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Avatar f tn There is no reservoir of medication in a matrix patch - instead there are layers of the medication. There is no fentanyl gel in a matrix style patch. A matrix fentanyl patch places the fentanyl in adhesive. By all means return the defective patch to the Pharmacy where you purchased it. As Phil said, contact your prescribing physician and make him/her aware of the defective patch. Be cautious when handling the defective patch as your body can still absorb the Fentanyl is you touch it.
Avatar m tn She suggested that I use the gel patch but I need to know who makes a 12mcg with the gel. Does Sandoz still make this patch? I called a major chain pharmacy and asked but they acted like I was a drug seeker so I thought if I could find out the mfg. company's name first then I could ask them to order it.
1310633 tn?1430224091 Hello all... I was lurking in the Pain Management forums and someone mentioned that they've changed the way the Fentanyl patch is manufactured. They no longer have that gel stuff on the inside that you can squeeze/suck out (so I learned when I was in rehab). They now put the Fentanyl directly into the adhesive that sticks the patch to your skin.
Avatar m tn The original one is a kind of a pouch filled with gel. The other is a flat patch that has the fentanyl embedded in the adhesive. It looks like a piece of Scotch tape. Mylan is one manufacturer of the flat patches and I've had the best results from that one vs. any of the gel pouch patches. They stick better and actually last the full 3 days. Everyone is different though, so just bear in mind that there are options out there if you have trouble with the one you're currently using.
Avatar f tn The reservior patches are gel filled and you can push the gel around. The gel is a mixture of fentanyl any alcohol. It sounds like you have the patch with the fentanyl built into the adhesive. Those ones you don't have to worry about leaks. If or when you want to stop the patch be sure to get tapering instructions from your doctor and that will greatly minimize the withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am on the same patch, the gel filled by Watson and I use Tegaderm patch as they are safe to use. Ask your Pharmacist and he/she can order them if thy do not have hem.
1187071 tn?1279369698 I saw my pain doctor today and he put me on Fentanyl patch 25mgs every 72 hours. I have read all the papers on it and searched it on the internet. If there is any info on the patch that you don't read on the paperwork I was wondering if you could share. I put it on about a hour ago. My pharmacy gave me some things to go over the patch so it don't get wet, she said I can also buy them she gave me 2 of them.
Avatar f tn Ever since the second of this month, I have been using duragestic patch (fentanyl patch, mylan brand) and am having tons of trouble with it coming off or sweat blisters forming underneth, and itching. My doctor tells me to NOT cover it, even with tegaderm dressing... and to only put it on my upper arm or back... I sweat there a lot. I find I have better luck if i stick it to my side where the rib cage is. Better luck with it staying, that is.
82861 tn?1333453911 My pain doc is great and I use the 50 mcg fentanyl patch, 25 mg phenergan 2 or 3 times a day and norco if needed for breakthrough pain. I also see a pain psychologist who has helped every bit as much if not more than my pain doc. My question is: have you ever seen any truly successful treatment of patients with adhesions, and does your recommended treatment differ from what I'm using?
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if you take a Fentanyl patch off and try to use it again in a couple weeks Is it still good?
1836543 tn?1318355809 for 2 years I have been on 15mg x 4 oxycodone per day and 75 mcgph fentanyl patch. If I stop only the oxycodone will I go through bad withdrawals or will the fentanyl help?
Avatar m tn Well I do know for a fact that both Fentanyl and Dilaudid have very short half lives, fentanyl in particular. The only thing about fentanyl is apparantly the gel from the patch can stay under your skin and continue to release for a few days even after the patch is removed. Dilaudid half life is about 5hrs and from what ive read fentanyl is even shorter, perhaps 1-3hrs. But I dont know. I woke up today, 2hrs past 3.5 days and I still feel relatively normal.
Avatar m tn I noticed while on the patch that my skin would kind of swell up and turn red and get very dry, usually around the edges of the patch (sandoz gel type). Well I havent worn any patches or taken any fentanyl in about 3 weeks. But I still have a red rash that is very dried out feeling compared to normal skin.
Avatar f tn The patch had been replaced approximately 24 hours prior. She has been on the Fentanyl Patch (100 mcg) for about 3 years and uses a tegaderm patch over it to hold it in place. It was on her stomach. She always places the patches on her stomach or upper arm in a fatty area. This is the 4th ER visit in the past 12 months due to withdrawals. Why is her body not absorbing the medication?
1386676 tn?1280247305 No wonder some heroin addicts look through the bins of known fentanyl patch patients when they are withdrawing !!! No prizes for guessing what they do with them as well !
