Fetal development of twins in the womb

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Avatar n tn my sister in law is pregnant for 11 weeks and the doctor findings she has a twins. the first baby is normal and fine but the other one heartbeat is low and has an edema in the body. the doctor suggested to remove but we are trying to find solution. what is this edema with the baby? anyone can help?
1094771 tn?1330284476 We are doing to have the PGD done as well to make sure that everything is fine with the embryo. In the process of all of the test that I've gone thru we found out that I carry both mutating genes of MTHFR which I guess puts me at an even higher risk not only because of my age and m/c history but now MTHFR. RE feels we will be ok since I do have a 16 year old son from a previous marriage. Well ladies good luch and may 2010 bring us many blessings.
1542088 tn?1314652780 So anxious Also doctor recommend me to drink 1,000mg in the am and 1,000mg in the pm of vitamin C.. Suppose to it give strength to the sacs and is also good for us to not get sick with the flu... Hope you feel better and just try to take it easy for now..
Avatar n tn She's going to be 8 months in a couple of days. The doctor says that the baby isn't growing at a normal rate.She's very concern.She thinks something going wrong. The doctors haven't told her anything of what it could be. HAs anyone heard of anything like this. Her son before that she had was the same way. He came out 4 pounds ,but he's fine now. Just really bad. HA HA!!!
Avatar n tn They watched her closely and told her to prepare to miscarry because it wasn't enough fluid to support the development of the baby. She carried almost to term and gave birth to a healthy baby...no medical problems so far. So don't give up! Take each day as it comes and follow your doctor's orders. Good luck!
Avatar n tn They are very easy to make and contain every food group and has a lot of calcium and protein in them. Use just use Pillsbury crescent rounds in the bottom of a muffin tin then fill with eggs, cheese, milk, veggies and a meat all whisked together. My favorite is cheddar cheese, red onion and no nitrate bacon (crispier and healthier). For 12 quiches, you use 5 eggs, 1 cup whole milk/half and half, 1 cup cheese, the cooked meat if you want (i.e.
Avatar n tn I kept one piece that was about 1 inch and in my heart of hearts I think it was the bulk of the fetus. I froze it, as I've read, and gave it to my doctor after the ultrasound he just did. He said he didn't see anything in my uterus and believes I might be in the final stages of a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn ) It takes 5 days for the egg to turn into a blastocyst and from there it takes anywhere from 1-4 days to hatch and implant so you should experience implantation within the next 3-6 days if you did a day 3 transfer. I wish you the best of luck too!!!! Hang in there!!! I know the 2ww is a frustrating situation.
318181 tn?1336447096 As many of you know, we've had family in town for the past 16 days, and then my husband was laid off in the middle of their visit, which forced us to make a decision whether or not to continue with the IVF. We have decided to go ahead with it, since insurance wouldn't have covered it anyway...and my DH has a temporary contracting job at the moment, so hopefully everything will work out.
280700 tn?1210287416 I've misscarried twice, the last one was in June 2007. I'm starting on 100 mg of clomid on the 2nd day of my cycle which is TODAY!!! I'm so anxious to see what the outcomes will be. Baby Dust to all..!!!
Avatar f tn I went in for my final appointment with my IVF clinic only two days later and had a scan as part of the appointment, and there were the twins, entirely still, no beating hearts. They measured the babies and determined they had stopped growing the previous day. My ob-gyn later said there was something irregular about one of the twins' stomachs, but she had not wanted to worry me.
Avatar m tn Intrauterine growth restriction refers to the poor growth of a baby while in the womb. Specifically, it refers to a fetus whose weight is below the 10th percentile for its gestational age. Symptoms Currently pregnant with a feeling that the baby is not as big as it should be Uterine fundal height less than expected for gestational age Treatment IUGR increases the risk for intrauterine death.
1160836 tn?1332333769 I feel like I have the pressure of needing to go pee, but it is all the time mainly. I know in the last few days I have had "twinges" or cramping on my left side... not sure if its ovulation- hoping so... I am guessing it is all normal after having a child 3yrs ago, but hoping that this round works!! Will be OPK testing here in a few.
590110 tn?1367510341 Once you hit your due date, THEN it's time to start pondering the possibilities of eviction. I'm in agreement that the ACOG should change the definition of "fullterm" to a FULL 40 weeks.
