine which helps A LOT, however I'm wondering if perhaps my body is rejecting the titanium screw they inserted in my wrist.