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Avatar f tn Neulasta is the same drug, filgrastim, only pegylated to stay in the system longer. Don't they have it available for cancer chemo patients? I find it hard to imagine that such an important chemo rescue drug is not available in Australia. Try looking it up as filgrastim and if you can find it your doctor may be able to prescribe it off label. It's a biological, like interferon, so needs to be kept cold and may not ship well.
Avatar m tn epogen or epoetin-alpha) is the US equivalent for boosting RBC and Hgb. Neupogen (a.k.a. Filgrastim) is for the WBC, Platelets, and Absolute Neutrophils (ANC). I guess it sounds like I'm experiencing pretty much the same thing as beamish in that Neupogen sx's are worse than Procrit (although today I'm lucky enough to be doubling up on both of them).
1487230 tn?1288725375 Filgrastin, that is more often used than Neulasta and I don't kniow if the price has anything to do with it.
167426 tn?1254089835 My opinion from med line... this is how I feel about treating a reoccurence... I am more concerned with keeping my quality of life.. Now I am not asking anyone to agree with me I am only again stating my opinion.. How are patients monitored for recurrence? Follow-up care includes bimanual pelvic examinations, serial measurements of either CA125 or other tumor markers, one or more imaging studies reassessments and, more controversially, second-look laparotomy.
264233 tn?1216345915 Very few studies have reported the use of filgrastim in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Van Thiel and colleagues19 evaluated filgrastim as an adjunct to interferon in HCV-infected patients with advanced liver disease. All 30 patients had histologically confirmed cirrhosis. They were randomly assigned to receive interferon alfa-2b alone or with 300 mg of filgrastim given twice a week. The dose of interferon alfa-2b was 5 MU daily.
Avatar m tn Since LLY restructed their agreement with VRTX, VRTX has approximately doubled in share price, while LLY has dropped significantly over the same period. On top of the 2x rise in PPS, VRTX has issued successful offerings, further raising their market cap. You drag out a 3 year old piece of old LLY news in an attempt at undermining the prospects of VX-950 as a succsessful drug candidate? Good God, man.
Avatar f tn Hemolytic anemia is usually the culprit in hcv tx. Neupogen aka filgrastim is another rescue drug that is typically used to encourage growth of white cells call neutrophils. Docs monitor these levels via CBC (complete blood count) your sis, and your mom, probably have had several cbc's. When she sees the doc and if treatment is recommended, part of the discussion should include the doc's strategy and tactics for introducing these kinds of meds.
Avatar m tn I understand that some in Australia are getting subsidized filgrastim/neupogen, hopefully you wont need it but I'd be discussing with my specialist so you can rip in and not have to dose reduce. Cheers mate I've learnt plenty from you posts. Week 50 here and doing it easy after a rough time at week 35/36, with 13 weeks to go. I'm getting excited.