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Avatar m tn Hi i just got prescribed 12mcg fentanyl patch. They are very tiny and clear. I had a hard time finding a place to get it to stick my arms chest and hip have alot of hair om em. So i got it to stick to the inside of my arm. Is this ok or is it not a good place to put it? Im a 285 lb guy who is very opiate tolerent do u think the 25s would be better cause i cant even tell if these are working.
Avatar f tn To put it in perspective, I've found that 8 to 10 norco tables in a 24-hour period (10 mg hydrocodone with 325 mg of tylenol) equates in effectiveness to the daily dose dispensed by one 25 microgram fentanyl patch. Over the past few years, people have heard about fentanyl overdose deaths and refused to even try the patch when their doctors recommended it.
1128145 tn?1260347290 I started fentanyl patch few weeks ago at 25mcg then 12mcg patch was added last week. I am STILL having bad pain and "new" pain. I have read some horrible stuff on this medication and am worried about use, I read about liver damage? can you tell me about this? Also have new pain as of 2 days ago, in neck on left side from base of skull that goes down (feels like) around scapula.
Avatar n tn I 25 mcg Fentanyl patch is equivalent to 8 10/325 Norco's. Once you apply the patch it should take about 8 hours to start working. Good luck.
Avatar f tn talk seran wrap and wrap it around your arm over the patch and tape edges so water won't seep in. If it is elsewhere. .put seran wrap over patch and tape around edges. To make sure your patch sticks better clean area with an alcohol wipe before applying. .wait for it to dry..then apply..you can also buy one of those big waterproof bandaids and place it over patch..but usually the don't stay on long. So last thing u cud do is once placed.
614661 tn?1267277524 Hello, I have a few questions for those that may be Fentanyl Patch users or those that have used this pain relief in the past. Have you been satisfied with the pain relief using this product? In theory, if you put the patch just about anywhere on your body, you get the same relief?? I have found that I need to put the patch directly on the area that is being treated for pain, in my case, it is the lower back.
Avatar n tn Only use the tegaderm patches as covers as they are specially made to allow the Fentanyl patch to breathe. Any other patches won't allow the Fentanyl patch to breathe and this can cause too medicine to be absorbed by the body.
Avatar n tn if you are opiate tolerant, and have been on these nasty meds for 6or more months, you will probably be given the 50ug/h fentanyl patch/duragesic.you will be very happy to see that you will no longer reqiure the pills anymore, you will probably not sleep all day/nite, you will! be able to attempt to live your life again.a little trick i use to help with the sudden breakthrough pain, and when being on the patch and no opiate pills, is to take something like aleve/naproxyn.
3039221 tn?1340464800 He is hesitating on increasing the Fentanyl patch to 75 mcg/hr because when I was started on the 50 mcg/hr patch I turned into a straight up ZOMBIE for about two weeks so I understand his concerns. His said he will titrate to the 75 mcg/hr patch next month if I am still struggling with the pain and I am. I am about to switch patches...I so love when this time comes as the 2nd day wearing the patch is R-O-U-G-H! I couldn't imagine having to wait until the 3rd day to change a patch...
4103247 tn?1349815376 Actually, you're already changing them too often, which could explain your symptoms, you may have kicked your tolerance up, and may be having w/d's when the dose is starting to fizzle out. Fentanyl patch should be changed every 72 hours. What about asking for a low dose oral medication to help deal with breakthrough pain? I'm not sure that's what you're having...but something to ask the doc about.
Avatar n tn Well, I just wanted tosay thank you to everyone and I DO NOT reccommend the fentanyl patch to anyone. It is very dangerous in the event you do not have a good pain management Dr. who communicates with you.
973726 tn?1344257591 I have digenerative disk disease coupled with severe arthritus, have had 2 sugeries removing partial disk and vertebrae resulting in massive scar tissue and nerve damage. Currently wear a 100mcg fentanyl patch and taking 3600mg neurontin, 30mg oxicodone daily. I am waiting on approval from my insurance company for a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS). Has anybody had this done? How does it feel? The related support videos only tell success stories but briefly mention it is not for everyone.
Avatar f tn All went well until I re-injured my neck at work. Back in July Neuro ordered CT Scan which showed possible placement of the C7 screw impingeing on the vertebral artery. The Neuro said this was not the case and not to worry. I am now on the Fentanyl patch for pain. Today I had a CT with contrast. I will not get my results until tomorrow but they are saying that it shows the vertebral artery at C7 is blocked. I am scared, does anyone know what this means or what/if their is a fix for it?