1390350 tn?1279902967 I have had that problem when I was on Fentanyl. I was switched from my preferred brand to the gel kind (I did not like them at all and they did not provided 3 day relief) and I used medical tape around the outside of the patch to hold it on. It seemed to work for me. Call you doc and see what he says. Are you wanting to come off the patch or are you just having withdrawals because the patch isn't sticking? I am glad you are being careful with the patch.
1196338 tn?1265163728 One reason you may not feel this type of feeling with the fentanyl patch is because it is a transdermal transmission that allows for a small amount of the medication to be released and absorbed by your body over an extended period of time. Therefore there should not have the highs and lows of pain control (and side effects such as the fuzzy feeling) that you may experience with oral medication.
725248 tn?1316162245 I was allergic, severely to the adhesive that is used to keep the patch in place. The pain relief was ok but I just couldn't wear it look enough to determine it it was going to be effective. I know we have members that have been on the patch for years and swear it is better than sliced bread. Most have reported that the side effects diminish as their system adjust to the opiate. Sorry this is all I can offer.
1279189 tn?1275244868 The release of fentanyl is based on temp on the patch, This is the reason, and the sole reson why we must be careful with some areas of recreaton and the hot tubs. Moreover, trust in your Doctor. seems ro me by reading your post, you are a, straight shooter and your doctor can see that. Most doc's WILL NOT JUMP FROM ER VICS, STRAIGHT TO FENTANYL. He sees a reason for the switch. I have worn the patch 6 years, and it has never ever come off in the bath or pool!
Avatar n tn If you use the Mylan generic fentanyl patch that looks like a clear piece of tape rather than the more common gel pouch patch, you can slowly taper by cutting it. I am currently doing that with the approval of my doctor, as is another member here. If you decrease by about 12.5 mcg a month, it's not too terrible. One of the biggest complaints with fentanyl withdrawal is the powerful hot flashes and cold sweats. It happens if you're either over- or under-medicated.
1407197 tn?1281298051 t need to worry about that again. By the time that you change your patch you have PLENTY of Fentanyl in ytour system so that you DON'T have to worry at all about having a laps, there will STILL be PLENTY of medicine left in your body from the FIRST patch so that you will NEVER notice a lapse of any type in the medication. I've been on these now for 8 months and they are a God send for keeping me out of pain. There has NEVER been a time where I felt a lapse in the medication.
Avatar n tn There is the amino acid protocol and the Thomas recipe, both will help you a lot. How long were you on the patch? I mean if you were only on the patch for a couple of months, then I do not see anything wrong with the way your doctor told you to come off the patch. Did you take something prior to that? What lead you to taking the patch? Good Luck and God Bless I am here for you if you have any other questions and there are a lot of people on this site that you be here for you also.
Avatar n tn ve experienced it myself, mostly with the gel patches. That is a well-documented problem with the fentanyl patch. Rather than increase the dose, doctors have found thant changing the patch a day early answers that problem. Of course, a 48-hour change is not warranted for people who are new to the patch or don't experience withdrawal symptoms on the third day. I also agree that many doctors well-schooled in opiate therapy for chronic, non-malignant pain.
688620 tn?1227378284 I know nothing about Fentanyl and was wondering what the mcg/hr is and how long after I put this patch on does it start working and am I on the right dose? Is this 100 mcg/hr similar to my 90mg a day of the Kadian? How am I going to feel when this kicks in. I put the patch on at 9:30 pm and it is 12:30am now and I still feel nothing at all. Please someone help me to know what to expect and what I might feel like when i do feel it.
9258244 tn?1402972453 your comment wasn't there when i typed my comment. i assume by 'flat one' you mean the mylan patch. we cannot give taper advice, but if you search this site for fentanyl taper or getting off fentanyl then you will find old posts that do share taper advice.
1176986 tn?1264917842 Hello, it's me again, I am trying to find on the internet, picturesof all the different kinds of Fentanyl patches, and I'm having no luck. does anyone know of a stet that would give me this info? Right now i am currently using the patch made by Watson... I have been hearing about one brand being better than the other and I just would like to be able to see the different brands so i could be more informed.
Avatar n tn Anyway I cut a good sized hole in it and the gel started leaking everywhere so I hurried and flushed the patch so I didnt get gel everywhere. I'm only 23 so doctors and pharmacists are already curious if I'm making excuses to "drug seek". I just dont know how to approach the situation or if I'm S.O.L.
8552937 tn?1398781959 s VERY VERY dangerous, with many people overdosing on it when taking it that way. The gel contained in the patch is meant to be a slow release medication, not to be released all at once. You're not only defeating the purpose of a medication like Fentanyl, but you're also putting yourself at risk. Fentanyl is a strong enough narcotic when taken as directed. You're increasing your risk of OD in a big big way, not to mention, most definitely affecting your method of pain control.