174515 tn?1191710869 ) oh and some assorted pics of Ben, myself and our puppy! i'll post a topic of this for anyone who misses this one, but it'll be the same info. i just don't have much else to say. oh except that now when i stand i am getting pins and needles that actually hurt in my entire legs...owwie! did anyone else get that? it feels like...stingy pri cks and i am getting white splotches on my arms legs hands and feet too.
Avatar f tn If there is any possibility of the baby surviving outside the womb, for me it becomes a totally different scenario and the rights of the fetus become as important as the mom's rights.
Avatar n tn Preemies lose out on the last months of being in a constricted womb, scrunched up in the fetal position, so they don't develop strong tummy muscles like term babies and end up doing things later than they should. She should catch up by the time she's 2 or 3 though. If she's not sitting up, rolling over or bringing her feet to her mouth sometime in the 5-7 month range (adjusted by 5 weeks) then I would see a physiotherapist or at least your dr.
Avatar n tn Hi thanks for your response to my previous post, yes we must be about the same, I am 9 weeks today, I am 36 and live in the uk, I have my first antenatal on thursday, because of previous miscarriageanseveral unviable pregnancies I am so worried by my lack of symptoms, I am wondering if I should ask for an early scan just to put my mind at rest, ho hum and I thought that the TTC ing was the hard part!!
Avatar f tn Infant infection rates are linked to the number of mothers infected with the viral infection and the risk factors associated with the transmission of the infection to their unborn children in the womb.
Avatar n tn This is my second pregnancy so I am aware of fetal movement and how it feels, I can honestly say that even when I am not pregnant, I have fluttering sensations in my lower abdomen. But no Adevotee, the baby isn't moving yet, it is still, semi, in the form of a mass of cells at 5 weeks. Good question!
Avatar n tn My HCG levels had risen, I was given a u/s and told that there was a perfect egg sac in my uterus and that I was about 6 weeks along, that news gave my husband and I a sigh of relief. The head of OB came in and I was then told that I would probably miscarry.
Avatar f tn Our evening primrose oil offers a very concentrated source of the fatty acid gamma linolenic acid with 10% of the oil's fatty acids available in the form of GLA. As Dr. J Lee notes, "[It's the] remarkably rich stores of GLA in evening primrose oil [that] make it so valuable in healing. Taken internally, the body converts GLA into prostaglandins. These hormone-like compounds help regulate various body functions, controlling inflammation in some cases and promoting it in others.
Avatar n tn Ultrasound can also very importantly confirm the site of the pregnancy is within the cavity of the uterus. Hormone levels may be monitored in order to check on the pregnancy. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), is produced during pregnancy, made by cells that form the placenta. They can first be detected by a normal blood test about 11 days after conception and at about 12 - 14 days by a urine test. In general they will double every 72 hours.
Avatar n tn I did get pregnant -- in the first month of trying -- go figure -- further tests revealed that the baby implanted in the tiny side AND the increased estregen caused previously undetectable fibroids to go crazy large in the big side. Anyway, although I had several unrelated complications, my pregnancy carried to term. They did do a c-section because the baby was breech. Otherwise they would have done a normal delivery. I guess the womb was too small for the little guy to turn around head first.
Avatar n tn I mean I was under the impression that if we gave the samples late Thurs that we would have heard today in the afternoon of the major tests. The fact it didn't come really sucks and both of us feel like our life is falling apart. For the first time in my life I don't know how to handle a situation, I really don't know what to do. I just keep praying that all is ok. I really just hope all is well with my little one.
Avatar n tn I hope you are still checking this thread for posts. I am so sorry to hear that you've gone through this. My heart aches for you. I went through the exact same situation as you just have. I was 22+wks when we found out during a 3D anatomy scan that there were a lot of structural abnormalities. The doctors told us the same thing as they told you - that most likely there would be other problems that would not be identifiable at the moment.
1942586 tn?1361027646 Now that we're married, we would like to have one or two together. We relish large families..i'm the oldest of 7..he's in the middle of 10! We chose IVF because I did'nt want to have to go through major surgery to reverse my tubal. With 5 kids already at home, I'm way too busy to be down and out for 6 weeks. Anyway, tomorrow AF should be here and I'll call for my cycle day 3 appointment on Saturday. I should start stimming then.
Avatar n tn He said to wait that I would eventually miscarriage sometime in the next couple of days. I don't know what to believe, I don't have any cramping only once in a while a little pain. This is my second miscarriage in one year. I have an appoitment on July 31st, he said if I didn't miscarriage by this day, he will give me something that will make me miscarriage in 24 hrs.