Avatar n tn My pain management specialist has placed me on a liberal dose plan of 900mg per day, and a Fentanyl patch. I don't seem to feel a change in the amount of pain and numbness, now that I have enterred into week 3 of this plan. It is as though the newness of the medicine has worn off and my pain is now stating, "Hello, you found me but only for a little while and I am back to continue to haunt you." I am sure many of you know this sypmtom.
4451093 tn?1354770292 Alternatively you could also discuss the possibilities opioid pain patches like fentanyl patch, physiotherapy, spinal cord stimulator etc. Take care!
Avatar m tn (specialist) has said that I will need a stronger pain med so I will be going from 15mg 'Norspan' patch to a 25mg Fentanyl patch and my Doc' said to me this week that we will work on finding me a pain med that will be comfortable. Im in a carrer change as the heavy work of construction is just not suited to me anymore but I still do smaller type jobs when I have to, eg; bathroom renovations etc,,, My questions are 1.
Avatar f tn She cannot even feed on the jtube without excruciating pain, even with Fentanyl and anti-nausea drugs. So, her weight is dropping, dropping, dropping. She goes days or weeks without any nutrition. Her GI cannot offer her anything more except TPN in a hospital setting (IV feeding). Her pain doc keeps upping her Fentanyl but cannot keep up with the pain. We are having her evaluated for Chiari I malformation (common with EDS) to see if she has this, and if spinal/cranial surgery will even help.
408795 tn?1324939275 Since you are stuck with chronic pain and chronic narcotic treatment maybe the transdermal fentanyl patch is an option. Don't know if you have tried this. The advantage is that the patch lasts 72 hours and doesn't undergo what is called "first pass" metabolism by the liver. Worth looking into if you haven't already been tried on it. Good luck on your treatment. I hope you get by with minimal symptoms and achieve an SVR.
750852 tn?1254237867 I'm WD off the Fentanyl patch. LOTS stronger than Morphine! So, please don't give up. As I type this I feel pretty normal. But I'm pretty sure the sleep disturbances aren't over for me yet. So, you won't be totally alone if you are up all night!
Avatar m tn If your pain is severe I'd expect to hear that you''re on morphine, hydromorphone, methadone, or fentanyl patch, If your pain is managed with hydrocodone, then the pump may be premature. However, if you've been on all the stronger opioids and are indeed severely opioid tolerant, then consider it. If your pain doctor recommends the pump and their is no contraindication, go for it. Do you understand how the pump works?
Avatar f tn Well, I got there and they didn't even do a UA after all of that fear!!! My wonderful Dr. walked into the room with GREAT CONCERN written all over his face. I just realized that I've only told you guys about myself in bits and pieces. So I'm not going to give you all the background now but I will try to give you all of it tonight. I had asked him to do am NRI on my left hip that I have had 2 implants in . The first implant was done in 1981 and lasted until 2006.
Avatar f tn Vicodin will not work and as you have stated it hasn't. The Fentanyl Patch, Oxycontin, or Opana ER may work for you along with any other anti-inflammatory mediation. I just wouldn't use Prednisone on a long-term basis myself as it is hard on the liver. Specialists will not prescribe you this medication long-term or at all for that matter and you have stated and for some reason PM doctors also have not. Specialists recommend surgery because that is how they make their money. It is sad but true.
Avatar f tn I was hospitalized and got clear of the Fentanyl patch. I stopped taking the Hydrocodone before I went to the hospital on my own but was told not to take off the patch until I was in the hospital. All of my meds are prescribed. So my plan was to never take the pain meds again because they didn't do anything for my pain anyway. But then I had to have brain surgery. Four times! I had to take pain medication!
712802 tn?1274649085 but looking down a methadone user is like looking down on a fentanyl patch user, oxy slow release..a sub user..all have long half lives and wds sux i think this implant sounds like a good plan...i would take 50% pain relief.,,we are going to try botox i think in my neck and should...deadens nerves and helps pain and spasm..tho temporarily..i will take it!
Avatar n tn that does sound good to me, but can't stay long...wearing Fentanyl patch(50mcg) and u know u can't enjoy that nice long bath...I loved the one @ laughing and how it releases endorphines..it does and we all need to do that...thanx to jake12474,he reminded me of how I used to get these Novacaine Steroid Injections that would give me a good month or two of relief...try it, it works...at least it did for me...And really a good thank u goes out to mk79 for the shoulder shrugs...