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Avatar f tn ( I just noticed something and am wondering about it. Since I started the Fentanyl patch last week, whenever I take my BT meds (oxycodone), I end up with a headache and sort of long-lasting hot flash. I never felt like this before. Initially I chalked the hot flash up to the humidity here (though I've always been a cold person and never minded the heat. Now I find myself putting the air conditioning on, which I NEVER do.) The headache goes away pretty much if I take 800 mg. ibuprofen.
767538 tn?1276575320 Just in case you didn't notice (I miss it all the time,) this post is really old. If you have questions about the patch, you may do better to post your own question on it. I will say I have not had any side effects from the patch but I didn't have the same side effects to the other meds you did. (I did have that itching from Vicodin and was told to never take it again. Morphine also didn't work for me due to side effects other than itching.
767538 tn?1276575320 The effects did last 72 hours for me. Expect some side effects until your system adjust to the medication. I only took it for a few months. I developed a horrible allergy to the adhesive. Others will post with more information. Good luck. I hope it works well for you. Please let us know.
Avatar f tn i have ben on the fentanyl patch quite awhile 100mg and have gone down to 50 mg, my health ended and my last patch ends in 4 days and im scared.
Avatar m tn Just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with switching methadone 95mg once daily, to fentanyl patch 100mcg Hour patch? or know the methadone mg fentanyl dose equivalents?
Avatar n tn Hi! Thanks for having this online resource! I'm researching the pro's and con's of the fentanyl patch. My fiance has been in a great deal of back pain and is prescribed oxy's, morphine and percocet. However, he doesn't take them because they the only things that work for him are 80's and roxy's that he gets from family and friends.
Avatar f tn I've been on the Fentanyl patch for a while now (75 mcg/h.) It does help in some ways with the pain, but my breakthrough pain medicine is not where I want it. i am seriously stressed out right now about my dad. (His PET scan is tomorrow and then the lung doctor the following Tuesday.) Other family news that is also bad. No wonder the pain is not well controlled. Question, though, is memory. I have NONE. I seem perfect in my responses (and intentions.
Avatar m tn I am a 28 yrs old guy, who had right knee total knee replacement at 2005. ever since then I have terrible pain following me. I have tried many different pain medication and even TENS unit, all of those didn't work. After trying all those option at yr 2009 my pain management doctor offered me to tried "FENTANYL PATCH." FENTANYL PATCH really help. Before the FENTANYL PATCH, I use to took 8 -11 tablet NORCO (325mg/10) per day for pain.
Avatar n tn hair loss, blurred vision, drug cravings, tooth decay, et al- be sure to read all the side effects that this drug may cause because many of the side effects listed really, really do happen. I know because I have fallen victim to many of them. Please heed the cautions and side-effects and the long-term effects this drug will have on your health, your personality and your life. Avoid it at all costs if you are able!
Avatar m tn I have very good experience with Fentanyl. I use the 100mcg patch along with Morphine for breakthrough and I have found that this combination works great. The Patch is not like the pain meds that you're use to. It will make you tired and so will the morphine but that is a small price to pay for the relief it gives you. You do not get the euphoria that you would get from the Vicodin.
790421 tn?1341230131 t feel that the benefits of using it outweigh any risks/side effects. Some of the side effects, such as drowsiness, should lessen or go away as your body adjusts to it. I, myself, was on the fentanyl patches for about three years until I began having a severe reaction to it and had to stop them. For me, they did provide very good pain control. My doctor also had me on a short acting pain med for breakthrough pain, which is not unusual for any type of long acting pain med.
Avatar f tn On first visit, they changed me from Norco 10/325 one every six hours, prescribed by my PCP to fentanyl patch 12mcg. I have severe tmj (have had 4 surgeries) and am waiting for a jaw replacement surgery. I am 31 years old. Today I saw a different doc at PM clinic who prescribed 50mcg patch. I thought the Norco was working well and didn't really want to switch, but they insist I try it. To make a long story short, the patch makes me feel like crap and I am not having relief.
