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Avatar n tn I have been on almost every form of fentanyl for more years than I care to mention! Everything from subdural patches, lozenges & sublingual (under the tongue) spray- not all at once, I should add. This drug will eventual control your life if used for purposes other than chronic severe pain control. Unbeliveable careless dr's prescribed it for chronic migraines that I have!
Avatar f tn I obviously did this for recreational use. Anyway, about 3-4 hours later, I took a bath with my two children. 2 and 1 years old. Are they in danger of this spreading to them and possible OD ing??? Please let me know, I am very concerned.
8829133 tn?1400871513 I have been on 50 mcg Fentanyl (change 48hrs) for about 4 or 5 months and I have such fatigue with it I cannot stand it anymore. It does help a little with the pain (not so many ups and downs, trying to catch up to the pain in the morning, etc), but I may as well be in pain because I have been in bed for 2 months. do not even have the energy for a shower. I do take one, but it takes everything I have and I rush to fall into bed before I can even get dressed.
Avatar m tn I've read a lot on this and most of the people on Fentanyl take it more for recreational use but I do have issues from the cancer treatment. Oddly enough, I've been on Fentynal so long I'm not sure what I would feel like clean.
Avatar n tn After about a year on 100mcg patches every three days, I began to have withdrawal symptoms at the end of the second day. My doctor says some bodies use the fentanyl at different rates, therefore if my insurance would pay for it, we could try every two days.
Avatar f tn Was this an intentional overdose or accidental and was he prescribed Fentanyl or a recreational user? Fentanyl users use the drug to get to the nodding stage where it is quite pleasant and peaceful and makes them feel good but very drowsy and this is dangerous as it affects breathing. As a user of the drug for pain I can see the attraction for recreational use to. Please be assured no one judges other here. We all have our own demon's and life experiences and have no right to judge others.
Avatar n tn Randolpho.. I'm on 50mcg Fentanyl & I drink Voda or whisky quite regularly.. I think the fentanyl/opioid combo is probably the main reason behind you're fatigue! I didn't feel the fitgue that much at 37mcg..but wow when they upped my dose to 50mcg I can feel major fatigue if I drink hardly hardly any hard liquor even if it's just one glass.. Before on 37mcg I could have 4 glasses & be ok.. From experience I definitely think think the opioid/alchohol combo is the cause to ur fatigue..
951195 tn?1315694029 Anything you can do to not use the fentanyl the better off you are. I had a doctor that gave me hydro for my back and I only took 3 a day for years and then all of a sudden he said you need to do these patches because my pain was waking me up at night. I did them for about 2 months and told him they were too strong. I was not able to function so he put me back on the hydro for about 2 month and then said I needed to take a extended release pill which was opana. That one really messed me up.
1006065 tn?1251482269 You did mention having plenty of the Darvocet, if you can taper low enough off the Fentanyl, you may be able to use the Darvocet to taper down the rest of the way. Another medication used for detox and withdrawal can be Tramadol. I wish you nothing but the best.
Avatar m tn The program he suggested to me is really designed for recreational drug users. They use adivan and some other anti-nausea drugs as needed but it is basically a six day, residential, cold turkey program, The counselor that I talked to at the program said that he did not really think it was appropriate for my situation because they didn't have any provision for dealing with underlying pain during withdrawal.
Avatar m tn I just remember times going to meetings where I felt good before and left wanting to use. Thats just me though. I have many friends in recovery that have decades clean in the NA/AA program. I do go to NA meetings every now and then. When I do go I go to MENS STAG MEETINGS ONLY ONLY. Personally, I find it easier to work on myself when Im not distracted by beautiful woman...after all, there's nothing sexier than a woman in recovery.
Avatar m tn I have never developed a physical tolerance to an opiate, despite recreational use from time to time, probably because I didn't use them regularly. But this time, I had access to so much of this demon drug and for so cheap, I lost track of how much I was using - by the time I decided to quit, I was using upwards of 1.5mg a day. The first few days were pure hell, the worst pain I have ever experienced...
Avatar n tn My health has suffered through these times of drug-use, my weight is already very low. I can't afford to loose any pounds. I know it's going to be hard to get healthy food down. When i'm hurting, if i can get any food down, it's sweets. Basically, i'm afraid of getting to weak! I am past nervous about all of this!
1301089 tn?1290670171 “The effort in Washington is also directed at controlling how doctors use narcotics to treat legitimate pain patients, not at people who illegally obtain the drugs for recreational use. While many patients benefit from pain killers, there is growing evidence from studies, including one in Washington State, that others suffer significant side effects, including lethargy, increased sensitivity to pain and, in the most severe instances, potentially fatal overdoses.
