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Avatar n tn I have been on almost every form of fentanyl for more years than I care to mention! Everything from subdural patches, lozenges & sublingual (under the tongue) spray- not all at once, I should add. This drug will eventual control your life if used for purposes other than chronic severe pain control. Unbeliveable careless dr's prescribed it for chronic migraines that I have!
Avatar n tn Wow as I read your post I had shivers go down my spine. Marry me but only if I can have my Coke? Sweetie you need to run as fast as you possibly can and now!! Listen I understand that you love this man and I'm sure you want to believe that your love can heal him or make him change but it WON'T happen. I'm a drug addict and let me explain how this works. When I was using I would do whatever it took in order to get my drug.
Avatar m tn ve read a lot on this and most of the people on Fentanyl take it more for recreational use but I do have issues from the cancer treatment. Oddly enough, I've been on Fentynal so long I'm not sure what I would feel like clean.
Avatar m tn Otherwise all drugs are krap to me, recreational use? What is that????????? I often thought I could use recreationally, trust me I was wrong. When in doubt, go without!!
Avatar f tn So I would just discuss with your doctor the fact that the fentanyl is no longer working. I have heard that fentanyl tends to work a lot longer than longer acting opioids in pill form before effectiveness begins to wane. The options that your doctor will most likely present to you are, an increase in fentanyl (which will require wearing a couple of patches versus just one), an increase or change in breakthrough pain medication and/or an addition of a long acting medication in pill form.
Avatar m tn s marijuana use is not deemed excessive and does not interfere with daily function, subject must be instructed to discontinue any current use of recreational marijuana prior to entry into study and throughout the study period
Avatar m tn Fentanyl can be very difficult to come off. The withdrawals seem to be harsher and last longer than other opioids. But you are lucky to only be at 12 mg over 4 weeks. Did your doctor have you on something else before he put you on the Fentanyl? I ask that because Fentanyl isn't normally used as a first-line drug for pain. If you were on something else, that would factor into your withdrawal. You can read lots of withdrawal hints over on the Substance Abuse forum.
Avatar f tn Do I dare put on fentanyl 50 i have from old script till I can fill regular pain meds? Or will fentanyl be bad come off after ten days use? Any help on this be very appreciated! My Dr isnt any help havent been treating me real great since I refused go back on fentanyl or doing a procedure!
Avatar f tn Does oxycontin as recreational use exhibit symptoms of indifference and apathy and unconcern over everyday obligations and responsibilities which prior to use were contradictory to the persons character. In other words a complete change of personally untecogisable by loved ones?
Avatar n tn To joke about some one considering taking cocaine for recreational use who has had three bypass surgeries and is taking blood thinners is just a little reckless. Takes all kinds I guess........................
Avatar f tn I suffer from debilitating headaches that are a result of a brain surgery I had when I was 25. I currently use oxycodone, fentanyl patches and diazapam. My husband believes that I am causing brain damage and ruining my life. I have spine problems and vascular disease as well. I feel that since I'm using my mess as directed,I will be okay, he feels that I am playing with fire. What should I do, remain on the mess and feel relief or stop the mess and live in constant pain?
Avatar n tn NOT FOR LONG...YOU MAY START OUT ONLY ON WEEKEND BUT IT WILL escalate. i used coke for 5 years heavily and i started out only on the weekends. before long it was everyday all day and every night all night. it is a horrible drug the eventually completely robs you of yourself.
Avatar f tn I am, or should I say was, a recreational drug user. In the last two months I smoked pot regularly and took approx. 3 vicodin 10mg and 1 percocet 10mg to help with back pain from a car accident. I don't regularly use pain meds and am far from addicted, I am just so worried that those couple pills hurt my little one. :( help!
1563685 tn?1310402354 Well, pot is acually a medical drug. I wouldn't say IV drug use is recreational because it is abusive drug use. Cocane ...sp? what you snort up your nose is a natual coca leaf that is also legal in different places in the world. Just not legal when they all chemicals to it. The IV is the needle being used basically when heroin is in liquid and they injected.
Avatar m tn Experts in pain treatment and drug abuse prevention say the growing use of long-acting pain killers like OxyContin, fentanyl and methadone has been a crucial factor in a nationwide epidemic of overdose deaths, largely from the abuse of such drugs.Nationwide, fatalities from prescription drug overdoses are the second-leading cause of accidental death behind car accidents and, in some states, are the leading cause, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Avatar f tn T USE ANYTHING TO COVER THEM OTHER THAN WHAT IS MADE SPECIAL FOR THEM. If you use so.ethi g not made for them, you can get TOO MUCH of the Fentanyl in your system. Just BE CAREFUL!!! :) Hope this will help, even tho it is late. :) ..........
Avatar f tn He has a great deal of pain mostly due to the neuropathy, but also the broken bones. His dr has put him on a high dosage of fentanyl, as well as dilaudid for breakthrough pain. He takes 2 two mg. xanax for insomnia. He is prescribed 2 four mg. dilaudid daily. I recently learned he was injecting the dilaudid. I am extremely concerned and feel helpless. He was a drug addict for many years, but was clean 15 years prior to transplant.
725248 tn?1316162245 After the comment you made about the Opana not helping after being on the Fentanyl is correct....The Fentanyl is so strong that there isn't a pain med out there that will compare to it. I used to get relief from Oxycontin and Codone (very little but I did) and now taking both (I've tried the Oxycontin since) will not help me at all. The Fentanyl holds on to receptors that will make the other pain meds non-responsive. I looked it up once but it's all very complicated to me.