Avatar n tn I was on 25 mcg of fentanyl and was having side effects so I took the patch off 3 days ago, Now I am in terrible pain all over and can barely get out of bed. What can I do ? If I can tough it out a few more days will I get better?
1196338 tn?1265163728 The same thing happens with many other side effects. Side effects that are long term, and are interfering with your ability to function more than the pain would have, are probably a good reason to cease a given medication, or at least try a lower dose for a time.
Avatar m tn s help (he told us both last year that he doubts that she will ever get off the medication because of her condition) even though she often cries in pain the side effects from the fentanyl have been so bad as during the last few years she has lost over 2 stone in weight, has no appetite suffers with anxiety and depression and having a conversation that she can remember days later is becoming a big problem, she begged me to help her get off the patches a couple of months ago as she says she wakes
1128145 tn?1260343690 If you are prescribed something like oxycontin I believe they will ween you off the patch slowly but you will have little side effects because you will be going from one narcotic to another. But as always discuss with your doctor. I personally would not want to use the patch again but respect and support anyone who feels they need to. I hope that helps and if you have any other questions please email me.
1264863 tn?1391118193 I know my post seems a bit involved and strange, but in basic words - using erythromycin - or an antibiotic in that same family - can greatly increase the amount of fentanyl found in your blood plasma. This increase can not only increase any side effects you get from the fentanyl, but it could also cause breathing problems. and becuase of this increase, it could interfere with an accurat urine blood test if given.
Avatar m tn My moms doctor took her from taking 4 percocet 10s a day to fentanyl patch 50 mg every 72 hrs...is this normal? She has rheumatoid arthritis.
Avatar f tn But my pain is so severe that I kept trying until I found one that I could deal with the side effects. Fentanyl may be the one for you but you really need to give it a bit of a chance, a little time. Hang in there and you can chat with me any time. Take care, relax a bit and hang in, you'll be ok.
443878 tn?1205103196 I have been on Duragesic patch (Fentanyl) 100 mcg/hr for 6 years. I have gotten so sick of the side effects I began to taper off it 4 mnths ago.. I went from 100 to 75 stayed there 4 months then dropped to 50 about 1 month ago.. Last week I went to 25mcg/hr. I advise is no matter what your pain is.. GET OFF THIS PATCH.. If you think you cant eat now.. you wait until that patch really kicks in,.. you will be able to go for days and never want anything to eat or drink..
Avatar f tn Most doctors will have you change the patch every 72 hours. The side effects are the ones that are common to most strong narcotics. They will include constipation so you should eat lots of fiber and yogurt while on the patch. Of course everyone is different so beware of driving as you may tend to nod off while at the wheel. Some will get a euphoric feeling (high) and some will just get sleepy -- Can't think of anymore at the present. All the best.
Avatar f tn As I mentioned in my post above, fentanyl patches pose serious risks. And it does not have to be misused or abused to be dangerous! There are problems inherent in this delivery system for the medication. At least two patients in our practice died while using them, as did one of my neighbors. The mother of another pt. suffered life-threatening respriatory depression, but was saved because her family got her to the hospital just in time.
Avatar f tn Hi Glenn, Welcome to our Pain Management Community. Glad you found us and took the time to tell us about you. The Patch is working by now. Seventeen patches times three days each patch is fifty one days - if you're changing them every 48 hours that's still thirty four days. They should be working at full capacity within a few days, like 24 hours. You should be fine covering the edges with opsite. You may use Bioclusive or Tegaderm brand see-through dressings over the Fentanyl Patch.
1279189 tn?1275244868 And I am becommng to tolerant to thee Vicodin, Any advice on the Patch, side effects, what if any similarity dos it have compared to Vicodin. andy advice at all about this medication would much appreciated...thank you. My script is for 25 mg and the doc also gave Vicodin for beakthrough pain..
Avatar n tn This one is a little different. You left the Fentanyl Patch out of the other one. I would think that you would have gotten some releif from that patch. As a nurse you should know that there is nothing that can be prescribed that will make you totally pain free. I would go back on the patch if they will give it to you again and get another series of epidurals. I was also try IcePaks/Heat and get a TENS Unit and apply stimulation at the same time as ice or heat.