Avatar f tn Nerve, bone and muscle diseases. I have been on narcotics for over 10 years now, with being on Fentanyl, over 100 mcg for the last 3+ yrs. I am done! I have still been in pain and the drugs have made me sick. I can't live this way anymore. There has to be another way to control my pain. I felt like I was being poisoned!! It took me two years of taking to my docs and calling Mylan the pharmaceutical company to gather facts to convince my docs that I needed to get off this drug.
Avatar m tn Experts in pain treatment and drug abuse prevention say the growing use of long-acting pain killers like OxyContin, fentanyl and methadone has been a crucial factor in a nationwide epidemic of overdose deaths, largely from the abuse of such drugs.Nationwide, fatalities from prescription drug overdoses are the second-leading cause of accidental death behind car accidents and, in some states, are the leading cause, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Avatar f tn Headache specialists are split over the use of daily narcotic therapies. One side doesn't like to put patients on drugs as strong as methadone and morphine because of the risk for addiction and side effects. The other side maintains it's worth the risk. My doctor said I wouldn't get addicted, given my prior narcotic history, which consisted of a three-day morphine drip and periodic Vicodin prescriptions.
Avatar f tn It gives you less of a buzz compared to methadone, but thats not to say there isnt a buzz. No matter what you take whether its for pain, treatment, or recreational use there is a buzz with all of them, some jsut more so than others. I am still so shocked that you went onto methadone from taking tramadol. Myself and others I know, when speaking of tramadol, usaully a nasty face appears and people laugh.
Avatar n tn if you keep it in moderation you might be successful in keeping your drug use recreational without catching any real bad psychical addiction. I only use on the weekends and think that its not that big of deal because im still healthy and excersise regularly. My post titled "im worried" i made because i think other peoples feedback is very interesting. Ive been drug user since i was like 14 and have seen a few people die as a result of drugs.
Avatar m tn Happy New Year, all! With regards to opioids and opiates, it is true that physical dependence may result. However, the craving for more that is a hallmark of a physical addiction is generally absent in chronic pain sufferers who follow doctor's advice.
765775 tn?1366028291 The media hype is over people that are improperly using these medications for recreational use. When these selfish weak minded people do this they make it difficult for those of us that really need the medication to get it. It is a real shame.
822153 tn?1333066595 It is us that must make the daily choice to use or not. We must not allow our addiction to define where we want to go in this journey. We all must start somewhere-why not now? Start hour by hour,then day by day. For those who have slipped-get back up and start over. Nobody is here to judge-only to help. SO...let's hear it for that clean time!! Hours,days,years-anyone can post!!! (btw I'm at 903 days). Stay strong everyone!!!
Avatar n tn I am currently on 75mcg of Fentanyl patches. I have been on them for about 8 months and prior to that I was on Oxycontin for about 1 year. I am wanting off these patches but am so scared of the pain. I have been in the early stages of withdrawal in the past and am scared of what getting worse is like. I have another issue though. I have been self medicating my emotional pain with marijuana.
Avatar n tn He began (almost immediately) to snort his oxycontin instead of taking it as prescribed. He also abused fentanyl patches. This abuse went on for three years, and it was hell. After the third year, he detoxed and was clean for one year. Six months ago, he decided to go back on pain meds, for his pain he told me. His doctor prescribed oxycodone and methadone. I've seen him snorting his oxycodone several times.
1315836 tn?1289003242 I've tried explaining to my doctor that if I'm going to be dependent on narcotics I want to be on something that TRULY works and allows me to function and feel as close to normal as possible since the MS Contin barely works and makes me drowsy. I've tried the fentanyl patch but I was worried that the fentanyl would boost my tolerance even higher so I went back down to the morphine.
Avatar m tn I feel for you for what you're going through and what you will and wish I could be of more help. Oh and don't use just one cane, use two to keep your weight centered, it will help you more and make it better for your new hip, you don't want it wearing out prematurely because of poor weight distribution and try doing as much lumbar strengthening exercises as you can to help support your back, crunches etc.Good Luck, my thoughts will be with you.
Avatar n tn Usually you space them like the largest is 100 mcg to the lowest 25mcg. I use a 100 on Monday, a 50 Tuesday and another 50 on Wednesday, then back to a 100 mcg. I've had good success with thistransadermal patch. and then i use something else for the break through pain. I hope this helps you it has been a God send for me.
883021 tn?1410266557 Not sure why you are apologizing. Girlly166 can use all the help and support she can get from everyone here. Thanks!
1381087 tn?1279226927 iT LOOKS LIKE All of us that are using Fentenyl as a pain reliever should all be driving nice expensive cars because we are all making a ton of money selling out patches to everyone. Hell I can't stop them from sending me too many hydrocoden but I guess it is ok that I use as much as I want of that drug. Is there anyone else on this list that is using the VA as a source for their medications, I am wondering if they are watching this because of the cost of the medication.